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Kenya Police – Waflay Post
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Kenyan Politicians Call For Unity In Hypocritical Ways

Hypocrisy defines Kenya’s politics in every aspect. In the government, the leaders are busy preaching water and taking wine because that is the only way they could remain relevant in politics. Now, if you shift to the opposition, the same thing is happening but because almost all Kenyans are busy watching the government, the politicians in the opposition are running away scot-free.

Shaping Kenyan politics needs creating a barrier between hypocrisy and the reality. What defines hypocrisy is the fact that our leaders are not people who seek for means to unite Kenyans, but as long as tribalism is the biggest issue in the country of late, they have to touch upon it just because they think Kenyans are stupid enough to fall for it.

These people have tendency to talk good about unity in Kenya, but while they are outer public, their language changes into tribal point of view. They would rate areas of dominance in terms of ethnic support. For example, the DP William Ruto would talk of Kalenjin vote when he is actually referring to rift valley voting block. When it comes to the opposition, since they have  a big problem uniting the Mulembe nation under one voting block, they would go for Waluhya votes but not western region as whole.

In many occasions, we have heard William Ruto talking about ‘Watu wetu (our people).’ This means that Kenya is not that united if the national leader would call a section of people as his close people, the rest are nothing but miscellaneous beings coming as a liability to the government.

In Raila Odinga‘s camp, these people are the notorious individuals who do not have time to evaluate political language into a national carrier, they win by hitting particular tribes and this defines their biggest hypocrisy in terms of running a ‘purported’ democratic party.

In Kenya, tribalism is the main link to make it into power. Let no one lie to you that we have someone who would unite all tribes of Kenya. Politicians use the easiest means to reach their goals; unity in Kenya is one last thing that someone would use to get there.

Kenya Police, Learn More Not Just How To Shoot

There are sad incidents that have happened involving police officers on duty in Kenya. These incidents only leads to questions that someone should be ready to deal with. Why are the police officers in Kenya so weak? Why do they choose between economic classes when handling a violent person? Why are they not equipped do deal with assaults against them while on duty? And many more.

Once incident happened on Thika road where a truck driver was got on camera assaulting a traffic police officer. The helpless serviceman had nothing to do other than to call for back up from the Flying squid wing that later came for his rescue. In what I saw, the officer was not armed and could not even use martial arts tactics to end the stand-off. This only raised eye brows that our police force is not equipped well enough to handle a naughty civilian.

The Nyandarua incident where a white pilot was captured on camera assaulting a female police officer, can only be considered as an unfortunate scene where the police officers in Kenya would do nothing when got in the tussle between the law and the person from the upper society (rich people).

I wonder if it is their mentality to weigh the situation and choose to ignore or they were taught to behave that way when attacked by special class persons. I guess it would be a very different take when attacked by a common man.

In other videos on the web, we have seen how police officers wrestle with criminals.  This only leads us to understand that something is not right with police training in Kenya. I just wonder if they are ever taught how to defend themselves, negative a gun, and how to handle armed criminals except by shooting them down.

It is just sad that as we continue being more civilized,the more the challenges our police officers face. One thing for sure, someone should come up with special programs to train our police officer as required by their duty. Nothing is smooth out there! And sometimes, a gun is a useless tool, undependable to save life.


Kenya, Refugees Menace And Terrorism

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia...

Andrew Mitchell talks to refugees from Somalia in Dadaab, Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nairobi— One thing is clear that Kenya wants her neighbors to enjoy peace and economic stability like she does. For many years, Kenya has been a stable economy in east Africa and this has enabled growth and development in this region.

While other east African states were fighting to control the regions marred by violence, Kenya was the only safe place where the refugees could run to and feel peace for the first time. With hospitality among the people of Kenya, no one questioned how the refugees could behave and the control measures put in place to deal with evil men and women coming into the country. At the end, it was just us Kenyans against people who are either good or those with bad intentions for humanity.

Being a country where humanity came first, it is not that difficult to locate some integrated refugees mingling freely with the general Kenyan population. This is good because some refugees have created employment to locals and others are working closely with the government of Kenya for better good of national building.

However in every river, you do not expect to see fish, but snakes also do survive in water. The result of this saying is that, Kenya has been experiencing violent crimes since Kenya’s incursion in Somalia started, about five years ago.

Some refugees are trigger-happy criminals who do not value lives of other people. I several occasions, Kenya has suffered both major and minor terror attacks for people suspected to be Somalia Islamic militants. In this case, these people crossing into Kenya from the horn of Africa are both genuine refugees and those who have evil agenda— ticking time bomb against peaceful Kenya.

The crackdown on illegal refugees in Nairobi and its environs was meant to drive away terrorists who were enjoying the stay in the country as they plan for next attacks. Even though the government’s, move drew criticism from all channels of humanity, but it came as a success since bombings in Nairobi ended.

In conclusion, Kenya welcomed people without screening them in and out to know what they were up to. However, after learning from past mistakes, she made up her mind to clean up the mess.

80 KDF Families Affected After Terror Attack On Military Camp, Government Confirms

The number of KDF soldiers who died during the recent terror attack on their camp in Somalia is still unknown, as the government go hush hush about it all.

According to the secretary to the internal security docate, Joseph Nkaissery, the attackers suffered a lot during that Friday morning attack. In addition, al-shabaab Islamists carried out that deadly attack were all killed in action.

The ministry of defense said that the real figure will be made public only after the affected families have been notified.

According CS, Raychelle Omamo, 80 KDF families were affected and that plans are underway to hunt down al-shabaab fighters from their hideout in Somalia and in Kenya and have promised to eradicate terror in both countries. She said that every the islamists will pay for every Kenyan’s blood through terrorism activities in Kenya.

But people are asking, why should the security forces wait to be attacked before launching a counter attack against killers?

It has been a tale that remains unconfirmed if it is true that KDF are in Somalia for the sake Kenya’s security. Our men in uniforms seem to be playing a game that us—civilians, are not sure of. It has been years since KDF crossed into Somalia to fight terrorists that were suspected of kidnapping tourists in Kenya, especially in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

It has happened before and it will happen again!  Kenya Army will launch air strikes against al-shabaab insurgents strongholds in move to destroy active terror cells along the border.

The insurgents were forced to leave the Somalia port, Kismayu when the Kenyan forces landed and took control of the port city about three years ago.

The president said that this will not make Kenya to leave its mission in Somalia. Furthermore, he declared that this war has just taken another turn that will ensure that terrorists are no longer a menace in the country.

Director of Public Prosecution Speaks Out About Graft..

While thousands might so interested in making it to his current position as the Director of Public Prosecution, the man in this office is not happy about his job… He has been working so hard to deal with naughty Kenyans but not everything has been well because the public in not willing to let go of their own.

According to a close confidant, the prosecutor is getting a raw deal from the public but again the same public wants him to do something to show that he is still in control. Actually, this is his worst dilemma…

There have been many corruption scandals that need his attention, however, with no evidence given and masses defending the corrupt individuals, this make his work very difficult.

In another cases of incitements, the DPP wonders why the police are not doing their job as is should be… He argues that the police who are law enforcement agent should be in the look out for these people who incite the public and arrest them before the case if directed to him to go ahead with duties pertained to his job.

Then he said that the law of the republic of Kenya should not be selective. While the police officers are quick to arrest minor law offenders, the big fish have ways of evading this because thy have the masses backing them up.

According to him, people of Kenya should avoid being included in matters that do not involve them. Moreover, if we let our leaders face their own demons; it will be easier for him to handle cases that are brought before him for the sake of public interest.

He said that those critiquing his ways of handling these cases are not being realists. These cases are so sensitive that a simple mistake can cause political unrest in with country.

Oops! The DPP maybe forgetful but he is doing a nice job. By the way, he never said any of these…