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Human-rights – Waflay Post
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Carrying The Blame Alone…

The burden seems so huge if not shared with a close person in your life. This is life! And this makes humans vulnerable to anything that comes their way. Things are not always smooth, especially when you like mingling with people from other sides of life.

While you are careful on how you conduct yourself, there are high chances that a problem will come for your when you least expect anything to turn your mind from constructive way of life.

When it happens, you know very well that you are good, innocent and deserves to free sail through, then what would be your nest obligation?

Here, you better be wise! There is nothing great than being calm and taking the problem head on. Anger hurts, taints your struggle for freedom and ugly that it might turn nasty if you do not control the situation in time.

While you try to maintain your innocence, the better way of handling an outcome of a situation is by entertaining both criticism and praises.  Just do not let the negativity take the bigger share and leave baseless for counter attack.

The moment you agree in your mind that you are in so deep, the situation becomes less worrying and other avenues of escape will definitely show up. That is when you take the better, fine, and enjoyable route to your freedom.

Oops! Do not celebrate yet. Life and negativity in life do not let go that easily. You have to make someone else believe that you are good to go and that you own nothing about the blame.

Well, do not rush for freedom… little by little makes peace than hurry hurry which dooms every move you make. And things may turn out bad if you make hasty moves in a situation that needs slow deals.

As it is, you better stay safe and free from blame… but when the problem finds you, be a human enough and handle it with wisdom.

How Kenyans Seems To Underestimate Violence…

When a politician makes inciting statement in the public gathering, and the crowd responds by clapping, whistling and making positive remarks confirming that they do agree with that, who is to blame?

In Kenya we have rules that should be adhered to when one is talking in public or on registered media channels. The person should not incite the public or use certain terms to direct political assault to a certain community.

It is sad that because of our barbaric way of life and love for violence, we do not respond negatively to inciteful statements. Just a simple walk away will do… or when you are waiting for your favorite speaker, booing will do.

People who love violence would be there to laugh on serious matters. Why wait for the authority to tell you what to do?

It has happened that, the public or people on ground are always ready to defend a bad leader.  Kenyans are ready to stand by the rot in every means possible. This is why tribalism is way too engraved in our heart and mind that whenever an individual is faced with incitement claims, the whole ethnic lot will be there to support the person even when they know it is wrong.

Why treat an individual as is,

A person in his cool mind should be focused in doing good, not for the sake of his own benefit but for the better good for humanity. Supporting violence does not make one mighty. In fact it makes you look foolish in the eyes of those who care for the people.

A person was born alone. This person may be having you as his supporter but he does not care about you or humanity as whole. If he or she can speak dirt to someone else, then why not speak the same about when he is with other people?  This is a challenge to all Kenyans who loves violence and inciting remarks— You better think twice because politics is always like time, at one time it favors you and in another time it forces you to run.

Walk away!

When Human Rights Activists Behave Badly

To some of us, pretence is the best cloud to hide our sins. Every one of us has had that moment where saintly behaviors just vanish from the reality and what is left is nothing other than the perfect image of who we are. This goes to human right defenders, or activists.

Not long time back, a human rights activist was arrested and charged in court for assaulting his wife together with the school head teacher for reasons he could not divulge. According to him, he is above the law and no court in Kenya can handle him. The case is still in court as investigations are still underway to know why he did it.

In another incident, a famous political activist and also a human rights activist said he can’t work together with other activism groups because the people in those small organizations are poor. In simple words, he is above their league and nothing should make him bend so low.

Oops! Another person, a youthful human rights defender, is known for his insults directed to people from Mount Kenya region. He being from the opposition party thinks that directing abusive terms to those who support the ruling government is the only way to hit the hurting mark. I wonder why but maybe, that is how he is trying to gain popularity.

As I understand about human rights activism, the government sometimes wonders off from the law do things hurtful to common man, and this is why we need people to keep it on track. That is why we have rights activists. However, in Kenya it seems we lack people with good will to do this for the sake of the weak in society. Activists that we have are nothing but pretenders looking for an easy catch. The people who can’t help anyone but only known to be there when we do not need them.

Sad That History Might Repeat Itself

The word was once seen on social media. I know everyone was like; human rights are here to guard buggy mouths and quick pens after the spillage has happened. But when you hear the same thing in real life, you will come to rethink your recent views and see the reality on the ground.

The message was simple, ‘If Bungoma senator, Moses Wetangula, vacates office due to corruption allegation and other malpractices experienced in Bungoma by-elections, then the ethnic Kikuyu residents in the region will be forced to vacate or evicted. But why, are they not Kenyans?

This came to pass and those who said this walked in dim light until someone else was heard shouting that, ‘In 2017 general elections, we will not beg for what we want but we will forcefully take what we need. We won’t listen to peace calls if they think stealing our votes is the only way to determine presidents of Kenya.’

These two individuals are strong supporters of CORD coalition, the party that came second in 2013 disputed presidential elections. She we be worried of possible political violence come 2017?

Kenya is running on a very tiny line that only needs prayers to determine its possible ending. We have those people who are still in refugee camps after post election violence that the whole country experienced in 2007. The bitter story they give only hints of bitterness they still have years after the dark moments in the country. Even though Jubilee government said that it has compensated those who were displaced in that chaotic time, they real internally displaced persons are still suffering.

I wonder why the government is doing almost nothing to end blame games among the tribes that forms the people of Kenya. The hatred amongst the people is something that should be dealt with for possible free and fair and understandable defeat general election come 2017.

I hate this kind of lifestyle where there is always tension whenever elections are held in the country. When will this madness ever end?

Anger and Hatred In World Politics

English: Virtual reality - Second Life - Non-h...

anger and hatred (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone is dying to hear bad news from Kenya, but why? It seems he was enjoying every moment when Kenyans were dying from terror attacks. We know that business people run this world… including terrorism world. Something is so fishy here!

Does Kenya know something that might jeopardize his political world? Is attacking Kenya the only way to remain clean even when Kenya fights back? How is the hatred helping his presidential bid?

The world is a very tiny sphere. Technology has made it so easy for humans to speak one language, communicate freely and even travel in virtual reality to other countries and even living the life away from the reality. This has also transformed world politics and this means unity is not as difficult as it used to. But if someone things he can change the world through hate, then I guess that person is not fit to lead other humans to betterment.

Oops! The picture the drowned small child is circulating on social media sites because the world is tired of political hatred. There are reasons; genuine reasons why people choose to seek for a better life in other countries.

Kenya was good enough to welcome refugees from different countries who were seeking for a peaceful heaven on earth that seemed so dangerous for human life. That is the spirit! That is why we are humans, and that is why hospitality should always be the determining factor when handling a human being. But if someone says he will deport people from his country because of hate, then the fight to minimize political deaths is not going to be successful.

The world itself cannot be a better place if politicians use their power to manipulate the pillars of love. Hatred cannot be the way if humanity means something in this world. We all need something from one another. Someone you despise might be the only way for you to reach your goals. And that someone might be the broadway to your downfall. Before you run your mouth, better think of the consequences or else you lose at the end.