Curious Kenyans Losing War On Graft

Why the fight when you know you have nothing to win? In the system characterized by unfair ways of dealing with things, it is jut so hard to compete well. Not that you are not capable to turn the wheel of justice around but because lawlessness has all necessary means to make a fool out of you.

It is beyond funny because while we were united against corrupt leaders in Kenya, we had all the time to sing along the tune of triumph, we forgot that the opposing force was way far from reach.

With Kenyan media so willing to host controversial leaders to talk themselves out of any ‘unconfirmed’ accusations, who is clean? This is the tool that all suspected corrupt leaders take because they know that Kenyans are easily driven from a doubt to a clean personality, resulting into giving support to undeserving people.

Sometimes I wonder why we have time to listen to someone implicated in corruption scandals and later sympathize with him of her. It is obvious that a suspected thief will deny any involvement in things that leads the society through a back door.

We already know that without good evidence everything said about someone is zero. However, sometimes it is up to us to say No! It is up to us to control what we want hear…, what we need to listen to and why we should set aside time for such material in our life.

We have already los a fortune because we are so naïve about corruption in Kenya. We may pretend that we do know better, but what we do is far from what we dream to accomplish in future. Kenya is run on high level of impunity because the citizens of Kenya are so curious about something they do not need to know. I guess it is time to be serious in fighting this war or just step aside and watch as fate take its course.

There is always a reason why someone implicated in corrupt deals would opt to appear on a national TV to clean up the mess. So unless you know this reason, better stay with what you already believe.




This I s What Looters Do For Young Kenya…

Take a whiff! Does Kenya smell ripe and ready to be eaten as whole? It seems like it is not yet ready for such kind of stuff. In fact it is on 53 years old, making it even younger than some people who are busy cutting of big chunks of flesh. This is so bad manners…

Have you ever been responsible for a growing up child, how do you teach that kid? Oops! I know what some people could do. They will make sure the walks through all kinds dirt, through thorny places, beaten up, and lastly to rest in a cold or hot place as he or she waits for another journey the following day. This is exactly what is happening to Kenya!

The care takers of Kenya’s resources are there only to steal from her. They care less about the future and how other dependants of this country would feel.

Nowadays, it is not a game of hide and steal but rather they do it forcefully and even dare the public from snooping on them.

The Kenyan law courts have been turned into a messy place… like pigs in mud, the looters would run there to put a barrier between themselves the public scrutiny. With the shield firmly in place, they will then proceed to destroy all evidence that could imprison them.

From there, they will wait for a weak law suit against them. If it happens that they have a case to answer, they would hire a good lawyer who will die trying to save them. With big money to buy the law—, all charges are dropped and the thief walks away scot-free.

Two days after that, you will see him or her on Television telling the public how he or she became a millionaire after long years of hard work, persistence and of course God’s intervention.

This is a sad reality that happens in our Kenya. At least people should be merciful to this growing child. Lest it comes a day when she will start complaining, and if she does, all looters of our economy will have nowhere to go.

IEBC Confirms General Elections Date In Kenya

The electoral commission in Kenya has confirmed the date for general election in the east African state. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC has said that the elections will be held on 8th August 2017.

The IEBC chairman announced this yesterday when he and other official from the electoral body held a press conference to shed light on much awaited voting day. He further said the political parties will hold primaries on 20th June, 2017 or 45 day prior to the main elections as stipulated by the Kenya constitution.

According to the chairman Issack Hassan, the electoral commission will conduct voter registrations from February 15th to March 15th 2016 in bid to hit the targeted 22.4 million voters come the day of elections.

This announcement comes when the country is experiencing hard political times as complains about corruption hitting the highest mark since Kenya’s independence.

The ruling Jubilee alliance which came to power through controversial Supreme Court ruling is tasked to make things right before the d-day as the opposition is adamant to expose more evil from the government to convince people they are much better.

Kenyans on the other hand vote for tribal leaders, will they make a wise judgment come 8th August 2017? Majority of people are tired of scandals after another happening at the watchful eye of the president and his deputy. It will be a show that will be remembered in Kenya’s history.

In previous general elections, IEBC was blamed for making bitter decisions while they knew that the election was marred with controversial wins. According to aggrieved parties, the officials of IEBC knew that something was not right but they went ahead and announced the winners.

Hoping that things have changed, the biometric kits that failed during the vital time in history will not be part of this coming election. Let’s guess that IEBC has acquired better means of handling failures in its part and hopefully Kenyans will see the first free and fair elections.

Is The Government Is Running Scared?

Time is not really working fine with the current Kenya government. Why? The reason why leaders in Jubilee government are uneasy is because of the recent opinion polls from different firms that indicate something is really wrong or not working right in the government.

When you see a die-hard fan of jubilee government talking ba about the government they you will understand why the president is sitting on a hot seat as general elections drew nearer and nearer as each second counts down.

Things are hot. Majority of people are feeling the wrath of the worsening economic tension. Huge companies are closing down manufacturing and relocating to other favorable countries, and investors are worrying that Kenya might blanch back into chaos come 2017, and some just can’t come to invest in a country where security is like game for the mighty, the winner taking it all.

Jubilee government wants to eradicate corruption by politics, something that can’t be possible. The president has never been serious about this fight. He has dreams to make Kenya better but till when should we wait to see him strike the iron when still hot? His worst fear is to write history that he was the first Kenya’s one term president—and the worst reason being he set the ball rolling for rampant corruption in the country.

Oops! What he has forgotten is the fact that the more he keeps waiting for the perfect moment the more he is losing this fight. How many trips he has made for the sake of Kenya? How many investors have heard his call and actually invested large sums of money in Kenya? Well, only people in the government could tell us. However, as long as other people are losing jobs and others finding it hard to find a job then I guess the situation if not cool for all Kenyans.

Time is not right for politics about things that should be done. The president of Kenya can make relevant changes for the sake of Kenya. Politics is just a way of life but people on the ground expect more from their elected leaders.

Terror Alerts: How They Affect Kenya’s Economy

Kenya my home country has been vulnerable to attacks by terror groups with Al-shabab topping the list of the heinous attacks against Kenyans. Now terror alerts has been issued once again against Kenya with travel advisories to tourists thinking of traveling to this country due to the impeding attacks.

It can never been anybody’s wish to live in a country faced with surrounding uncertainties due to attacks associated with terrorism. Kenya has always been a centre for tourist attraction but with threats to security, this has seen adverse effects when it comes to tourism. But we need visitors since one way or the other they are part of the flourishing effects on the country’s economy since domestic tourism is not enough.

Such terror alerts has been issued in the past to say but sorry to say that most of the time is when we are caught off guard. Then blame games take centre stage with those in our security systems shifting blame of who is who that did not act on the intelligence information given. In the spirit of keeping everyone secure some things ought not arise as far as those in the security systems are concerned.

These alerts have come at a time when we are nearing the end of year festivities, characterized by lots of merry-making activities and so the mention of terror brings back bad memories of what we have gone through as a country in the hands of brutal gangs. It is the hope of everyone that the government assumes great concern in ensuring no Kenyan will have to suffer due to terror attacks.

So far so good and even with these alerts, we hope the enemies of peace will be given no opportunity to resurface and change the calmness that we have had since the last attacks in Garrisa University.

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