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War On Terror, Is KDF Fighting Wrong War?

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great ...

Kenyan military personnel march to Camp Great White to participate in the opening ceremony for exercise Natural Fire 2006 conducted at Nginyang Village, Kenya, Aug. 7, 2006. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nic Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About two years ago, the Somalia parliament voted unanimously against Kenya Defense Forces in their country. They argued that KDF personnel are no longer needed in the country because the Somalia Army is strong enough to deal with Islamists causing havoc in the horn of Africa.

This prompted the world to come together and urged Kenya not to withdraw its forces in the country. They said that fragile peace and economic stability in Somalia is being experienced because the Kenyan Army is still active under the AU peacekeepers umbrella. And that terrorist, al-shabaab—affiliated with al-Qaeda, are on the run because of Kenya’s presence in Somalia.

Kenya was adamant that it would stay in Somalia until terrorism is no longer a threat in east Africa, and up to now, this stand has not been shaken by terrorism in the country.

The attacks targeting both civilians and security personnel have been the trend in Kenya in recent years, with most recent one being the attack on Kenyan military camp in Somalia where unknown number of KDF personnel lost there lives.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in his vocation in Mombasa, coastal region of Kenya, said that Kenya would not withdraw KDF from the horn of Africa until African Mission in Somalia is over. He later said that Kenyan security forces would make sure that those people behind the heinous crimes against Kenyans pay for every Kenyan bloodshed. In addition, that they will be hunted in all terrains, regions in day and night until the threat is eliminated.

But now Kenyans have began questioning why Kenya Defense Forces are still in Somalia, about two years since that fall of Kismayu from al-shabaab control! Reports from Somalia says that, a day before the Kenyan military camp was attacked, civilians living near that camp vanished. This means that people in Somalia are either assisting terrorists or they knew something before it happened.

For once, Kenyan intelligence system was got off-guard; the short question is, why? This story is just another story within a story. Damn!

War On Terror, Not Every Muslim Is A Terrorist…

English: The Muslim population of the world ma...

muslim prayer beads  The Muslim population of the world map by percentage of each country, according to the Pew Forum 2009 report on world Muslim populations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When a terrorist commits a crime against humanity, people tends not to seek for answers from an aggressor but from the whole Muslim community. This is so wrong!

We have to agree that most terrorists are affiliated to Islam but not all Muslims are terrorists. The Quran teachings forbid killings and this is why Islam is widely known as a religion of peace.

For many years, Christians and Muslims is in Kenya have shared a lot in terms of livelihood and commitments towards national peace.  But it so happens that now that al-shabaab terrorists have been targeting Kenyans, there are those who think negatively about the whole Muslim community…

Who hasn’t been affected by terrorism in Kenya?

By now, there is fear that some local people are assisting terrorists in Kenya. Amazingly, some people are quick to point a finger at Muslims because they believe that non-Muslims will not be willing to do this. However, in 2008 just after the bombing of an American Embassy in Nairobi CBD, notorious criminals were mentioned as to have engineered the whole process until the last-minute.

Another incident of terror that some local criminals were mentioned was on Westgate Shopping Mall, where the police report said that some most wanted persons helped al-shabaab terrorists in currying out that heinous crime.

In Short, terrorists are just criminals elements in the society that masquerade like religious men and women but if you take out religion from them, then you will only see a notorious criminal who doe not value life or humanity.

In countries where Muslims are the majority, terrorism activities do happen. This informs us that the people who are playing with our mind should not be called Muslims… How could  you kill your brother or sister and claim that the same religious book that they practice drove them to do exactly that?

Victimization of Muslims because of terrorism activities worldwide is not the right way in fighting the war against terror.

80 KDF Families Affected After Terror Attack On Military Camp, Government Confirms

The number of KDF soldiers who died during the recent terror attack on their camp in Somalia is still unknown, as the government go hush hush about it all.

According to the secretary to the internal security docate, Joseph Nkaissery, the attackers suffered a lot during that Friday morning attack. In addition, al-shabaab Islamists carried out that deadly attack were all killed in action.

The ministry of defense said that the real figure will be made public only after the affected families have been notified.

According CS, Raychelle Omamo, 80 KDF families were affected and that plans are underway to hunt down al-shabaab fighters from their hideout in Somalia and in Kenya and have promised to eradicate terror in both countries. She said that every the islamists will pay for every Kenyan’s blood through terrorism activities in Kenya.

But people are asking, why should the security forces wait to be attacked before launching a counter attack against killers?

It has been a tale that remains unconfirmed if it is true that KDF are in Somalia for the sake Kenya’s security. Our men in uniforms seem to be playing a game that us—civilians, are not sure of. It has been years since KDF crossed into Somalia to fight terrorists that were suspected of kidnapping tourists in Kenya, especially in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

It has happened before and it will happen again!  Kenya Army will launch air strikes against al-shabaab insurgents strongholds in move to destroy active terror cells along the border.

The insurgents were forced to leave the Somalia port, Kismayu when the Kenyan forces landed and took control of the port city about three years ago.

The president said that this will not make Kenya to leave its mission in Somalia. Furthermore, he declared that this war has just taken another turn that will ensure that terrorists are no longer a menace in the country.

Somalia Government Bans Public Christmas Celebrations

Somalia government bans public Christmas celebrations in the country. It has given a directive to the security forces to apprehend anyone who infringes with this simple but stern directive. The only place where Christian celebrations should be held is in private places—at home but not in hotels or in any organized gathering.

The government said that these celebrations go contrary to Muslim faith and that to make sure that Islam is not disrupted; they had to come up measures for that reason alone.

Foreigners staying in Somalia will not be allowed to mark this day freely unless they are away for locals and they do it quietly.

Christians in Somalia are not yet free hold public gatherings as this might cause security challenges as they would be the target for Islamists roaming freely in the country.

Somalia is a Muslim country and the authority is forced to by the laws of the nations to guard Muslim faith in every means possible. One reason being to impress the citizens, if not to allow Jihadists to win the people over such festivities, banned under Islamic teachings.

Understanding the problems in Somalia is something that foreigners, especially those in holiday in this newly building up country, should live with. For this reason, Christians should not be offended by this move.

In recent years, Somalia has been battling against jihadists in the capital, Mogadishu. Hotels have been the most targeted facilities and fatalities reported. al-Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for those heinous crimes. The Islamists blamed the government of Somalia for working closely with Christians.

Somalia is currently the only country in Africa runs under a religious belief. In other countries where Muslims form the highest percentage in their population, the counties have adapted non religious stands to allow other people to enjoy being part of the larger society.

Mandera’s Security Situation Wanting

There have been numerous attacks in this county ranging from gunmen taking innocent lives and explosives being hurled on some busy joints. But a worrying trend is the numbers of attacks which it’s very clear are directed to the county’s governor.

The recent attack was about five days ago where a grenade exploded on the governor’s convoy leaving three people dead. The scene of the attack was the same spot where 28 people were butchered by suspected Al-shaabab militants late last year.

The leaders in the county were angered by the Security Cabinet Secretary sentiments that the attack was not associated with terrorism but an attack by criminals. They felt that this was ignorance of the highest order and even called for his resignation due to the fact that he had done nothing in the previous attacks on the governor. The county commissioner was also faulted for not doing enough when it comes to security.

I think this is not the time to shift blames but a serious security system ought to be put in place to contain the already vulnerable situation. Bearing in mind that it seems that the governor’s life may be at stake here, the best that can be done is to ensure that nothing that happens that will bring along regrets. It should not end like the Kabete Member of Parliament who even after reporting to the police that he had received death threats, nothing was done and he was eventually murdered in cold blood.

The governor is a leader of the county of Mandera and if he is not secure then this means his people are also not safe. So those entitled with the security system ought to be up in arms and do something about this situation. Lack of security means ragging behind of the county in all sectors when it comes to development since even investors will tend to keep off.