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Human trafficking – Waflay Post
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Albino Twins Rescued From Suspected Human Traffickers

Afro brazilian albino pride

Afro brazilian albino pride (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The recent incident where a mother all most lost her albino twins to suspected human traffickers is a clear indication that our children are not safe in our society.

This incident happened in Dagoretti, Nairobi county where a mother almost transferred custody of her children to unknown individuals after signing adoption documents without going through them to verify the alleged ‘sponsorship; claims.

According to her, she was hurriedly signed the documents because the two individuals promised to provide her children with all needs till they are old enough to cater for themselves. The deal was so good that she gave in so easily because her financial needs are far beyond her earnings. Obviously, she thought her prayers were being answered.

It was the day they came to take her children away that she became aware of what was happening before her eyes. Through her effort and well wishers, they were able to rescue the two children with albinism from their abductors. In fact, that was when she read through the documents she signed–a raw deal that she yoked herself into.

The two suspects were arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping and human trafficking.

In recent years, cases of kidnapping persons born without skin pigmentation have been on the rise in East Africa with Tanzania being the final destination. The victims end up being killed for their body parts that are allegedly vital in making witchcraft brews and concoctions. With the black market price attracting about $75,000 for a whole albino body, this illegal business is still rampant even when strict measures are in place to curb this vice.

To the parents, the area chief said that this was not the first case reported about dubious sponsorship and adoption claims. He warned that before signing any document one should be sure about the deal before putting the signature down on paper. Oh yes! When the deal seems so good, think twice.


Morgue Blamed Over The Missing Twin Babies

fraternal twins

fraternal twins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An inquiry has been forced to check the conduct of the Kenya’s largest Maternity Hospital, Pumwani, after the disappearance of twins last month.

Allegedly, a female patient delivered twins in the hospital but it later emerged that her babies died under mysterious circumstances.

According to the affected family, the new mother said that the first kid did not cry after delivery and that the baby had difficulty in breathing. She continued to say that the midwives took the child to medical check up but was later informed that the child passed on. However the second child was fine when it was taken away but it turned out to be the same ugly ending when she needed to see her babies.

The family had no choice but to go for DNA check up to see if it was true that her babies were indeed dead. That was when it emerged that the babies that were allegedly dead were not twins and the complainants were not biological parents.

Now the game has shifted from its initial stage to another high profile level. The Pumwani Maternity Hospital has switched the blame to the morgue where the bodies were being kept. The hospital has blamed the morgue attendants of switching the identity of the twins for unknown bodies.

As it is now, the atrocities committed by the hospital staff will never face the law since someone is playing smart in this issue.

This is not the first time that the hospital has been in lime light of over missing new born babies. At one time, the maternity hospital was accused of selling children to unknown ring of human traffickers. But since there was no one to press charges against the popular maternity hospital, the rogue staff posing as qualified midwives survived and my guess is they have started human trade again.

Recently, human trafficking report accused Kenya of being the main route for people who do this business. Now it is evident that some people are taking advantage of this situation to enrich themselves through this illegal business.

Human Traffickers Arrested

Human Trafficking In Persons Report Map, 2009.

Human Trafficking In Persons Report Map, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The government which allows loopholes into legal businesses in not good enough to be trusted by the people!

It so happens that majority of people taking part in illegal trade are well know members of the society but some immune to the law which should serve all irrespective of their statuses in the country.

Recently, there was a public outcry that Kenya is the highway for illegal trade. Majority of those arrested came from West Africa— they were got trafficking drugs, elephant and rhino trophies and even innocent unsuspecting humans, mostly small children.

The ring of human traffickers is deep rooted in the society. The midwives in some clinics and rogue public health workers are doing this business behind victim’s knowledge. In most cases, they work closely with people who buy and sell children as middlemen.

In the most recent incident, the Kenya police officers arrested a group of women suspected in human trafficking racket in Nairobi area. The seven were arrested when members of the public demanded to see the baby born a day earlier. It was then that the mother took them to the midwife, who handled her delivery, and another woman suspected to be the broker who was later arrested in connection to the missing infant.

The police in their report said that the channel of human trafficking goes deeper that what they through. They confirmed that have already identified the suspected and other people in connection to this illegal business happening daily in Kenya. Three of the suspects are said to have come from the lake city Kisumu and others are from Nairobi. The big fish in this trade is yet to be identified but the police are still investigating links that might unravel the truth.

The UN named Kenya’s Port as the main illegal operations point for most drug and human traffickers. Even thought the country is doing a lot to curb the menace, rogue port officials are so corrupt that they can do anything for a small pay.