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Kalonzo Musyoka – Waflay Post
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Wetang’ula Makes It Obvious that CORD Is In Trouble

The small cracks being witnessed in Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) party will eventually become a hole that will be so hard to seal off.

It only started as a small matter for indoor discussion and solved within the three preferable presidential flag-bearers, but as things have escaped into the public eye, someone else might start interfering with the setting and things might turn up loose and irreconcilable in the near future.

Although, the leaders have been categorical that  nothing is happen,Moses Wetang’ula‘s launch of the presidential bid that was disrupted a few weeks ago, is a clear indication that someone is trying to make it so obvious that  something is not right.

Recently, the secretary general for CORD coalition made it so simple for those not interested in the party. She said that if they feel they want to move or jump into another party, they are free to go.

Well, the members of the public who supports this party had a lot to think about. They termed that statement as a instrument that will lead to the downfall of the party. And that CORD will be unstable is one of the principals decides to leave.

In the history of Moses Wetang’ula, he has been in the previous governments for years because he is a man who can be bought cheaply. He was an avid supporter of KANU,and Moi even when the western people were supporting the opposition in very aspect.

Moses Wetang’ula was in Kibaki‘s government, together with the current president of the republic of Kenya during the darkest moment in the east African country.

Now, the only thing that comes in the minds of people is that, he is trying to jump fences to his preferable place—- join the ruling alliance— and see how favors stream in.

What he has forgotten is that, if he makes that move, then his desires to be the next president of Kenya will be doomed. Kenyans do not like people with double stands.

The fall of CORD coalition will mark the end of democracy in Kenya.

Party To Unify Western Kenya

Western Kenya has never had a leader who could unite all the sub-tribes that forms the Luhya community. The region which is largely Bantu speaking people is now moving towards forming a political party that would stand alone come 2017. The leaders from this region want to end subdivisions that have made it possible for other national leaders to exploit for their own good.

It has emerged that the leaders from Luhyaland are convinced that only unity amongst the sub-tribes would see people from Western Kenya get respect they deserve. Ranking second most populated region in Kenya, Luhya leaders wants to use the numbers to control Kenya’s politics.

The Mulembe(peace) people’s political stability by having ‘one say’ has always been hampered by greedy politicians who comes in to divide voters, leading to an intended individual to ascend into power. In many years, this division has been so evident and has caused Kenyans the true rise of the people’s choice.

In a recent function in Kakamega town, some Western Kenya leaders were skeptical about that move saying that it is not yet time for a few individuals to come up with an idea that intends to derail a strong movement that majority of people have already taken. And that is the wave of CORD coalition!

CORD coalition which was formed from three major political parties in Kenya, namely: ODM led by Raila Odinga, FORD-Kenya led by Moses Wetangula and WIPER’s Kalonzo Musyoka, has a good chance of taking the State House come 2017. But this is only possible if Western region will be strongly be behind the party’s flag-bearer.

The mechanism of having a one unifying political party is an ambitious plan that will later sell the whole region to undeserving presidential candidate. In politics, money talks as patriots walks! That is one thing that leaders of Mulembe community have to think about before pushing forward with the plans.

CORD Leaders: Democracy Starts At Home!

English: Raila Odinga - Prime Minister of Keny...

Raila Odinga, CORD leader, – Former Prime Minister of Kenya speaking at visit to Peace Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The stand-off in CORD’s party nominations and elections is a clear indication that democracy is truly on trial! As the people on the fence, we expected to see the man who is in the fore front in fight for democracy lead the way, starting with his own party, even when it means putting his political neck in a noose.

The CORD leader is the man who is known for standing for what is right. I guess many of you would say otherwise, but in my say, he has shown the power of understanding and humility where none expected him to. He has stood for what he believed to be right and even supported his political rivals into power, compromising his own chances of reaching there. In other words, a true patriot in our time!

However, every time we have party elections something else has stood out that goes contrary to what he fights for. Lack of democracy and transparency are two things that raises questions, as to why he is not in control of his own party. At least to show other political parties how the game should be played. So sad that ODM party elections have, in most cases, been marred with violence and chaos. The men in black have always played a bigger in whenever the party officials feels not ready to go ahead for real change.

Okay that aside, now that ODM is no longer standing alone, the bigger and powerful CORD coalition has internal wrangles that should be sorted out before election time or else, fall out and lose against to the ruling alliance, JAP.

The dilemma facing the three CORD leaders is the fact they have not agreed on who should be the flag bearer of the coalition party in two years time. Raila Odinga and his counterparts, Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetangula have been categorical that they all will appear on the ballot paper. Now, this puts CORD at the cross-road since they all need each other if they want to make it.

With three people understanding Kenya’s politics well, they should not let their ego take control, instead they have to do something that could lead to positive fruits. This is only possible if they let the party delegates to decide. A vote is the way to go.