The Life Reality Surrounding The Majority in Kenya

The chances are that most people are not working to fulfill what they really wanted in life. The problem is that there are so many negativities surrounding them and in most cases they would rather live from hand to mouth than to save something for the future.

In Kenya today, the more you have something there better the chances of having more. That is the sieve of life. You either have something that can identify you as a Kenyan or you have nothing at all. In this case, Kenyans are known for the amount of money they have in their accounts. As for the majority, they are only categorized under tertiary citizens. And chances are that they are not even categorized at all.

The main reason why we have these two distant categories is the fact that they need us. I mean Kenyans can’t do it on their own, that is why they need the crowd to back up what they have in mind.

Politically, it is a mutual respect that that drives people to fall for petty lies, promises and choices that later comes to haunt the vast lot.

It changes nothing, just the void and thing really happens whenever there is a chance to make things right. The problem with Kenyans is lack of ability to determine what is right for them. If choices in history were based on merits, education, and accountability, we would be singing a tune far from the reality on ground by now.

In Kenya today, the issue of tribalism, nepotism, and other negative values of humanity as factors which are contributing enormously to under development of the nation, corruption in all walks of life and poverty in most regions that form Kenya.

Poverty drives people to make choices based on hearsay and that desperate situation is what the political elites in the country value the most. To them they would rather create a contusive environment for easy votes than to work for well being of the whole society.

The only perfect way to limit recycling of non-performing leaders is by sensitizing the public about choices. However, this is hard because people like hearing the sound of their ethnic languages, others like soft finger that produce a bribe and other are just there ready to be moved by the wave. This is Kenya!

Another Lose Of Life Due to Police Negligence

English: Victoria Police motorcycle policeman ...

Police motorcycle policeman on a BMW R1200RT motorbike (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Monday morning, police once again exercised their level of incompetence after they allegedly shot dead a passer-by. Earlier reports indicated that the police who were in a van were trying to calm down tomato sellers who were up in arms due to unspecified problem in the market.

So the one of the police officers shot in the air to scare the traders killing the man on the spot. But an eyewitness said that a woman trader who owed a fellow trader some cash had refused to pay back the money even after being asked adamantly to do so. So she went to the policemen with lies that her debtor is the one who owed her money and so the policemen responded by coming to arrest the other trader. That’s when the other traders protested at the move and blocked the policemen from arresting the innocent trader.

In the process, the policemen ran for their dear lives and once in their patrol van, one of them shot in the air leading to the live bullet landing on a construction worker who was just going about his errands.

After the incident, the policemen sped off and this angered the crowd who at first refused the body from being taken away from the scene until the policeman responsible is apprehended. The deceased’s family also demanded that they want justice since it was an innocent life lost by somebody’s negligence.

This incident comes after a previous one where a young lady died due to injuries after spending weeks in the hospital leaving behind hospital bills amounting to millions. In this case, the lady had boarded a motorbike and then they approached a police check spot where motorbikes were expected to part with a Shs.50 bribe. So when the policeman waved at the motorbike rider to stop but he refused and sped off, the policeman in turn hurled a gun in order to force the motorbike rider to stop but he hit the lady pedestrian who lost balance and fell off but the motorbike rider drove away.

So sad that the lady had to succumb to injuries and the policeman was transferred citing security reasons even after the family members sought justice for the action. But due to pressure mounting on the policeman to own up, he surrendered earlier this week and so will face murder charges.

I think the policemen should act more responsibly when they are in their line of duty and then tough measures ought to be put in place for those behave irresponsibly.

Fear As High Expectations Backlash On Landgrabbing Saga

English: A protester holding a placard in Tahr...

English: A protester holding a placard in Tahrir Square referring to Facebook and Twitter, acknowledging the role played by social media during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In recent days, bloggers have been the main target for cyber crime police officers in Kenya. Some well known bloggers were arrested and some are already in prison because of materials posted on the internet.

Since cyber crime unit was formed, the government has been busy watching Kenyans on social media; using that link to nab the law breakers— mostly posting abusive, defamatory materials, incitement people to violence and other misuse of social media.

Initially, aggrieved people used to rush on social media to have their ‘bitter say’ and walk away with it. Nowadays, social media is not a safe heaven for text wars and insults. We have witnessed people facing the law suits because a mere short text on Twitter or Facebook. And some bloggers are in prison because of this.

With recent land grabbing saga that erupted on social media and expanded into mainstream media houses when school children were tear gassed in Kenya, people started making fun of the land grabbers and others started circulating a name they thought could be behind that incident.

However in a twist of an alleged discovery of a the big fish, the government through its lands secretary delivered its finding which broke people’s heart even beyond expectation. The big name was missing and still is! This has put majority of people on an awkward position because of the thought that the government will start targeting people who were misleading the public about Lang’ata Road Primary School land grabbing saga.

So far I have seen online news site which had previously linked the big fish in that mix producing an edited version and pulling down the original posts. This confirms the kind of fear how Kenyans and news agencies fear getting in the wrong hands of the law.

But the big question now is will the government prosecute about 80% of social media users who were sure that the big name was behind the recent land grabbing in Nairobi? I do not think so. But I guess cyber police will target social media bigwigs in this.

Let’s see!

Blaming The Innocent As The Big Fish Remains Hidden

Why are people so afraid of facing the reality? In a certain situation, I have noticed that majority would rather ask foolish questions about it other than facing the root cause of it. Is it because of fear of getting deep and dirty or they just like playing around with the situation?

I believe that every situation has its root cause, and that when people should focus their minds on. Unfortunately, we just can’t see the base… would rather blame the outcome which is just the tip of the reality underlying it.

For example, the was once what we all flocked to. But what happened afterwards was massive negativity against the site– tarnishing the name of something we used to love, why? Because we could not see why the site had to take those necessary measures.

Majority of us were actually plagiarizing and because of the high number of users, the admins realized too late that they were giving out free money to undeserving users. At the end, genuine bloggers were affected.

Another example, during the recent situation at the Lang’ata Road Primary School where children were teargassed as they were trying to break into their grabbed playground, the blame fell on innocent headteacher and the teachers for allowing children to lead the demo.

The saddest part is that even the president of Kenya has pointed out that the headteacher of Lang’ata Road Primary school should be held accountable for whatever happened on that day. What we are forgetting is the fact that if the school property was never grabbed, nothing like that could have happened.

We can point accusing fingers at innocent people because we just can’t see the reality behind this issue. That Private developer  is the big fish in this saga and should be named and shamed in public.

Enough said, let the blind continue being driven by the minor causes of happenings. The world will always charge our actions and comes back in future haunting our bad decisions.

Have your say!

The Twist On Grabbed School Playground

What is trending in your world? I have been searching for news worth information from the internet but I guess the world is still hushing up some interesting happenings, or nothing new is popping up.

Well, I can live with that. But here in Kenya, we are watching as the story twist from children affected in land grabbing to other unimportant things. We still have unanswered questions, we still do not know who grabbed the school playground— that private developer whom the government is trying so hard to shield from an angry public.

Picture have emerged on the web showing the high ranking politician, currently holding one of the highest position in Jubilee government, touring the construction of Weston Hotel which is in the center of the alleged grabbed land.

Although Weston Hotel’s lawyer distanced the facility from political connections, the internet never forgets and that is how the evidence has emerged linking the senior government official with the five star hotel along Lang’ata road.

Currently, Kenyans are targeting the facility with negative reviews on  to inform travelers about the controversial hotel and its center of controversies.

It is also alleged that the Hotel was built on a grabbed public land and its extending land grabbing in the area just proved that someone is out for money and nothing could stop him or her.

Why is the president not interested  in the name of the private developer who claimed the ownership of Lang’ata Road Primary school playground? Oops! Silence speaks volumes. We have to understand that targeting certain people in the country is the same as ditching millions of votes and Mr. President is trying very hard to those votes from spilling out.

The National Youth Service(NYS) personnel have been sent in to clear the playground and build a new perimeter wall.



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