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Let This Fight Against Freedom of Expression Be Equal

The building blocks of greatness are simple things tolerable by the government towards its people. A good futuristic government should ensure that people who criticize it are not harmed by the authority, instead be given a chance to express themselves in a manner that could encourage change and development.

The government that targets its criticizers is not ready for change. So far, Kenyans bloggers walk on a tight rope, most hiding from the authority because of fear of arrest. This is not being taken well by the people of Kenya who currently depend mostly on bloggers for effective information and news.

Although the government denies involvement into blogger arrests, effort is being done on ground to ensure that freedom of expression is not infringed upon and that someone’s stand is appreciated.

We live in a free country, but it seems every word you write on Facebook, Twitter, Blog or in any social media platform in Kenya might land you into deep trouble. This is not freedom at all! This is government intolerance to criticism and a bridge way to failure.

Double stands being displayed by the government of Kenya of to its citizens is like a bulldog, which only target little kids with its big mouth, but runs away when a big boy comes in. The fact that when politicians use hateful language in a public gathering, no one goes for them there and then unless the public outcry forces them to act.

Big fishes have a way to go clean even when everyone knows that they are in the wrong. I wonder why the government is tolerant to such kind of people while junior citizens suffer a big deal when a facebook post is deemed malicious and there to create public unrest.

If the government is tough tough to deal with issues of public incitements, then everyone who uses freedom of speech for wrong reasons is brought to justice, irrespective of his or her status in the society.

Never Entertain a Body Bully…

Sometimes it is better to lose a good friend if the person you consider o be a friend always finds something to say about you that really heart….

Anyways, as long as you’re alive you are out to face all criticism on earth. There are those people who consider themselves as perfect beings created when God had free time to waste. Such people believe that speaking out there mind is the perfect way demean someone or because they do not want people whom they consider as ‘defective’ to be in their midst.

The word ‘fat’ means a lot in female gender than how it seems to be in male human species. However, we have characters that are out to harass someone because of their weight, acne, hair style, physical appearance and whatever. These people are also known as body bullies.

A body bully will look at you and give a negative comment on something just to make you feel demoralized or lose confidence in yourself. Such people only seem to like hurting other people because they know that is the only way to beat them.

In most cases, body bullies have nothing to show other than a cute face and a mouth to speak all trash on earth. In fact big failures are always recorded in such like people’s lifestyle.

If you believe in yourself, you will have high chances of beating body bullies in their own game. Each and everyone on us has that little weak point that when touched will leave much in one’s heart and mind.

By an unfortunate circumstance when you come face to face with someone with such a bad mouth, tell the person that you are already past that stage and that you have accepted yourself for who you are. Never allow yourself to fall into their trap. Because if you do, you will regret having born with whatever that makes you feel as a lesser person in life.


Internet Explorer Goes To Rest!

Finally, the tortoise is about to get a rest! After years of complains from users about speed and bug ridden Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the company has announced that the veteran web browser is going to be replaced by a faster and stable internet browser later this year.

The much anticipated Windows 10 which is expected to be launched sometime this year will come loaded with a new web browser, now in its initial stages according to Microsoft’s marketing chief, Chris Capossella.

Currently, Microsoft is looking for a name for the new web browser, now codenamed Project Spartan, to replace the aging the Internet Explorer.

The software company also revealed that it will not phase out its slow browser now running on windows platform because it wants users to choose between the two and decide what to go for.

Among the current four leading web browsers namely, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and the Microsoft’s IE, it is only IE that has issues with usability and efficiency. This is one reason why many people prefer to use other web browsers that are more secure and efficient to avoid unexpected outcomes.

Personally, I do not understand why Microsoft has in years been supporting ‘the best web browser in downloading a better browser.’ It has always been like this to me because I just can’t stand waiting for the internet browser to load what I request for.

Microsoft had that option for years since they launched there quick search engine— Bing, but they just never implemented what should have been the better option to stop windows users from running for other internet browsers.

With retirement of IE, I guess the company is moving away from the 19th to 21st century swift and stable software technology fit for the current generation.

Yes! I know you are happy that the tortoise will be replaced in Windows 10 scheduled to be launched later this year. What to do is to wait!



Violence and Graphic Images On Social Media

“The world is already evil, so what if evil takes over?” By Wendy Wu – Homecoming Warrior . With all happenings around the world, it is easy to surrender our mentality towards evils and say, “All is normal.” But no! We are mistaking our responsibilities for Earth to whatever evil minds are creating for us. We have good brains to see evil and say, “this is not good for others to see.” Unfortunately, we have trained our minds to accept something bad and even share with friends and family about the same. With our think hearts, we can not even feel that such materials can be sensitive to someone else.

This is tech-age and social media is the first hand channel for information and happenings around the world. We get first hand news from users before the mainstream news media houses picks it from there for an extended coverage and detailed information about how, when, where  and why kind of info. In case of terrorism, the graphics part is what keeps us divided into those who would be fine having them circulate freely on social media and those who would rather read, listen to and watch for censored images from mainstream media channels than see graphic images from users– the ugly side of the reality.

Then we have other social media users who would make it clear that they support evil! These are people who keeps on reminding other users that something ugly happened some place and the results. That is why we are used to seeing horrifying images popping up day to day. And worse if some is out to post such materials over and over again as a hobby.

Evil can not win if we make up our minds to reject its impact in our lives. We have to make decisions based on what is good for the whole world. Just like in a Hollywood movie named above, she had to make a decision to fight evil on her Homecoming day— and yes! The evil was defeated.


Celebrities Life and Gossips

It has always been on the norm for a celebrity to enjoy a lot of public attention concerning their life, what they are doing and their latest developments. A celebrity is ever noted everywhere even on the social media, like a simple tweet on twitter he/she gets favorited, retweets and overwhelming replies. Even their Facebook pages enjoy hefty number of followers. Everything about a celeb goes viral and this includes info concerning who is getting a divorce, who is getting married and who is about to have a baby.

There is always a lot of celebrity gossip going around such that they do not need even to give out any confirming reports concerning their lives since a small glimpse of info about them is expanded the more. Anything concerning a celeb whether true or false always finds its way to the media.

I remember sometime back, there was uproar in the social media about a certain celebrity choice of dressing saying that it was inappropriate given her Christian background. Nevertheless, some supported her choice of dressing saying it was for the right occasion.

Even a celebrity’s family is not left behind in anything concerning their life whereby you will find a celebrity being questioned about his/her daughter/son. This can for example be a celebrity who is a music artist can be asked why his/her child seems to be interested in something else other than music and how he/she feels about this.

But there are some who don’t take a false gossip lightly like for this case, a blogger who wrote a blog post concerning him and a looming divorce threat in his marriage due to his wife’s infidelity.

As much as celebs can be other peoples role models, the reason why their lives are open for the general public. Their position alone makes them to have such a publicity.