Kenya Police, Learn More Not Just How To Shoot

There are sad incidents that have happened involving police officers on duty in Kenya. These incidents only leads to questions that someone should be ready to deal with. Why are the police officers in Kenya so weak? Why do they choose between economic classes when handling a violent person? Why are they not equipped do deal with assaults against them while on duty? And many more.

Once incident happened on Thika road where a truck driver was got on camera assaulting a traffic police officer. The helpless serviceman had nothing to do other than to call for back up from the Flying squid wing that later came for his rescue. In what I saw, the officer was not armed and could not even use martial arts tactics to end the stand-off. This only raised eye brows that our police force is not equipped well enough to handle a naughty civilian.

The Nyandarua incident where a white pilot was captured on camera assaulting a female police officer, can only be considered as an unfortunate scene where the police officers in Kenya would do nothing when got in the tussle between the law and the person from the upper society (rich people).

I wonder if it is their mentality to weigh the situation and choose to ignore or they were taught to behave that way when attacked by special class persons. I guess it would be a very different take when attacked by a common man.

In other videos on the web, we have seen how police officers wrestle with criminals.  This only leads us to understand that something is not right with police training in Kenya. I just wonder if they are ever taught how to defend themselves, negative a gun, and how to handle armed criminals except by shooting them down.

It is just sad that as we continue being more civilized,the more the challenges our police officers face. One thing for sure, someone should come up with special programs to train our police officer as required by their duty. Nothing is smooth out there! And sometimes, a gun is a useless tool, undependable to save life.


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