Walking out is not the solution

When we talk of a leader, we know this is an individual with something outstanding that makes him or her stand out fit to lead others. Then a leader has the trust of the majority who believes that he or she has what it takes to be followed. But then being a leader is a task that may take toll on anyone’s life because in this case you are now the head of so many people who may want you to this for them today, tomorrow something else so imagine how hectic this can be.

So a few days ago, there was an executive meeting with senior officials in the government discussing certain issue. But then in the due course of the meeting, on official supposedly walked out in protest of what seemed like ideas which he felt were misplaced or even something that he thought is not in the best interests of everyone. May be in his capacity he felt justified to convey his unsupportive stand, right in the eyes of everyone.

But then as a leader, I think just like your followers take time to listen to you, you should also listen to what others have to say. He ought to have stayed and listen to the controversial forum which according to him only meant to force those who think it’s the right thing to do even when others are comfortable to remain the same.

So the best he would have done is to remain in attendance in the meeting and still give suggestions to what he thinks is best. That’s why we have leaders who become our eyes and ears kept open to do things policy wise on our behalf. A good leader should always be ready for anything and ought to know what to do with situations that one thinks do not call for ones support. We are all human beings and as such are entitled to freedom of choice.

Early Forced Marriage, Small Girl Sold Off For Kshs 20,000

Criticism about the Azeri society tradition fr...

Criticism about the Azeri society tradition from domestic violence to the social and political participation of women in community (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The saying that ‘a human being has no price’ might mean that there is no particular price tag on human beings. However, in business world, everything and I mean everything on earth has a price… one only need to weigh how much is worth for that particular thing or being.

In recent shocking news now trending in my beautiful country Kenya, a form two girl was sold for Kshs20, 000 to a desperate person who was looking for a wife.

Condemning this incident, the chief said that parents who took the bait and accepted money for the girl are going to face the law and that the man will pay for his crimes.

According to the head teacher of the High School the girl was schooling, the girl was a hardworking student in class and very active sporting activities.

The manhunt has been going on in search for her where about and the man behind her kidnapping.

It has emerged that the parents received Kshs 20,000 form the suspect as dowry and allowed the man to go with the girl as his new wife.

The sad reality is that, the man that only identified as the motorcycle-passenger service operator knew very well that the missing girl is below the age of 18, a minor according to the constitution of the republic of Kenya, but he willingly lured her parents and made away with her.

Poverty fueling early marriages,

This incident has caused uproar in the whole country and now people are blaming the poverty as the main reason why desperate parents are sacrificing their daughters for money and other riches.

In pastoral communities in Kenya, some incidents of early forced marriages happen and go unnoticed because people on understands this as ‘normal occurrence’ and never go questioning the decisions made on behalf of the welfare of the family.

When To Call For An Action…

There man who said will love you, adore you and be there for you for better and for worse, just stopped being true to you and to his words… You look into how time has change both of you and you realize that something actually started acting weird from the first day on.

In love you ignored those slight indicators of doom and now you have no choice but to face it all, once and for all. The questions pops up in your already confused mind, how would you approach the topic? What if you’re wrong about him? What if your fear becomes the reality, will you be ready to live with it?

Oops! In such a scenario, it is better to clear all doubts before facing the beast in your mind. It is your responsibility to make sound judgment and act upon things that might infringe your life and remain permanently there. Living with a family member is always easier because blood relationship sometimes plays its magic, whereas staying with a stranger that you came into your life because of inner feelings or love is sometimes very difficult. Be strong enough and face the reality before things gets out of hand.

Fear sometimes is in itself a problem that human beings should face. It is a fearful heart that sees a burning fire and ignores it until it reaches a point of no return. You may not want to be in such a situation. A fool in your own wisdom! A novice in this game called love. Remember, in this game there is only one option… you are either truly loved or you are his trophy partner for some hidden reasons.

Why wait for the wind to tell its story, when you can be the story? In this case, do not let the world tell you that this and that is happening behind your back. Be there and watch it unfold in your own easy. A person who loves you will face his ways of life and if possible, apologize… but a wayward don’t care person will do just the opposite.

Anyway, it is your choice to either know the truth or play naivety for the sake of your relationship.

Salgaa Black Spot

When you type in Salgaa in your search engine, there is nothing more to expect other than horrific images of vehicles that have been involved in accidents in that area.

Yesterday, only two hours in the new year 2016, five people perished at that spot when their saloon car they were travelling in lost controlled and collided head on with passenger service bus travelling from Bungoma to Nairobi. The police report says that none of the passengers in the bus were injured.

This place has taken many people’s lives than any other black spot in Kenya…. The police commandant in Salgaa has warned that those drivers who break traffic rules will be impounded and their licences confiscated forever.

Recently, the traffic police report said that people are using personal and private vehicles to ferry people from one place to another with a licence to do such kind of business. The report said that many accidents involving personal cars were found  to have been running an unlicensed business and that they have already launched an investigation to arrest others who are doing this kind of business.

Warning drivers during December holiday and festivities, the CS for internal security said that the police have been instructed to arrest anyone who disobeys traffic rules and that such people will be in for a surprise if they think those rules are useless.

Salgaa being known black spot… and a road sign is there to warn drivers to be very careful while driving around that area, people are still dying of road accidents there. This is not good because it means either the police manning road blocks at that area are taking something for granted or the drivers do not understand the meaning of a BLACK SPOT.

There is something that need to be done to avoid accidents at Salgaa and other known black spots in Kenya. I can only suggest an expansion of the road near those places and erect speed pumps along the road. This way, the drivers will have no option but to obey road safety regulation and for safe journey for all road users.

Calf With Human HEAD Shocks Meru Residents

Scientifically speaking it is possible for human cells to fuse with an animal cell and give rise to an ‘animan’ — give it a scientific name.

Meru, Kenya is on the world map for this recent birth of a calf with human head

A local farmer was shocked to see the newest member in his farm. The cow gave birth to a calf that its head looked somehow identical to that of a human being. Now it has become the talk of the nation because this is something considered as bad omen to the whole village.

Obviously, villagers are still in shock and some are still wondering what really happened for such a calf to be like it is. Majority are saying that a man had canal knowledge with the cow but for some, only an act of God can bring out such humanoid.

According to some elders, young men have lost the sense of thinking right and that they are going for animal sex to quench their thirst of ‘need’ other than to look for their fellow human beings.

Other communities have not been left out either. Some are calling for an animal sacrifice and the ‘animan’ burned into ashes.

Amazingly, none of these wonderful creatures grow up into maturity. They die too young or never survive hours after birth.

The internet if full of such stories, with some dating back in time… The recent ones have been as shocking as that from Meru, Kenya but after all it is an occurrence that has happened before will continue happening in future.

In ancient stories, we have heard of similar occurrences, mentioning creatures like Minotaur which was fierce humanoid characterized by its strength and physical appearance, popularly referred to as ‘half bull half man’.

In other stories, such like creatures were very helpful to man and they made a big deal in the communities.


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