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Human – Waflay Post
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How To Stay Happy In Life

Human life is never complete if a strain of happiness is not in the mix. This is for sure the defining moment for most people on earth. Happiness is a state in mind where someone feels at peace, with nothing much to worry about other than to create more happiness in future.

Well, it is great to feel that warmth in heart but remember happiness and sadness are two opposite things that like walking almost hand in hand. Why?

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them..” by Steve Maraboli

The fact that you are alive means that anything can cause sadness in your life. There are so many things that make one unhappy in life. Oops! Not the time to go in details how sadness is spread in someone’s life, I do know that you are already aware of some external forces that messes up with someone’s inner peace and creates a vacuum that sadness likes to occupy from there on.

While you are still pondering on factors that might result into unhappiness, let’s focus our mind in human life, especially on the positive side of life. What defines happiness in your life?

I happened to be in a certain function where the speaker asked this question. The first two people who gave their answers based their thoughts on money and riches. Well, they were accepted as the best answers that most people go for. However, he highlighted reasons why people are easily driven by these two, and finally said that for one to have total happiness, he or she must accept who they are and built the base from there.

Happiness itself is a process that needs constant positive approaches to problems that comes along and ways of handling them successfully. Just be honest with yourself and never postpone anything that comes your way. Life itself is complete as is, why postpone a problem till the future that you do not know?

Carrying The Blame Alone…

The burden seems so huge if not shared with a close person in your life. This is life! And this makes humans vulnerable to anything that comes their way. Things are not always smooth, especially when you like mingling with people from other sides of life.

While you are careful on how you conduct yourself, there are high chances that a problem will come for your when you least expect anything to turn your mind from constructive way of life.

When it happens, you know very well that you are good, innocent and deserves to free sail through, then what would be your nest obligation?

Here, you better be wise! There is nothing great than being calm and taking the problem head on. Anger hurts, taints your struggle for freedom and ugly that it might turn nasty if you do not control the situation in time.

While you try to maintain your innocence, the better way of handling an outcome of a situation is by entertaining both criticism and praises.  Just do not let the negativity take the bigger share and leave baseless for counter attack.

The moment you agree in your mind that you are in so deep, the situation becomes less worrying and other avenues of escape will definitely show up. That is when you take the better, fine, and enjoyable route to your freedom.

Oops! Do not celebrate yet. Life and negativity in life do not let go that easily. You have to make someone else believe that you are good to go and that you own nothing about the blame.

Well, do not rush for freedom… little by little makes peace than hurry hurry which dooms every move you make. And things may turn out bad if you make hasty moves in a situation that needs slow deals.

As it is, you better stay safe and free from blame… but when the problem finds you, be a human enough and handle it with wisdom.

It’s my nature

English: A metaphorical visualization of the w...

A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being anyone’s nature means some sort of qualities or characteristic that one has. I think it may encompass the emotional expressions like anger or happiness or even personal qualities like kindness or cruelty. So for anyone to talk of his or her nature is more of something he or she cannot change and will always be like that. For example there are people who will always look very angry thus unpopular to the fact that many people will tend to avoid them for fear of coming head on with this anger facial expression.

I remember a day I was in a school meeting and as parents we are introduced to a new staff member and the parents frankly wondered if she would be able to handle their grievances given the seriousness look on her face which made her look angry.

As she stood up to address the parents, she is friendly to work with and they should just assume the nature of her looking a bit serious. But just out of curiosity, is it true that sometimes what we take to be a nature thing may send totally different signals of who we really are.

But then a smile makes us beautiful and so if it’s your nature to smile then the best it is for you. Then something else, as human beings its true we tend to hide in this my nature situation depending on the prevailing circumstances. This means we can still change our usual looks to fit in what we are going through.

But what of kindness, harshness or cruelty, these are qualities that are encompassed in the ‘my nature scenario’ but they are more of someone’s choice. It’s obvious to hear people talk of someone with a good heart meaning easy to deal with but vice versa for someone in the opposite side of  having a good heart.



There is swahili saying that goes ‘Hasira hasara’ and interpreting it further meaning anger accompanies itself with destruction or a loss. We all get angry but what matters is to what extent or whether you have allowed it to consume the better part of us. Anger is an emotion that requires anyone to control himself or herself before it can lead to something undesirable. Anger makes people to end up fighting and especially if those involved feel they are meant to really carry the day.

I remember a time when I was very angry that I was putting sugar in my food instead of some salt only to realizing after cooling down a bit .I think anger just makes one forget what sanity is and just makes one to react in a reckless manner.

We have heard incidents where some parents have gone ahead to severely beat up their children of seriously injuring them yet in the name of just punishing them for the wrong done. But what happens is a parent will absent mindedly beat up a child only to realize when it’s too late that they have caused them physical harm. So such a parent will end up incurring other unplanned expenses to take the child to the hospital for medical check-up all because of allowing inner saturation in anger.

As human beings it can be a lie to say that we can live without getting angry because as long as we are mingling with one another then getting angry at times is definitely possible. So we ought to be cautious not to allow anger to define our course of actions. Let’s be critical thinkers even when angry because if you stop even for a second, you surely get a sane way forward. Let’s not make rush decisions in anger because whatever follows is not something that we would have desired to get or have.

How Youths’ Inner Drive Define Their Behaviors

As we go on seeking for solutions to the problems we are having in our youths, especially those in universities and in urban high school, we need to understand the nature of these youths. In every human being, there is one factor in their mind that controls what they are and what they will become in future.

The nature of students vary from one person to another,

The obedient type,

Well, these are youths who just follow instructions from his peers without questioning about the out come. These people only want to have a place where they would feel at home— even when it means doing wrong things, just to impress his or her peers.

The obedient type youths ends up regretting everything they have done and this might either lead to self change become worse as revenge to those who misled them— usually, the person would wish to negatively influence other people to go astray just because of guilt.

The self seeker,

In this world, we have people who do not really understand why they are alive. If a youthful person does not know the reason why he or she is alive, this may lead the person to start looking for selfness or self worthy in the society. For this person, everything is all about learning the hard way and those things that the society is against becomes the favorite go. If the situation is not kept under control, the feeling of selflessness may lead to disastrous outcome to this person’s life.

The naughty by nature,

Well, these are people who mislead others just to have fun. They have almost everything in life and they use their power to influence others negatively.

These people may not have been raised in a don’t-care family, but something within them pushes them to do all kinds evil.

To them, being in control is part of life and would do anything possible to stay in that chosen lifestyle.

The conservative type,

Now, these are youths who understand the meaning of life. They can’t fall into traps easily because their minds are always searching for answers. These people think more about their future and would be wiling to go an extra mile to reach for their dreams.

This category of youths hates evil and they have no time to entertain it…

Now I guess you understand youths much better. Parents have nothing to do with how their children would behave in later stages in life. Youths choose their destiny due to that inner drive that makes who they are.