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Funny How Some Men Get Married!

This man shared with his peers how he ended up getting into marriage with his wife of about 8 years now. He said that he was sort of dating but was somehow involved with three different women and he had told each of them that he was gonna marry them. He was oblivious that he had to make a choice because there was no way that he was going to commit to the three women.

Then one day he was travelling to his parents’ home and somewhere along the way, one passenger sitting close to him reached his destination and so he was left seated next to a lady.  He then started a conversation with her where they discussed lots of things but deep down in his heart, he felt she was the woman for him. So she became his latest woman to be promised of marriage.

It happened that he never even asked her even the name. But because of feelings, he gave her his contact information which she accepted by giving him the direction to her home. Oops! No mobile phones by then and the only way of communication were to go see someone face to face.

A week later he paid her a visit. However, his main motive was to talk to her parents. This went on fine and later that evening he went home with a woman who became his wife.

Another man said that, once he was out to buy some food stuffs when he saw this lady watching him from a far. So he went over to her and asked if she was willing to be his wife. She accepted and together they are now 12 years in marriage and counting.

Well, in these two experiences about love and marriage, we find that somehow some people were just meant to be together and if circumstances allow them to meet, then they fall in love there are then and life goes on just like fate planned of them.

Now, what about those who court each other for years before making life commitments? Okay, it is up to them but it is not really necessary.

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The Year is Ending, Time For New Year’s Resolutions?

It is obvious to find most people making plans for the year and even making resolutions. So now that the year is ending, this is the time that one makes evaluations to determine whether one has really accomplished. If one is positive that the year has been a favor, then plan to make a better progress the following year. This means it’s time to set out and try out more things to come out with better and richer results.

If there is some negativity, this should not weigh you down but just make valuations to establish what really led to your failing to make accomplishments. If there is something that you didn’t optimize on, just take not of it and take precautions not to repeat the same mistake. Remember there is always a better tomorrow, what matters is your inner drive to get what you want.

Then be a good planner and remember a good plan is the secret to success. This means as per the resolution that you want to achieve, you have to decide what comes first, second and so on up to the last thing.

Then you should have self discipline. You may have for example have a resolution of not smoking again in the new year ahead. This means that you are doing it for yourself not for your family or friends and so it’s only good that you stick to your personal pledge.

You can also set out to make some accommodative alternatives if need arises. This means that you can decide to change something as per your initial plan and have expectations of getting a positive outcome.

Then you can make a budget if you it’s something involving cash to just spend as per the plan. Thishis will make sure you can’t wonder off from the planned activities.

As we make New Year resolution make sure to hit the target and if not, why not aim at the star but instead hit the sky?

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Parenting Skills That You Must Have Inorder To Be a Good Parent

1. Know where your child is,where he/she has been and with whom and when you expect him/her to be back.

2. You should get to know your child’s friends.It’s always good to ask your child on any reports that you get from may be the house-help of him/her having friends who visited him/her during your absence.Don’t chase away your child’s friends so as to get to know them better ,their names and where they live.His/her friends tell you more of your child’s company-is it good or bad?

3. Make sure your child has a healthy diet to avoid the risk of exposing him/her to lifestyle diseases due to unhealthy feeding.

4. Limit television watching and video games watching.Let them know that they ought to engage in other responsibilities like assisting in the family chores.

5. Make sure that your child makes a studying timetable and then follow up to ascertain that your child did some studying for the day.You can insist to see the notes that they made while studying and this is good as it shows accountability to you as a parent.

6. In case of end of term and the school has been closed,insist to see the report form.For the school that have their report forms sent via post,follow up with the class teacher to know by when to expect the report form.

7. Be radically consistent.This means that you should not change what you say since this can create a room for your child’s intimidation.

8.Prepare your child for adulthood.This means that it’s good to talk on what is expected as they are growing up in order to be responsible adults.Make them understand the changes that they are experiencing in their bodies.

9.Sit and look down at your own life as a parent.This means whether you are a good example to your children or not.It can be like do you keep any appointments that you have since this can be a positive note that your children can have from you.

Parenting, What You Need To Understand…

parenting and care

parenting and care

Parenting is the process of bringing up of a child rightfully from infancy to adulthood. There is always a saying that giving birth is easier but it calls for a lot of commitment and sacrifice to bring up a child into being a responsible citizen.

As parents we should be carefully when dealing with our children since its our duty to be there for them. It is sometimes smooth where  our children are concerned but the situation is different when a child becomes deviant. So we should therefore know that kids are different and there can be reasons why a child is behaving in certain manner.

Types of parents-

Authoritarian parents-These are parents who are very strict and they expect their children to put up with their demands with no questioning.Here the children have to their parents but not being listened to.

Permissive parents-These are parents who are friends with their children and so they can both talk freely to each other.

-Authoritative parents-These are parents who have well laid out rules that the children are supposed to follow but there are negotiations.This means that a parent can be expecting a child to do another task but still a child will have a room to give an alternative to his/her idea of thought.

It is up to the parents to know if they are supportive in their children’s growth or if they are of no help to their children.

Parents should also be fair enough when dealing with their children.Take for this scenario,here in my country the form four students are currently sitting for their form four end-of year examinations.They’ve been in the secondary school education for four years,but it so happens parents will expect their children to pass well and so what they do is issuing threats to ensure their children’s success. I think this is not fair since you should stand with your child no matter what. A child who is sitting for his/her examinations needs a lot of support.


How to Live a Happy Life

Are you happy with your life?

There are several things that makes happiness be like a dream for many people world wide, unfortunately only a small percentage of people do attain this goal.

People have every reason to be sad… from chronic diseases to death of  loved ones, from economic imbalance to living under poverty line- less than a dollar per day, from physical challenges to emotional strain in life. Actually, there is no escape route for anyone alive, only that some have discovered how to evade such challenges and live a happy life.

How to live a happy life

Oops! Do not even think about having lots of cash as the only way to happiness! Money, as we understand, has its own challenges. And as they say ‘Money is the source of every evil in the society.’ Agree or disagree, someone had a point in that. Here is what Dalai Lama had to say about money and happiness… ‘The ultimate source of happiness is not money and power, but warm-heartedness’.

So lets explore some of ways that may lead to pure happiness

1) Accepting Who You are and being Ready to Forge Forward

-This can be hard to achieve because an unsettled mind is always in motion, trying to get something that seems missing in life. But one can overcome this  by allowing the brain to settle for that thing that is already in hand before moving on to the next target.

2) Thinking Positive

-The wise would see the floating log of wood in water and belief it is an opportunity to survive in a flooded area while a fool would see danger and be consumed by the floods. So, the only way to make it in life is by trying and testing several avenues before settling for an easy one, and believe that, whatever chosen, will help you hit the goal in your life. Never allow a second thought disrupt your good visions.

3) Avoiding Idle Moments in Your Life

-Whoever said, ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ was very right. Keep your mind busy to avoid being driven off the line by negative thoughts

4) Having Happy People In Your Life

-Human brain can be easily cheated by the surrounding. The more you hangout with cheerful faces, the more you will train your body and moods to change -adapting to new lifestyle.

5) Do Not be Driven by Wild Dreams

-This is the most important factor that can either sink your desires in life or uplift your heart into happiness. It is good to be persistent in what you want to achieve in life, but be careful because not all dreams comes true.

Okay, these are just but a few factors that leads into true happiness.

Have happy moments in your life.