Love triangle killings

For quite some time now, there have been increased incidents of university students killing one another due to love related reasons. The most related incident is a first-year student killing a fourth-year student after an argument ensued concerning the latter’s girlfriend.

It was a sad incident that left the country wondering what life has become, why kill your love rival instead of thinking much better about the whole relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is having another relationship out there, then it means he or she is not someone worth to be your future husband or wife.

For students, life is much better if wise judgment is given the first hand in almost everything. There is nothing bad about being rejected or being treated as a third person. One only has to understand that not all that glitters are golden, and those who pretend to be special sometimes ends up being like your foot-mat in future.

The future is bright for bright minds out there. Every wrong mistake, wrong decisions, and wrong moves draws you close to failure. You don’t want that to happen, right? Cool! Then you have to start thinking much better than normal lifestyle. Students in higher learning institutions should live by their status. Learning is part of life too. Books only show us the way, but how we implement what we have learnt in real life is what that matters.

Why kill someone just because of love? Anger does more damage than good. The damage caused by anger can destroy the rest of your life. Students have a future to gamble with, but what they do not understand is how a simple mistake might land them in worst mess than what they have ever thought of.

People make mistakes! Love triangles thrive where true love is a thing that cannot be put into practice, but rather a waste of time. People should be careful about who to love and when to love.

‘Just kill him’, A Crying Boy Urged…

The other day, I was basking outside to get a glimpse of the mid-day sunshine and just nearby there were a group of children saturated in their favorite playing game. But then the obvious just happened and a quarrel ensued between two little boys and then it simply led to a fight. One boy was however strong and overpowering his friend was thus able to beat him up. As he cried bitterly, the game came to an end immediately and his sympathizer friends urged him to go and report the matter to his mother.

The stronger boy was left behind as the others together with the crying boy were walking along, one of them took a stick and told this boy that he should just kill the boy for beating him up. After he was handed the stick, another boy took it and he gave instructions as to how he could kill the other boy. At first, all the children just stood looking behind as if they were waiting for the bully boy to show up and then have him killed. But then they just walked away may be not dwelling so much the killing part.

So hearing kids talking of killing, one wonders what kind of exposure these kids are getting from the current society. Funny enough, the kids know that you can kill anyone who has done wrong to them. I felt like asking them what they really know about killing.

It’s true that we say that children are innocent but then we are the same people who equip them with queer information and experiences. Why is this? Because we are no longer cautious of what we talk about in the presence of our children. Do the talking and then remember that children have their ears on to hear such that when they meet with their friends, they become the informer of what ‘papa’ and ‘mama’ said.

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