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Islamic terrorism – Waflay Post
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80 KDF Families Affected After Terror Attack On Military Camp, Government Confirms

The number of KDF soldiers who died during the recent terror attack on their camp in Somalia is still unknown, as the government go hush hush about it all.

According to the secretary to the internal security docate, Joseph Nkaissery, the attackers suffered a lot during that Friday morning attack. In addition, al-shabaab Islamists carried out that deadly attack were all killed in action.

The ministry of defense said that the real figure will be made public only after the affected families have been notified.

According CS, Raychelle Omamo, 80 KDF families were affected and that plans are underway to hunt down al-shabaab fighters from their hideout in Somalia and in Kenya and have promised to eradicate terror in both countries. She said that every the islamists will pay for every Kenyan’s blood through terrorism activities in Kenya.

But people are asking, why should the security forces wait to be attacked before launching a counter attack against killers?

It has been a tale that remains unconfirmed if it is true that KDF are in Somalia for the sake Kenya’s security. Our men in uniforms seem to be playing a game that us—civilians, are not sure of. It has been years since KDF crossed into Somalia to fight terrorists that were suspected of kidnapping tourists in Kenya, especially in areas along Kenya-Somalia border.

It has happened before and it will happen again!  Kenya Army will launch air strikes against al-shabaab insurgents strongholds in move to destroy active terror cells along the border.

The insurgents were forced to leave the Somalia port, Kismayu when the Kenyan forces landed and took control of the port city about three years ago.

The president said that this will not make Kenya to leave its mission in Somalia. Furthermore, he declared that this war has just taken another turn that will ensure that terrorists are no longer a menace in the country.

Police Puts 8 Million Bounty On These Four…

2 million each for these terror suspects

2 million each for these terror suspects

Kenya—- The Kenya police have released the names and images of terrorists who attacked a Nairobi bound bus on 21 December last year.

The bus was attacked by four terrorist who ordered Muslims to identify themselves. But in a twist of an expected outcome, the lovers of humanity refused to obey. Three people were killed during that incident and others left with injuries.

The Inspector General of the police has warned that the four terror suspects are armed and dangerous. And have promised to give Ksh2 million shillings to anyone with information leading to the arrest of any of the four.

Mohamed Osman Aliow, Mohamed Ahmed Farah, Abdullahi Dimbil and Abukar Mohamed Yunis are suspected to be working closely with the mastermind of Garissa University massacre that left 148 people dead, last year. Gamaghere is the leader of al-shabaab faction that recently swore allegiance to ISIS, ditching the group that joined al-Qaeda four years back.

The police believe that the four suspects are still in Kenya, either in Mandera or Gassisa but they are still on the run to Somalia where their leaders are in hiding.

According to the IG of the police, the four are well known residents of Mandera; three of them were Madrassa teachers before joining the Somalia Islamists.

Else where, the police are holding a terror suspect who surrendered himself to the police after a raid in certain apartment in Lamu town and a cache of weapons recovered.

The area police said that they were following a tip off from someone but unfortunately, no one was arrested at the scene. The police also recovered several phones and a laptop, win which the police said owners were planning to make an IED that was supposed to be used in a terror attack.

The father to the suspect said that he persuaded his son to surrender after seeing his picture among the most wanted terror suspects in Lamu.


The Fight Against Terror Takes a Terrifying Twist

18811 Multi-Pronged Terror Attack3

18811 Multi-Pronged Terror Attack3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Terrorism and lawlessness in Kenya is not something to shy away about. We have had several cases of terror activities in the country and living in fear of these heinous attacks is a thing of the past.

In a country driven by political hate, tribalism and corruption, Kenya remains vulnerable to terrorism; sad that the society we live in just can’t create a conclusive environment for each and every one of us to live happily with one another. Instead, it has played the vital role for the lawless citizens and foreigners to divide Kenyans in political and religious lines.

Recently, the government issued a warning to all parents that children are new targets for terrorism activities. Intelligence service has confirmed that children as young as eight (8) years old are being radicalized in schools, Mosques and in youth groups.

The secretary to the ministry of internal security said that parents should take care of their children, adding that terrorists are using unsuspecting children to transport weapons and other illegal goods to avoid suspicion and arrest.

This came to light when a mother of the victim, 11 year old boy went missing after meeting with unknown individuals in a youth group. The grieving mother said that her son disappeared after he was promised one million shillings after accomplishing a terror mission— blowing up a hundred (100) people in a social place.

The single mother is now living in fear that her only (child) son is a terrorist. This is just one among many families whose children have been recruited by terrorists in Kenya.

Al-shabaab terror group has been targeting Kenyans as a way to remain a threat now and in future. Kenyan al-shabaab terrorists have curried out attacks in the country and pose a major threat to Kenya’s security forces and civilians than before. One militant, among the four, who targeted and killed 147 students in Garissa University, was a Kenyan law student. Others among the high ranking al-shabaab terrorists are known Kenyans believed to be hiding with their families in Boni forest-Lamu County.

An operation to flash out terrorists in Boni forest is still underway but hopefully it will bear fruits for peaceful Kenya. We only have to wait!



Islamic State Recruiting Followers in East Africa

The recent arrest of Ugandan nationals suspected of recruiting the willing jihadists for IS in east Africa has raised questions about the future of East Africa. The IS which was formed mainly for the purpose of creating an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq lost its ground and now labelled as a terrorism network with members all over the world. The fist report of its movement in Africa was brought into light in Libya after a series of attacks were reported during the Arab springs.

The arrested brothers are linked to the IS cell operating in East Africa and are accused of targeting Kenyans from North Eastern province who are then trafficked into Somalia for training then shipped to other countries top join the main IS fighting camps.

Nowadays, the IS terror group seems to be so much focused in recruiting new members from volatile regions in Africa because the people are desperate for change and willingness to be part of the doomed system.

In East Africa, the most affected countries are Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia for they are close to Somalia which has not had a functioning stable government for more than two decades.

Terrorists have attacked East African countries in many reported incidents and now that the IS is taking in new recruits from the vulnerable society, the threat against people in affected regions is becoming inevitable.

Why stop this menace,

A few years from now, if the governments in East Africa are not that keen on stopping the recruitment menace, then the whole region  will experience constant threats and worse if the terrorists choose to go for an Islamic State in East Africa.

With al shabaab terrorism wing already active in this region, other Islamic insurgents might join leading to a bigger threat in future. So the only perfect way to stop the evolution of future species of terrorism, the affected countries should join hand and work together for the common goal.

Currently, big secrets running from one country to another in the biggest problem in tackling terror threats. If we stop this, then terrorists will have nowhere to hide.

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Hard to Move on Smoothly

After hundreds of students were brutally murdered in Garissa public university, other students in other public university have been staying put with fear of such attacks being repeated in other public institutions. There was an unfortunate incident here in Nairobi in a certain public university where a transformer exploded and students mistakenly thought that it was an explosion of a grenade, something that has been a characteristic in a terrorist attack. So sad that one student died after jumping from the sixth floor in order to save his dear life.

The same situational fear was also experienced in another public university when students opted to keep off the institution’s hostels after there were rumors that there could be an impeding attack that would take place. These rumors had such an impact on the students who preferred to spend the night elsewhere for fear of falling victims to such heinous attacks.

These two incidents are a clear indication that the students feel insecure to move on and learn smoothly and so something ought to be done. I think the Government and the institution need to put security measures in place as their first responsibility too the students. Such an initiative will eliminate the issue of false rumors and a security vacuum that will make students act for the sake of their own safety. This will also ensure that the students act responsibly by giving any sort of information that may be creating fear of any form of uncertainties.

This will also ensure that nothing unusual will go unnoticed and the relevant action taken without having anyone getting scared. It’s also good to be on the lookout for any intelligence info that may go in a long way in preventing being caught unawares. We can’t afford to let fear hinder the smooth learning in the public institutions since the students feel that they may after all be the next target.