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insecurity – Waflay Post
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Holders of public office should behave responsibly

When we vote for our political leaders to represent us in the national government,it shows that we trust them to deliver services on our behalf since we know that they can perform as per our expectations.The same applies to the those others who under the president’s mandate are appointed to head the public institutions that we have in the country.

So them being up there,they should be our good ambassadors and carry out their obligations in a responsible manner.This means that they should not use their positions as a way of intimidation to get things done in their favor.They should respect everyone else including their juniors and should be ready to face consequences for any wrong doing.

But this is not always the case,like in this incident where a senior person in the judiciary harassed a junior staff in the shopping mall.The person in question felt that there was no need of undergoing a security check because of being in a senior position in the judiciary.There ensued confrontation with the judicial official threatening the unarmed security officer with a gun.

This caused a public outrage and a suspension tribunal was formed to look into the erratic behavior and the official was dismissed on grounds of misconduct since such actions went against the ethics of the judicial profession.The official eventually lost the job after investigations revealed the turn of events of the ugly incident and so the final verdict was that the official had to resign.

So had the official behaved responsibly and allow the routine security check,this would not have attracted such an ugly scenario that led to the loss of a job.Being humble is a trait that is worth possessing to avoid one finding himself/herself on the receiving end due to misconduct.Such public officers should know that they ought to be a good example in their way of conduct.

When Paramilitary Police Unit Roams On Our Streets

It is not funny but the reality on the ground. I have seen people being arrested, not by the regular police but by paramilitary service unit or the General Service unit in the police department GSU).

Well, that time has changed when we used to see the police carry out their duties without being assisted in performing its duty by. One wonders why this has happened and why let the venerated police unit roam on our streets like regular police.

In remember one politician saying that the current regime is trying to militarize the country. By then I thought what! These people are using politics to move the masses away from the security bill (now the law) and they just want to gain support to see that the said bill do not sail through.

Now I understand better after seeing the police force —which is known for dealing with uprisings in the country—now using their power to harass people walking on the streets.

Like in the resent arrests by this unit, they could arrest people for simple being in a group of three and more. It did not matter what topic they were discussing about, like a crime having to chat about anything including sports and games.

Why is the government doing this?
Insecurity in any given country can make leaders do something crazy to avoid further deaths and destruction of property.

In Kenya, we had lots of bloodshed in the country due to our fight against terrorism and the invasion of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in the neighboring Somalia. This prompted terrorists to retaliate, killing many people, rendering the country in security havoc.

Now this might be the counter measures that the government has put in place to safeguard the nation from acts of terrorism. A move to take the Kenya to its former status, peaceful country in the Eastern Africa.

In saddens me to see paramilitary police officers walking on our streets… but I think it is worth it, just for now.

Security Law Shuts Down Civil Society Activists

The land was becoming so encouraging with so many people embracing an idea of having a say in all current affairs and other related stories.

I like it when the land was free and the inhabitants enjoying the freedom of expression and voicing their opinions without fear of intimidation and law suits.

But now, it is either going anonymous or accepting fate as it come a time when we have to be careful not to land on the wrong side of our say; because someone just do not support freedom anymore.

Last time I checked active activism in Kenya was something everyone was willing to do, but in the latest incident eight civil society activists were arrested and till today, they are not yet out.

According to the Hughes & Coleman lawyer, their charges are bailable but the government just don’t wanna let them free. In fact, they are trying to fix them onto things they never did—- they were simply voicing their opinion on the controversial security Bill that is now a law.

In what I understand about any developing country like Kenya and other nations world wide, people should have freedom to have a say whenever the country is seen going astray or being led in wrongful direction.  But due to the spirit that runs deep in our veins, we just can’ allow someone to mock our efforts, our ignorance, our dirty trails, our weaknesses, our lacking wisdom and out outright failure.

As far national security is concerned, a peaceful demonstration is not a threat to other people and the government. It is just one way of showing respect to the law– peaceful, but agitating for something not in agreement with.

Some people believe in going on the streets if their grievances are met by a deaf ear. Others like I likes to have a say quietly by using the power of technology and a handful of ideas. We are all activists and should be respected by what we said out loud.

Arresting and detaining innocent people because of their opinion is something that even the law itself can’t back up. I understand the measures Kenya government is doing to solve insecurity, and threats to human life in Kenya. However, activists are not terrorists— real threats are out there in our midst and just awaiting to strike when the coast is clear.

We just can’t win the war against crimes but detaining innocent people!

Have Your Say

Photo courtesy of Daily Nation

It Is a Security Concern, But It Starts With an Individual To secure One’s Safety

Sometime last month, there have been cases of women accused of being indecently dressed being forcefully undressed. This attracted a huge public out roar with even demonstration held in solidarity with the victims.

The Deputy President also gave a stern warning to those responsible for such uncouth acts with a strong statement that nobody should dictate what women should wear. But I think one should look at it this way, how secure are you from such people even with your slogan ‘your dress your choice’

Even with all the negative publicity, that this had it was not to stop any sooner with the latest incident being experienced to a lady who lost cash and valuables. This incident has seen two matatu (public transport vehicle) crews being jailed, charged with robbery with violence with evidence being in a video that was uploaded in the social media something that may attract a death sentence according to the judge in charge of the case. Let us hope this ought to be a lesson to others out there who may contemplate of repeating the same crime.

But for you to make sure that you are safe, don’t dress in a scanty manner to avoid giving the culprits to do their thing. I consider such men, as sadists who think that undressing women is like fun and makes them feel good about themselves. Remember to be in the right dressing in the right place and by this I mean a bedroom dress should be left to the bedroom and not to a public situation and so one should not have a dress meant for other situations. By this way you are sure to secure your safety since it’s obvious that the police officer cannot always be there to protect you.

So don’t give the culprits a reason to humiliate you, however, I think the law in place will surely mend their evil minds.

The Joking Nation On Issues Affecting National Security

The final resting place for any joke is in the ribs of those who like it. However, not all jokes are posed for humorous ending, but some have lessons that the wise can see and feel.

Likewise, the country Kenya is a like a big joke that most citizens have put up with for the better time of their life. Nothing in Kenya is serious enough to bring out good outcome for the common good, instead Kenya runs on what I call, ‘white lies.’

Politics and Leadership

Since Kenya attained its internal rule or leadership, we have had serious people who were or have been serious to take the country to the next level-seriousness. Unfortunately, most of them did not live long enough to see their dream come true— politically assassinated, died mysteriously, or silenced from active politics.

Well that was then, and we should not dwell in the past; nowadays, we have some jokers running sensitive posts in the country!

The Fight against Corruption

For how long have we been in war against corruption? For those who do not know, we have been actively in arms against this vice since independence. This seems so unreal, right? So sad that we still rank in the same line as Somalia— a country that has not had a working government for the past twenty or more years.

What we like doing best is pretending that we are doing something but in real sense, a joke as usual.

The anti-corruption police unit is there to arrest people who encourage this vice, sad that it is like fighting the employer since the Kenya police has never ranked fairly on corruption index among the government institutions.

Security issues

Well, Kenya is an economic giant in Eastern and Central Africa, and ranks amongst the top performing African countries. I love this! However, this does not call for celebrations because we are still very far from being safe from internal or external aggression.

I cannot understand why we still have outdated defense machinery as best weapons in our armory. If our best air defense fighter planes are F-5s, then I guess we are riding on a big joke once more. Why don’t the president upgrade our defense weapons and hardware? Is it because Kenya is a country in a peaceful paradise? I hope you understand why I call this ‘a joke of a lifetime!’

I am amazed that we have powerful armed forces capable with dealing with dangers to the national security yet they do not have right tools for this job. Well, this must be a game of wits! The reason why the war on terror is becoming a tough game for our security team and law enforcement agents.

In conclusion, we have the power in our hands to make things right. It is upon us to do it right or die dreaming of a better Kenya. These big jokes are taking us nowhere; we should learn from our mistakes and move on to the next level.