Who Is Gonna Be The Next Kenyan President?

The shape Kenyan politics is already whole. For people who have not yet decided on where to cast their vote, then I guess it will not matter that much because the race is almost complete. Or should we say we do not need elections at all? This is because there will not be changes in the current leadership. Kenyans will only cast their lots because it is constitutional to head for elections after a period of time, but nothing big will happen as the current leaders will only be confirmed as the most favorite for Kenyans.

There have been major corruption allegations in the country. The people of Kenya showed how tired they are because monies are lost into the thinnest air as the head of state and government watches on. The president did almost nothing to make things right for the people of Kenya, but still when it comes to presidential elections people seems to forget competence aspects in someone as they go for those who will give a lot of money, those working in tribal lines and those who seems more promising for goodies.

In the recently concluded voters registration exercise, the strong holds of Jubilee ruling alliance came at the top with CORD’s strongholds coming second. This is clear that the determinant third alliance will only show the way for the stronger to party to carry the day.

Between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, both have a chance of emerging at the top but the president will use all government machinery to remain in power. Of course we are only waiting for the money that got lost in corruption scandals to hit the streets. There, people who are easily driven with handouts will have a chance to run for money and end up voting for the current president.

With these major determinant aspects, there is no need for presidential elections come 2017… the government of Kenya is not gonna change anyway!

How The Late First Lady Lucy Kibaki Rose Into Power

Kenya… When we talk about the life of the late Mama Lucy Kibaki, we only know more about her legacy after President Mwai Kibaki rose into power. We have so little information about her during her husband’s struggle in opposition, her support and general information about how she was like before then.

The main reason why Kenyan will miss her is because she was the only known first lady to leave a legacy for the benefit of Kenyans. She is known to have stood firm on family values and in most of her speeches, she never minced her words about family life.

According to those who knew her Mama Lucy Kibaki much better, her family came first in everything. She is was the first one to hint about Kibaki’s second term in office and she spearheaded his second term campaigns, drawing women behind her. Her effort paid off when her husband was announced the winner of the controversial elections in 2007 that saw Kenya go on knees in dark hour.

The most memorable event happened during the storm in Nation Media center because of ‘defamatory’ headline on one of the their daily news papers. She assaulted some people during that hour of terror and later walked away promising for some more if the do not change their style when address the first family.

Even members of the Kibaki team were not spared. She warned that some people were giving bad advice to the president and that she would deal with them accordingly. This happened some days later when she went physical with one of the Kibaki’s close ally. It was later confirmed that he got fired because of reasons known to a few individuals…

Well, because of Lucy Kibaki’s iron-hand in sensitive matters, it caused uneasiness in members of the public because she was much more like the president… someone they did not voter for. The reason why the media started going blind in her functions. Later, she got lost in the public image!

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