Are Refugees Terrorists Until Proven Innocent?

US Navy 990913-N-1350W-004 Anti-terrorism Trai...

US Navy 990913-N-1350W-004 Anti-terrorism Training Washington, D.C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The issue of terrorism, from either government or from the underworld movements, causes peace instability in the affected region.

For those who have energy and willingness to to go head to head with the opposing side, they takes weapons but the majority— mostly peace lovers— choose to move away in search for peace in other human inhabited lands as refugee or people looking for refuge from troublesome world.

However, these people face the worst in the hands of good people more than how the expect. Many of them end up dying in cold, in deep seas and mostly hunger gives them no chance to breath in freedom.

‘Hang in there; we’re coming to get you.’

World leaders around the world converge in closed-door meeting as they seek for means to burry these humans in an abyss of endless struggle. The only promise they are given is an encouragement to hang in there. However, as they do… the higher the chances that they will never reach the land they hoped for for there own future.

In peaceful people, the world sees terrorists first..

I have to say the issue of terrorism is so a global problem. We have to put our safety first because terrorist masquerades just like good people until the madness in them is given a chance to germinate and grow into reality. We do not wanna get victimized for these cowards, but should we treat everyone equally because of terror threat? Children suffering silently because their parents are all suspected to be terrorists until proven innocent!

It is a harsh world out there. Humans do not trust each other and children being taught to hate at their tender age. The way children are being treated by the world, this experience will forever haunt them. It is just so sad.  

A good Samaritan said this concerning Syrian Refugees.

It is not hopeless time just yet! We know that life is not fair but we hang on like never before. It is battle that each one of us has to take charge in if we wanna realize some positive outcome… treat a human being like you would wish to be treated, even when you don’t trust them!

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