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KDF – Waflay Post
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KDF To Stay In Somalia Till Further NOTICE

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mission in Somalia is still on, president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta said. This comes after a section of MPs said they want Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to pull out of Somalia following the raid at EL-Adde, which claimed unknown number of soldiers’ lives.

President Kenyatta said that pulling out of Somalia is like telling the world that Kenya has failed and terrorism has won. And that this will make it obvious that those KDF soldiers who have lost their lives in this conflict died for nothing. Kenya cannot allow this to happen!

Three presidents whose countries are battling terrorism, president Kenyatta of Kenya, president Buhari of Nigeria, and president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud of Somalia met yesterday and discussed ways of defeating terrorism and their commitment towards peace in their countries.

The president of Kenya vowed to continue pursuing the terrorists from their hideout until the Somalia would be strong enough to stand on its own. He said that Kenya will only be safe if peace and stability is fully experienced in the horn of Africa.

Their Somalia counterpart said that his country is in debt to Kenyans who have lost their lives during the struggle to liberate his country from terror menace.  He showed his commitment to make sure that all known terror cells in Somalia are eliminated.

According to the Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari, the issue of Boko Haram is till rampant in some part s of the country, but with military action in those regions, the country is moving towards peace and at the long run the terrorist will have nowhere to run or hide.

It is about ten days since the terrorists raided a KDF camp in Somalia and only a handful of information is out concerning that rundown and still the military has not released the findings. KDF families affected have only been promised to be informed of the proceedings but as they continue waiting, the more the anxiety.

With These Three Vices, Kenya Risk Losing Big In War Against Terror

The history of Kenya and politics makes it too vulnerable to terrorism. One thing we have to note is that in countries that have pledged to fight war against terror, the people on ground are so united. This unity makes it harder for terrorists to launch an attack against the people and this makes those countries somehow safer and strong. But here in Kenya, we have a few problems…

First, the country is run by ethnic affiliations not patriotism.

Tribalism is a term that most Kenyans understand much better. It is difficult to take a Kenyan from his tribe just as it is to take the jungle out of the wild animal.

Kenyans prefer being close to their own ethnic affiliation than how they would love to be there for the country. This is why they were ready to burn down the country because the elites in political arena had their own misunderstandings in 2007.

Tribal clashed are due to this stupid ethnicity and terrorists like being where the word peace has no true meaning.

Patriotism is all about standing for your country first before anything else. We rarely see this in Kenya because of tribalism.

Secondly, Kenya runs its economy on corruption,

Corrupt deals happen on daily basis in Kenya, and some going international for the sake of easy acquisition of something. It is sad that in a country that is at war against terror, we still have corrupt officials who only consider that a little of something as the perfect way to get easy riches.

Mega corrupt scandals are mentioned almost every day but the culprits are never arrested to be questioned or never face the law…. pushed so hard before investigation is launched against them.

Tax payers’ money being lost through the hands of a few individuals could have been used somewhere else for national defense and development. But since no one is truly willing to fight this vice, Kenyans have become so vulnerable to these attacks.

It is sad that corruption is so rampant in Kenya’s sensitive pillars of national security… and this is a major loophole that terrorists might manipulate to launch attacks against Kenyans.

The final point is don’t care Attitude,

In Kenya, it is not about being together as one, but being only close to those who cares about us. The sad reality is that we do not value humanity that much and rarely do we come together for the sake of uplifting each other. One thing for sure is that we only seems to unite whenever there is a tragedy. More often, when the middle class and the rich society are got in the mix…, but we do care-less when a commoner is suffering… This is one vulnerability that should be sealed off if we wanna win war against terror.

Oops! Kenya has never been serious in this war. Lets not lie to ourselves that there is a chance to get there in future. Unless we do away with these three vices, we are in for a bumpy ride.

Locals Seems To Love War: KDF Mission In Somalia Not Needed…

Let us learn something from Operation Linda Nchi -Kenya Defense Forces Mission in Somalia. This military operation was initially meant to destabilize terrorists’ operation command centers in Somalia and to secure the borders on the republic of Kenya.

According to then president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki military incursion in Somalia was necessary due to rampant kidnappings of foreign tourists by the suspected al-shabaab  Islamists along the border of Kenya and Somalia.

We now have to say that this operation was successful because the Islamic militants were forced to relocate to other pasts of the country after KDF soldiers landed in Kismayu, then operation command center for al-shabaab militants.

After that, Kenya has been working closely with the Somalia government and the peacekeeping mission has bore fruits since reports from within the war-ravaged country says that people are enjoying peace and business boom in town centers, including Mogadishu which was most hit town in Somalia.

Then, Kenya’s stay in the horn of Africa has been met with criticism from Somalia government saying that Kenyan Defense Forces are engaging in illegal activities in the country. First they accused the government of Kenya for meddling into the country politics and the formation of Jubaland  State Of Somalia an autonomous region in the southern part of the country under president Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe.

The UN then accused Kenya of collaborating with an enemy in smuggling of contraband goods through the Port of Kismayu to the military camps then sold locally in Kenya. Charcoal sales in Somalia was also mentioned, something that the military denied and launched self-investigation into those claims.

The more the stay in Somalia, the bigger the damage to KDF’s conduct and the worse it becomes of the result. This was recently experienced at el-adde when the al-shabaab terrorists overrun the Kenyan military camp that resulted into deaths of unknown number if KDF’s personnel.

The survivors said that the area residents were seen congratulating the terrorist and that before the rundown, residents seemed to have vanished from that area.

This account tells us that the Somalis inside Somalia do not want foreign military forces, and that they would rather live in agony with their own than to live in peace with a foreigner. In other words, peace is a narrative that has no meaning to these people. They have been in a state of war for over two decades and to them, peace is a confusing term that has no beneficial meaning to the locals.

80 KDF Families Affected After Terror Attack On Military Camp, Government Confirms

The number of KDF soldiers who died during the recent terror attack on their camp in Somalia is still unknown, as the government go hush hush about it all.

According to the secretary to the internal security docate, Joseph Nkaissery, the attackers suffered a lot during that Friday morning attack. In addition, al-shabaab Islamists carried out that deadly attack were all killed in action.

The ministry of defense said that the real figure will be made public only after the affected families have been notified.

According CS, Raychelle Omamo, 80 KDF families were affected and that plans are underway to hunt down al-shabaab fighters from their hideout in Somalia and in Kenya and have promised to eradicate terror in both countries. She said that every the islamists will pay for every Kenyan’s blood through terrorism activities in Kenya.

But people are asking, why should the security forces wait to be attacked before launching a counter attack against killers?

It has been a tale that remains unconfirmed if it is true that KDF are in Somalia for the sake Kenya’s security. Our men in uniforms seem to be playing a game that us—civilians, are not sure of. It has been years since KDF crossed into Somalia to fight terrorists that were suspected of kidnapping tourists in Kenya, especially in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

It has happened before and it will happen again!  Kenya Army will launch air strikes against al-shabaab insurgents strongholds in move to destroy active terror cells along the border.

The insurgents were forced to leave the Somalia port, Kismayu when the Kenyan forces landed and took control of the port city about three years ago.

The president said that this will not make Kenya to leave its mission in Somalia. Furthermore, he declared that this war has just taken another turn that will ensure that terrorists are no longer a menace in the country.

When Paramilitary Police Unit Roams On Our Streets

It is not funny but the reality on the ground. I have seen people being arrested, not by the regular police but by paramilitary service unit or the General Service unit in the police department GSU).

Well, that time has changed when we used to see the police carry out their duties without being assisted in performing its duty by. One wonders why this has happened and why let the venerated police unit roam on our streets like regular police.

In remember one politician saying that the current regime is trying to militarize the country. By then I thought what! These people are using politics to move the masses away from the security bill (now the law) and they just want to gain support to see that the said bill do not sail through.

Now I understand better after seeing the police force —which is known for dealing with uprisings in the country—now using their power to harass people walking on the streets.

Like in the resent arrests by this unit, they could arrest people for simple being in a group of three and more. It did not matter what topic they were discussing about, like a crime having to chat about anything including sports and games.

Why is the government doing this?
Insecurity in any given country can make leaders do something crazy to avoid further deaths and destruction of property.

In Kenya, we had lots of bloodshed in the country due to our fight against terrorism and the invasion of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in the neighboring Somalia. This prompted terrorists to retaliate, killing many people, rendering the country in security havoc.

Now this might be the counter measures that the government has put in place to safeguard the nation from acts of terrorism. A move to take the Kenya to its former status, peaceful country in the Eastern Africa.

In saddens me to see paramilitary police officers walking on our streets… but I think it is worth it, just for now.