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Human – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Why Humans Will Become Extinct Someday…

Have you ever considered that someday, humans will be faced with a threat of extinction? There are real signs that show that human beings are actually living the last portion of life on earth. Of course, scientists will not tell you this because of fear that they are not working very hard to solve mysteries evolving daily on our planet. Here is a secret, earth is dying! And here are the signs…

Global warming threats,

For those in lucky countries, they have not yet experienced this dangerous trend that is making human life much harder. Think about Tsunamis that have hit some countries including the US, Haiti, Philippines, and others.

In Africa, the world’s largest desert, Sahara, is enlarging due to effects of global warming. Reports have it that in some years to come, the whole sub Saharan land will be a desert. And if this really happens,  human beings will be forced to relocate to other survivable areas. And this will lead to..

Human Conflicts and War,

The venerated WW111 is still being brewed by world’s powerful notorious countries. The UN which should stay firm against inhumanity is watching helplessly as the Soviet Union merger up with China to terrorize weaker countries. The US and NATO allies on the other hand are like world police trying so hard to tame the menace that can erupt into large scale human suffering. With these two opposing forces ready for war any time, human life as at the mercy of time.  This is only when we side see terrorism world that is slowly taking on humanity in all means possible. Every country on earth is at risk of terror activities.

Technology going too far,

English: Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, Fran...

 Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientific discoveries come in two packages. One which has no big side effects to man and the other that is very beneficial but when it leaks out it becomes terror on earth. Think about nuclear plants in developed countries. The recent radiation leak in Fukushima nuclear smelting plant in Japan was met by the world that was not ready for that. Yes! The world was so worried that the affect country was forced to relocate its population from the affected area. Now, what can happen if all nuclear power plants and atomic bombs worldwide go uncontrolled and Boom!

One can argue that it is not possible for humans to become extinct. The Bible says that the end will come—I don’t know how other religious book say about this. Just think about it!

Wickedness: Complicated Human Brain

Diagram of human brain

Diagram of human brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does wicked human brain work? I have never fully understood how it works, and even the educated fellows only have theories that may help to explain how it works.

Take a terrorist for example; these people are mostly educated men and women who believe in extremism as a way of life.

They know very well that humanity exist but they do contrary to what they already know. Hurting people gives them joy and happiness, these people actually thrives in human misery and hopelessness.

One wonders how an educated mind can be easily radicalized into believing otherwise from what it already knows. How can it be convinced that a certain text which means something else… actually means the other way round and it agrees to that? I really do not understand it. And how they are driven into causing unspeakable atrocities in human race is just beyond human understanding…. Sadly these people are humans too, which makes it more difficult to grasp.

Wickedness is like a disease that feeds on humanity leaving the head with nothing useful other than an empty head, ready to be fed with anything. It is just sad to know that someone do feel bad because of success. And sometimes wicked feeling turns one into a monster of a man. The person could do anything to make sure other people do not have time to enjoy life. It does not matter how educated the person is, all he or she wants is to see someone in pain.

Inside the brain of a wicked fellow lie nothing but hatred! This hatred can be inborn— natural hatred to humanity— or enforced one, which sometimes known as radicalization. Nonetheless, it takes a willing brain to accept dirty ideologies into something so pure. This dirt drives a person to commit heinous crimes and make merry out of it. You wonder why? It is just so complicated…

Why The Need To Be Ready in Life

There is a well known saying in Bukusuland that goes, “Persevere like one milking the beast.” And in this life, this is why you have to learn to milk the beast.

In those days, there were many folklores that were passed on from one generation to another with core values being to educate the little minds about life.

People learnt a lot about our heroes and the beasts, popularly known as Kamanani (wild man eating giants that could turn into any form of an animal when targeting a human being). People passed on lessons from these stories, victories and failures and why both were very important in life.

One thing I learnt afterwards was that all those were just stories, forged by elite minds in my community to educate naughty young kids about things they would face in life and how to deal with some such like occurrences. Now let’s apply some…

Nowadays, almost every lesson comes in form of a temptation—from the media where we get all the news to life experience where we face it all. We have to struggle to get through it using necessary means known to man. Perseverance is part of life. Human skills come in handy when needed but all in all; you must learn to live with other people.

It is like a game of wits. You and your life against exposure you are in the midst. As you seek for smooth flow through a certain situation, you have to be very careful where you step because fire might be waiting for you right there. Just like in the case of my fore fathers against an unpredictable Linani (singular for Kamanani), they had to be vigilant and ready to fight for there lives.

It all starts with what you already know, what you have been through and what you think might be helpful when dealing with a certain situation. And remember, if you learn to adapt you will always excess.

When Children are Not Part OF the Relationship

A man once said that he has been married for over 10 years and he sat down with his wife and they both agreed that they were not gonna have any children. He said that they both have been looking forward to other things and what matters to them is go as their plans and goals. He further added that he still believes that she is the woman of his heart as they both work towards achieving their accomplishments.

This of course drew scores of reactions both negative and positive. Like for this lady, she said that this was unheard and was so far the wildest comment that she has ever heard. She said that she was sure that there was a problem with this man’s wife since no woman would wish to live with no child of her own.

Then this other man said such people are a wrong generation of human kind. He then posed this question, why were the two of them born? He said that having been born was only good that they reciprocate everything and give birth to kids of their own. He also said that it may be the couples decision though at times it becomes hard to understand a woman until you make a commitment to her.

It may seem odd for couples to be together and yet decide never to have children of their own but I think it all depends on individuals. Remember there are families fighting out there due to children lacking in the family. Let’s look at it like this; a marriage is like an institution that has to be worked out many times for it to turn out successfully. So what matters is a family happiness and this means that if there is happiness with no children involved then the relationship is good to go.

Racist Attacks, Are They Necessary?

Are we really one? If yes! Why is the world so divided along the race, color and through geographic locations? By now, I believe that people can make the world a better place by creating unity where none exit. By bridging a barrier that disrupt our existence and by calling one another by names, rather than by color or any other factor that disrespects human race.

If we talk of human race, we mean people on earth. If one person creates a problem on earth, everyone is to blame for everything that happens under our watch.

Think of about this! Why is it that a few countries may be slowly destroying our earth, but the whole world is called in a conference to seek for a way forward in dealing with the problem? It only means one thing, everyone is being affected and no one should be left behind as the solution is being sought after.

If this is a fact about life on earth, then why are people so divided? In my understanding we do not have super humans, we only have those who behave like they are immortal or much better than others. This is the problem that we need to deal with if the future of earth rests upon human and his or her activities.

Rampant racism mostly on social media is so appalling. I wonder why someone would make it his or her business to insult other internet users because of their geographical background. It hurts to see a human being with all common senses behaving badly while targeting a certain individual with insults… and other demeaning words. Damn! The same individual would expect to hear his or her call whenever there is a problem touching on humanity.

Superiority in human race should be something of the past. The world we live in is not that big as it seems. Technology we have has already made it possible for humans from all walks of life to come together, why is it so difficult to make it a reality?

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