War On Terror, Not Every Muslim Is A Terrorist…

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muslim prayer beads  The Muslim population of the world map by percentage of each country, according to the Pew Forum 2009 report on world Muslim populations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When a terrorist commits a crime against humanity, people tends not to seek for answers from an aggressor but from the whole Muslim community. This is so wrong!

We have to agree that most terrorists are affiliated to Islam but not all Muslims are terrorists. The Quran teachings forbid killings and this is why Islam is widely known as a religion of peace.

For many years, Christians and Muslims is in Kenya have shared a lot in terms of livelihood and commitments towards national peace.  But it so happens that now that al-shabaab terrorists have been targeting Kenyans, there are those who think negatively about the whole Muslim community…

Who hasn’t been affected by terrorism in Kenya?

By now, there is fear that some local people are assisting terrorists in Kenya. Amazingly, some people are quick to point a finger at Muslims because they believe that non-Muslims will not be willing to do this. However, in 2008 just after the bombing of an American Embassy in Nairobi CBD, notorious criminals were mentioned as to have engineered the whole process until the last-minute.

Another incident of terror that some local criminals were mentioned was on Westgate Shopping Mall, where the police report said that some most wanted persons helped al-shabaab terrorists in currying out that heinous crime.

In Short, terrorists are just criminals elements in the society that masquerade like religious men and women but if you take out religion from them, then you will only see a notorious criminal who doe not value life or humanity.

In countries where Muslims are the majority, terrorism activities do happen. This informs us that the people who are playing with our mind should not be called Muslims… How could  you kill your brother or sister and claim that the same religious book that they practice drove them to do exactly that?

Victimization of Muslims because of terrorism activities worldwide is not the right way in fighting the war against terror.

How Youths Were Cheated Into Joining ISIL

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US Navy 041228-N-5345W-006 Operations Specialist 2nd Class Sherod Melvin looks through the crosshairs as he mans an M240 machine gun on the fantail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the terror beast ISIS, nowadays re-branded as ISIL, was taking over the two affected countries by storm, youths thought it was a new revolution that has come to in time. The terror group was like a camouflaged reality social group that was there to transform the whole world into a Kingdom, under one leader.

Yes! Media played a major role in youth radicalization. The reports about ISIL’s wealth, the military hardware and tech part encouraged youths to fight being part of this. In one way or another, the terrorists set the ball rolling, however, the world media took it from there for those interested.

In their young minds, many of them traveled to Syria and Iraq to be part of the new revolution. Barely did they get facts right that terrorism is not the same as conquest. Sad that once you are in, there is no way out— it is a matter of life and death.

Reports started emerging that some foreigners who are fighting under ISIL face major challenge from the locals. It is certain that the terror group recruited the willing bodies to die for the course that they hardly knew about.

For women foreign fighters, they are constantly under watch by the veterans. And in most cases, anyone who shows signs of weakness is cut off from the large group and killed.

It has also been noted that the majority of ISIL fighters on the front line are foreigners. This is one way of eliminating weaker sections that might lead to the group’s downfall.

Youths who are now major part of ISIL operations regret leaving good life behind as they sought for an adventure that disconnected them from the larger society.

The main vision for this multi billion terrorism group was first hidden from the larger affiliates; it seems that only a few individuals knew the motive of its formation. The unfortunate youths who joined this group blindly are dying for the course they barely knew about.

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