What Is Love?

true love is...

true love is…

What is love?

I have never figured out what is the true meaning of this simple word. I said ‘simple’ because we always use it when we have someone we are interested in.

Can it be an automatic ‘pop up’ when feeling between two different parties meet and engulf each other, creating a bond that we mistake for love?


Lesson From Love Story

A long time ago, there was a small boy who loved his best friend, a girl from the neighboring homestead.

They were good friends and spent most of their time together…only evening hours separated the two young love birds.

They grew up into maturity, knowing nothing about reality of love because they were good friends and same goes to love. They ended up married.

One day an opportunity arose for the man, he got a job in a town… and this forced them to move in town, away from their rural home.

Later, the wife got a job in a certain firm and the two lived a happy but simple life.

Temptations and Love

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One day, the devil sent his angel of doom to deliver  the message to the wife…’You have no experience in real life.. you have been with one man all your life. Try something new

At first, she thought that the ‘other guy’ will give up the search for her heart. But as pressure intensified, she had no choice but to give in into his demands. She started cheating and ended up leaving her husband to the new man.

Her mother being a religious person tried to convince her to leave her ways of life but all attempts hit the dead end.

The sad reality was that her new found lover was HIV positive. The damage was done and there was no way into her marriage bed once again.

Even though her husband loved her…, he could do nothing about it because things were never the same again. He moved on with his life.

A sad love story, isn’t it? Better watch a movie, Confessions Of A Marriage counselor

Now, what is that one thing that constitutes True Love?

Is it wealth and riches?

Does it mean searching, experiencing and learning something new until the day you settle for that special someone with all love qualities you like?

Or it is all about accepting you fate and learning to live with it no matter what!

I do not know that you are thinking, but I guess you have already found your answer.


Happy time in Love..


Evaluating a Romantic Relationship on whether it’s Healthy or Not

Love toast

Love toast

So many factors can determine the future of a healthy romantic relationship. It is upon the lovebirds to weigh and see the future of their love without straining so hard to fit well with someone–

1. In school

-For those in school is whether your partner encourages in anything concerning studies For example giving past papers for revision?

-Have ones grades improved or fallen since the start of this relationship.

-Is there missing of school due to the relationship with this person.

2. Physical health

-Has one limited the extra-curriculum activities so that one can spend time with his/her partner?

-IS there any contraction of sexually transmitted infections from this person?

-For those in the university, has one had any injuries due to any fights involved with a partner?

-Is there a case of any unwanted pregnancy as a result of this relationship?

3. Emotional health

-For those in the university, does one feel better or worse since entering in this relationship?

-Is one more stressed or even having a low self-esteem since the beginning of the relationship?

-Is there trouble in sleeping?

4. [perform_ad w=”auto” utg=”true” utt=”true”]Use of drugs and alcohol[/perform_ad]

-Is there increased use of alcohol or smoking because of the relationship?

-Does one drinking or use drugs to be more comfortable in the relationship?

5. Family and friends

-Has the relationship affected how one relates with friends and family members?

-How do your families feel about the relationship?

-What comments from friends concerning the relationship?

-How do friends feel about the partner?

-How does the partner talk about one’s family?

-Has one grown apart from family due to the relationship?

Is there any element of jealousy to one’s family by the partner?

-Is there spending time separately or there is mingling even with family and friends?

The above factors help one to gauge if a relationship is moving towards the right direction, and that is if the answers are positive.

Be happy in love

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