Solving ‘Not Charging’ Error on HP Laptop

I have had this issue for a while, and I now officially seek for a technician’s advice on how to handle it effectively. I have this computer issue that seems time consuming and unworthy as is. If you have ever experienced an issue with charging, whereby the laptop would charge for a while and then stops, with a message that ‘Charger Connected, Not Charging!’

I have been working my best to keep my laptop running but this issue makes it harder for me to do my stuff effectively because in times of need, the laptop just stops to charge up to 100%, instead it remains connected and directly working as if it has no battery attached to the main laptop.

The problem as shown in the screenshot…,


Checking on the internet to know what is happening to my laptop, there are very many stories and suggestions that I have already tried by still the issue is consistent. This is mostly reported on HP laptops, mine too falls under this line of HP laptops.

The only time that the problem seemed to have vanished was when restored my system, however, in about twenty minutes time the charging problem came back alive as if nothing happened before.

I contacted  with servermania london data centre UK dedi servers ,They said me  it is hardware issue because I will not agree with you in one bit. The first time it did this, I was forced to format it fully— and yes! The problem vanished for so many months. In fact it was good for about a year or so until the time my hard disk started having some issues. Basic Knownhost Web server software that merely provides access to static files is more secure than sophisticated server software that provides functions such as the execution of CGI scripts, the processing of server-side includes, the handling of scripted errors, and the dynamic listing of directories.

Web server software also differs in the degree of control accorded to browser users. Certain servers allow users access to only certain documents or directories or sub-directories, while some allow full access to everything. Some can be configured to allow access to certain directories according to the IP address of the client machine, or to individuals who know the right password. There are a few Web servers that offer data encryption, a necessity for e-commerce web sites. These are mainly commercial Web servers.

Since the time I bought the new hard disk drive, the laptop has been working well until today that it has started having this nuisance.

I used to think that I am good in fixing issues on computer related electronics by reading the manuals with the online sodapdf tool, but here I have to say that I need some assistance in handling this thing effectively.

Waiting for your say!

When a Problem Becomes a Good Lesson in Life..

English: A diagram showing a possible WI-FI ne...

A diagram showing a possible WI-FI network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember sometimes last year, I had experienced numerous black outs that left me to go about looking for places that I could charge my laptop. So it became my daily routine, to take my laptop to my brother’s place determined to go on with my blogging.

So here in my country, we have a number of internet providers that vary with cost, speed and signal strength. For my case, I usually use the one whose connection is cheaper but the strength of the network depends on location.

The problem with being at my brother’s place was that there was hardly any network that forced me to look for all means so that I could get a network access. This meant placing my modem on top there but at times, this did not work out well for me as I tried to reach my daily target of blogging. But when one is determined to reach places, obstacles seem to come out of nowhere and goals just become unachievable.

But then something came to my rescue, here I had a phone that had WIFI connectivity and it came in handy so I had no problem as far as signal strength is concerned. So what I did with my phone, I just went to the wireless and network settings, then to internet tethering and set the WLAN hotspot to ‘ON’. Then under the WLAN hotspot switch I set it to ‘ON’.

So everything for me was now simplified and I’ve been very okay since this new discovery. These are some of the things that happen that leaves one wondering why you didn’t discover much earlier. But anyway am good to go with stronger network connectivity so long as I have a simcard subscribed to the megabytes of my choice. But anyway sometimes desperate times call for desperate solutions in a bid to achieve something.

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