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High school – Waflay Post
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A Friend With One Mysterious Dirty Secret

In those days, I was in High School, a mixed school in Nairobi county where I had time with a few great people who still linger in my mind. I remember one time when I asked one girl, a student, what that one thing she wishes never happened in her life. In my amazement, she took my note-book and wrote the following short poetic story:

My heart cries him,

My tears have not yet dried down,

I can feel him in my heart,

But I can’t hold him,

Touch his hands,

Say I love you in whispers…

Long gone,

Gone from my life,

But still there in my heart..

So vivid is his image..

My true lost love.

I was touched by this piece that I remember a drop of fresh tear running down my scared cheek. Well, I did not have courage enough to  ask who he was, how important he was and why she just could not let go.

Yep! I chose to inquire more about her love life, her family and everything that might bring out the reality in her life. He close friend told me that she is a reserved person who hardly share something personal with her friends. That was something! Then why me?

Another person who happened to be her neighbor said that he does not know much about her because they moved in from an unknown place and that the family is not that close to neighbors. Okay, that was a dead-end!

I happened to know her brother from a neighboring school. So, I just made a move for friendship before digging further into their life. There I found out that their father died some years ago but his death hit his sister more than anyone else. That was when I was face with the last ‘why’ that only her could give me the right answer.

It was then that I decided to go and start a conversation that lead me to posing that one big question. I was already ready for the consequences.

Her only answers was like,

You already know why, and I don’t have to explain things that are so obvious’

Well, I understood her perfectly well. But I could not connect the dots to see how that was possible…


KNEC Officials Suspended, To Face The Law Over Exam Cheating


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Last year’s examinations was marred with cheating and as expected, many High Schools in the country recorded ‘A’s.

This came after months of teachers’ strike that paralyzed learning and education in both primary and secondary schools.

To pull the resolving plug, the government of Kenya has send home all officials of Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) because of failing to secure the examination papers.

Remember, the officials of KNEC were also involved in Chicken-gate scandal where billions of money were lot through a deal with a UK company for supply of exam papers.

Now that government, through the ministry of interior security, has directed all KNEC officials to record a statement in the nearest police station and let the wheel of justice take its cause.

The leaked exam papers enabled high school students to score highly in the previous exams, posing a threat to the future of education in Kenya.

In recent years, employers have been faulting Kenyan universities for producing half baked graduates. It has been confirmed that majority of student in Kenyan universities lack skills in handling careers they have studied for. And that many companies prefer employing foreigners who have skills than to go for papers that proves nothing.

The main problem that we have in Kenya is being led into believing that passing exams is all that matters. This is why many student prefer to use shortcuts to get that much needed pass mark, than to study hard to understand the concept before getting that ‘A’.

Cheating in exams has been escalating in recent years. Of course, the blame goes to the examinations body for leaking examination papers to the highest bidders. Money talks and exams are bought through the back door. At the end, raw students emerges top and proceeds to another level, not minding the skills needed for the new stand.

We did expect this long time ago, but better late than never. Now, the only institution that should follow suit is IEBC.

Is this really normal?

A few days ago, there was an uproar after Kenyans reacted in the social media after the so publicized in house party branded ’ Project X’ which seemed nobody knew the organizers or the even the venue.

But for most young people, could not understand how this was shocking yet to them it’s very normal. So one wonders whether this is naivety on the part of the society that is too busy to know what is done in closed doors.

But then this is about morals and then who said loose morals is part of a damned acceptable way of life?

But then this is all shocking and more shocking that this has been going on for quite some time and really shocking for it to happen even in high school. Boys going into a girl’s dormitory and vice versa is something that has been happening and is still happening and they will also tell you that this is normal.

I heard this young man who confirmed that he experienced these rule-less gatherings while in high schools and with both boys and girls a lot transpired. He went on and said that they drank alcohol, took drugs and even became intimate and they felt free to play this game of intimacy with one another and even with everyone.

But looking at this ‘Project X’ it was already taking the path of a business venture bearing in mind that there were advance tickets that were up for sale and even those who missed these could still go for the gate tickets. Then there were also special tickets for the VIPs and in particular these tickets only differed in the cost with the advance tickets being the cheapest.

So all this is normal for these young people who think this is only enjoying life to the fullest but this is rotten.

Leave Hiked School Fees, There Is More Than Meets The Eye!

For the past few days, head teachers have been on the spotlight for taking advantage of parents by charging high school fees. Like one parent said that education is the backbone to development and as such the head teachers are doomed to fail with their ills.

But then something else came, that in some schools parents are forced to make other contributions to meet other miscellaneous costs. In particular one parent said that his son’s school so far has two buses and they have been asked to contribute cash for purchasing a third bus. As a parent, he could not understand what more functionality the third bus will give to the school that the other two have not.

Then another parent said that he has really contributed for a water tank for quite a number of years, but he continued to say that the tank has never appeared in school. Then he said the head teachers have held the parents hostage due to the fact that no one is supposed to ask any question concerning the issue.

He added that any parent who dares question why they are being asked to contribute any money opens gates for his or her child to be victimized. And some head teachers will go to an extent of manipulating the children by telling them that if their parents do not pay up, they will be punished by thorough beating. And to their expectations, some children will even refuse to go to school so long as their parents have not paid the cash.

Now that the issue of hiked school fees and some others fees parents are forced to pay, it is the hope of parents that the government will take a move and do something. And even as the government says that parents should report such irregular payments, then serious action should be taken immediately.

Schools now opening and what it means to parents

Kenya — From today onwards up to the end of this week are the periods when schools will be opening their doors after a long December holiday of close to two months. But everything has not been smooth with parents complaining that the school fees are way too high for them to afford. Questions have been raised as to who is responsible for controlling the fees structure of the various public schools. Some parents who have been interviewed are laying the blame on the head teachers, others on the school’s board members and others said the county’s education board.

But then something came out clear that for smooth running of schools, parents have to part with considerable amount of cash despite the government staying put that primary education is free. But on the other hand, some parents felt that it was too late for anyone to complain yet they had ample time that they could have raised their predicaments of feeling overburdened with high school fees.

Parents have also other areas of concern and this is specifically concerning the issue of purchasing of text books as this being the beginning of the year, children are graduating to the next class hence the need for these books. They said that the government has abandoned them to be exploited by text-book sellers who they said put the books at an expensive price that for sure many parents cannot afford. They said now that the government was responsible for controlling of learning curriculum in schools, it would also be best to put consideration of the prices of the same textbooks.

So if the government is committed to make education affordable and easily accessible to every Kenyan child, then let see it get in and put corrective measures for the sake of all school going children.