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Don’t Allow Challenges In Life Weigh You Down, Other People May Be Experiencing The Worst

There was once a young man who was educated up to college level but was unlucky to secure any employment. Everyday he would move to a certain location in town popularly known as a jobless corner since it was a place that was frequented by the educated but unemployed. With time this young man earned himself a new set of friends and so he got a daily accompany in that place.

But they all had experiences to share concerning why one was jobless. Some felt that their next of kin had failed them by promising them jobs that never came to materialize while others lost their jobs due to unavoidable circumstances.

So they all had something to share with each other concerning their jobless experiences. Then one day this man went to his usual place only to find that his friends had not yet arrived but instead found two men chatting joyously and even wore shades on their eyes.

From their conversation, this young man grasped that their joy was due to their previous day happenings. The two talked how they were driven to their favorite places though he could not know by whom.

First he was unhappy that his friends were not around and then the fact that these two men had opted to occupy the jobless corner and yet from their talk and laughter, they both had jobs. So he approached them questioning them why they had come to this place yet it was not meant for them since they had jobs. They ignored him and continued laughing and would even hit each others hands with excitement. This made him even angrier and he even sat between them but this did not stop their excitement as he continued with his lamentations.

Then they kept quiet and then they both removed the shades from their eyes and the young man was surprised that they were both blind. They both told him that he was lucky to have his sight though unemployed since he can still go about searching for a job but for their case, they had to depend on well wishers for help.

One man said that he was born blind while the other one fell sick when he was about 5 years and lost his eye sight and he was truly sorry for them. He then learnt later that his friends had secured jobs in a new upcoming company.

This story teaches us that though one is faced by hardships and challenges; other people may be experiencing worse challenges than you.

Change is Inevitable, But It Hurts!

In our everyday life, change is something that is inevitable and that is be it in our homes, at school or even in our central government or even in our work places. Depending on the nature of change, it’s obvious to find, may be, employees in a certain company openly resisting. So it’s not always that change will sail through easily. Employees may resist change due to a feeling of insecurity in the job or loss of skills just to mention a few.

When it comes to our homes, weaning a child represent a change whereby new foods are introduced. Such a child will try to refuse eating the new foods that he is getting and it’s obvious that he/she will try to hang onto the normal routine of breastfeeding.

You may find that students at school may reject a new head teacher arguing that they are comfortable with their former head teacher. This is a way of resisting changes that have been made in their administration because in one way or the other they expect the administration to come up with new changes.

Then something else the central government may at times enforce new laws or introduce new taxes or even state new investment policies. You may find that the stakeholders affected may tend to resist these changes even citing unfairness from the government for failing to male any consultations.

Some changes may be scary depending to how the individuals concerned will take them but for others the change may be a refreshing one and especially if those being affected are able to adjust positively. But to create no room for résistance, I think it’s good for those introducing a change to have put measures well in advance so as to be able to institute the change with positive impact.

Crazy Lover I Never Had

Before she found that I was in love with someone else, she used to do some stuff that questioned my heart why I was not noticing the beauty and actions in her.

Smart she was, beautify beyond doubt and caring— only if her actions towards me were genuine–, and a jovial person that would keep me happy all the time.

Well, I liked her as a good friend but nothing more. That was contrary to what she wanted from me. I came to know this when she accused me of having a heavy heart— in her words, she said “free yourself and see the reality. I do not wanna heart you and I will never let that happen… just me on these.”

Sad day that was! However, she was already too late because someone else had already hijacked my most sensitive part of my heart. I felt nothing towards anyone else and what was remaining in me was just some rogue feelings that only reminded me of my loved one by then. Crazy hah! Nevertheless, that was just the beginning.

One day she came with food cooked by her own beautiful hands. She set the table and waited for me to start eating. I noticed that she was looking at me as if having questions that she felt not wise to ask then. I wanted her to give me some space to finish eating but she just stood there waiting for my last swallow.

“How was lunch?”

“Yummy!!!!!!” I said.

“I’m glad that you like it… I just wanna do this every day, but I can’t because circumstances are against me. I just don’t know what to do.”

“You can. Just believe in yourself and think positive that things will turn around fine for you.” I knew where she was trying to tell me… I was just avoiding the noose to get into my helplessness to make me feel guilty.

“It is not what you think. We’re moving away from this place and I don’t know how we can keep our friendship going—-“

Yes, I was hit! That was when I told her why she had to let me go. I was glad that she understood and went away half mad and half-happy for my choice. Three days later, they moved away.

Leaving An Abusive Marriage But Maintaining a Strong Love Bond

Abuse in a marriage, which can be verbal or physical, has become prevalent in most marriages and this has seen most of them go down into the drain. And since marriage is the union of two lover birds, it’s obvious to find the victim who has been abused trying to still cling to love of the oppressor and not being able to let it go even if they are separated. Some women will even claim that despite their ex-husbands being abusive, they are wonderful men and they hope they may get themselves another partner to live with. But they are quick to point out that they cannot go back to their ex-husbands.

Like for this scenario, this lady was beaten up and always verbally abused by her ex-husband. However, she blamed her mother-in- law for all her marriage woos whom she said that she had a say in whatever her son did to her. She at first persevered being in the abusive marriage for some years but she one felt that she had enough of this and walked out of the marriage. But even after being away for an year, she was still madly in love with her ex-husband, she still thought of him and also missed him and his company. Funny enough even if she felt that she was missing something in her life, she was adamant of never going back to him.

This other lady was also physically abused for quite sometime until she opted to leave the marriage. She felt that being married at an early age had derived her part of life. So she could now enjoy that life that was taken away from her by being married a young lady and true to her words, she was okay being single. But all in all she still missed and loved her ex-husband even though she never contemplated of ever going back to him.

I think love is a special feeling towards your partner and that is why it’s a thing that you find that most people break-up but are unable to let go off the love that they once had for their partner.

Mothers-in-law and Their Effects On Marriage

Marriage is a commitment between two people in love and it’s the wish of every couple to live harmoniously and happily ever after.But there has been a rising trend whereby mothers-in-law are becoming a stumbling block to most marriages.

Like for this scenario,this lady got separated from her husband by his mother who said that she was not good enough to be wife.In this case,her husband moved out of matrimonial home and left her with the children but he still supported them financially.But then her husband still controlled her life by making sure that she couldn’t move on with her life whatsoever.He could not stomach the fact of her being with another even after him being separated from her thanks to his mother.

In this case,the lady here had to move out of her marriage after severe beating that she had to put up with for quite sometime.She blamed her mother in-law for everything whom she accused of not ever acknowledging of being her son’s husband and so was out to do anything to wreck the marriage.

But then there are some women who have persevered their mothers-in-law hatred and have stood firm in their marriage.Like in this case,this lady’s husband declined to marry another woman who was his mother’s choice to him.So his marriage to this other lady plunged in depth hatred towards her by the mother-in-law. But all in all she was happy with her husband.

After she gave birth to her children,the hatred was passed on to her children with the grandmother chasing the children away from her side. At first they were too young to understand anything but as they became older,she had a time with them questioning why their grandmother seemed to hate them so much.

I think what matters in this case, such mothers-in-law should think over and over again of their actions. In fact they should ask themselves what could have happened to them if they were mistreated the same way that they are doing to their daughters-in-law.

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