Release The Report To The Public, KDF Told

How many Kenyan soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty during terror attack at al-Adde in Somalia?

The most amazing thing about Kenya is how they treat the word ‘secret’. In Kenyan setting, the public should not be informed about issues that are so sensitive.

It is just beyond reason why the government should keep most things in hush-hush kind of environment.

The only information about those who died in that deadly terror attack is from the foreign agencies and from bloggers.

Recently, the Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, said that the number of soldiers who lost their lives may be about 180 or more. This report has already been tarnished as unreal by the Kenyan military spokes person. However, he could not take his time to give the exact number instead.

It has not yet been confirmed about the whereabouts of the missing Kenyan service men. Only speculations that they are being held as prisoners of war in the al-shabaab camps in Somalia

Now, majority of Kenyans are going for 180 fallen heroes because they do not have any other information about it all.

Big secrets have made it impossible for information to flow from channels of communication to reach those who might be interested.

The only information the KDF is ready to relay to the public is when they have carried out attacks against terrorists in the war ravaged country on the horn of Africa.

Recently, the leader opposition said that the government should give a final report about the fallen soldiers and that the families affected compensated.

The president has been so quiet about this report and never have he hinted of releasing it to the public.

Kenya that ranked sixth (6th) in military firepower in Africa has dropped to position eighth (8th) after al-Adde attack.

KDF are serving under AU’s African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with an aim of ending terror menace on the horn of Africa.

What Breeds Evils In Our Society

The fact that we have official sycophants in running alongside genuine people, the journey for a win in war on terror is never going to be smooth anytime soon. I wonder if it is only in Kenya where every happening is linked to politics and corruption. It is a normal thing to see a politician defending terror suspects as it is a normal occurrence to see security and law enforcers pocketing something big and letting criminals walk.

Normalization of evil in public

With the war on graft going on in public offices, one fails to understand why some people are so immune. I have heard complain that some police official have tendency to use their power to enrich themselves.

They give instructions to their juniors to go out and reap bloody money from law breakers. The officers could do anything to attain the required amount of money at the end of the day. And this is how criminals and terror suspects are free men and women in our society.

Nowadays, people have mentality to seek freedom through embracing evil. That is why an exchange of money and other valuables is considered as the only way to be set free, instead of going the long way.

This system has enabled corruption to evolve into ‘a normal’ occurrence when trying to settle an issue.

Unwillingness to follow the rule of Law

It is not that people don’t care about Kenya. They do care about it so much but the law that governs Kenyans is by itself very questionable.

One bloggers had this observation, “A Jubilee MP charged with rape released on Ksh 100,000 bail, a blogger criticizing the President released on Ksh 200,000 bail.” The two incidents put the justice systems on a question, to whom are they serving?

People just do not want to face the law because of such like incidents. And by so doing, we are playing in the hands of those who want to bring us down. Bad people have already adapted our game and now they are playing a dirty game against us. We wound rather change our tactics or loose peace forever.

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