Any Life is Important, Be It Of a Young Person or An Old Person

I was going through viewing conversations in twitter and the news of massacre of our KDF soldiers was still fresh in our minds. I came across a section of Kenyans complaining that yet another time the country has lost very young men in this mission of flushing out Alshabab from the region. They even went ahead and dared the president to take lead and have his son recruited in the force.

But then it was now clear that there are those Kenyans who felt that age should really matter when it comes to recruiting our men and women into the force and what’s more where vulnerable missions are concerned. On a clear note anybody’s life is important irrespective of age because if it’s under our control, we would definitely already have death chased from our midst. The soldiers in Somalia are in service for the sake of the entire country’s security.

May be those expressing what they think is best are out of the hot soup. So imagine a situation where your son calls and breaks the news of being posted in Somalia. Would you tell him to reject the offer on grounds that it was possible he will die young for being part of a sure death mission? It is true lives may have been lost in the hands of these militants but this should not be a discouragement to the fighting soldiers. But let’s look at it this way, so many people(the young and the old) lose their lives day in day out may it be accidents, sickness just to mention a few.

But then life is a sensitive issue to really come up with what may be better to happen to whom. Then something else, as human beings we tend to question things happening in our midst maybe due to fear or a feeling that it was not yet time.

Police Puts 8 Million Bounty On These Four…

2 million each for these terror suspects

2 million each for these terror suspects

Kenya—- The Kenya police have released the names and images of terrorists who attacked a Nairobi bound bus on 21 December last year.

The bus was attacked by four terrorist who ordered Muslims to identify themselves. But in a twist of an expected outcome, the lovers of humanity refused to obey. Three people were killed during that incident and others left with injuries.

The Inspector General of the police has warned that the four terror suspects are armed and dangerous. And have promised to give Ksh2 million shillings to anyone with information leading to the arrest of any of the four.

Mohamed Osman Aliow, Mohamed Ahmed Farah, Abdullahi Dimbil and Abukar Mohamed Yunis are suspected to be working closely with the mastermind of Garissa University massacre that left 148 people dead, last year. Gamaghere is the leader of al-shabaab faction that recently swore allegiance to ISIS, ditching the group that joined al-Qaeda four years back.

The police believe that the four suspects are still in Kenya, either in Mandera or Gassisa but they are still on the run to Somalia where their leaders are in hiding.

According to the IG of the police, the four are well known residents of Mandera; three of them were Madrassa teachers before joining the Somalia Islamists.

Else where, the police are holding a terror suspect who surrendered himself to the police after a raid in certain apartment in Lamu town and a cache of weapons recovered.

The area police said that they were following a tip off from someone but unfortunately, no one was arrested at the scene. The police also recovered several phones and a laptop, win which the police said owners were planning to make an IED that was supposed to be used in a terror attack.

The father to the suspect said that he persuaded his son to surrender after seeing his picture among the most wanted terror suspects in Lamu.


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