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Healthy Relationship – Waflay Post
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Hacked to death for unconfirmed allegations of being a devil worshipper member

The old man in his late 60s broke down uncontrollably as he gave out a testimony of how his wife was hacked to death on suspicions of being a devil worshiper. He could freshly remember like it was yesterday and coming into terms with her demise was proving to be too hard for him. The old man accompanied by his two daughters and a son-in-law were in a forum to share an incident that happened to them as a family. This is what happened; His wife and one of his daughters present were suspected by fellow villagers of being behind the sickness of the daughter of one of the villagers. According to them the constant convulsions that the girl was experiencing was due to the satanic activities of two. Then his daughter’s first born girl was a friend to the sick girl.

So one Sunday when they were in church the said girl passed out and was hurriedly taken to his daughter who was asked to walk out of the church as tension among the faithful was building up. Then a friend accompanied her home and advised her to run off to her parent’s home as there were plans to attack her anytime. She did as she was told but the said attackers who were her fellow villagers followed her to the parent’s home baying for her blood but she was saved from their wrath by the police. Though everything cooled own, she left the village and joined her husband in town for fear of being attacked in future.

After about 3 weeks the same villagers regrouped and at about mid night went to his daughter’s homestead and torched their entire house. Then they went ahead to her parent’s home where they took her mother and took her father hostage leading him away from home. Efforts for the families to get help from the police failed and her mother was hacked to death and their house set ablaze for being suspected of being a devil worshiper yet there was no evidence but only misplaced rumors.3 years had passed since the ugly incident yet the family had not got justice for the murder of the wife/mother even after having endless trips to the concerned authorities.

So they wanted to relieve their bleeding heart for all those years, and then get answers why the murder yet no had even come out to accuse her. Her daughter greatly regretted that she would have saved her mother if she had known she was exposed to any threat since all through all the loath was directed to her but not the mother. All this was in the national radio and the family agreed to forgive those who killed the beloved mother/mother but only if they came forward and asked for forgiveness. The old man with a heavy heart said that there is no way to repay for the love of life and it was hurting that he could even recognize the culprits.

Housing A Homeless Man Turns Into a Bad Idea To The Host

English: A homeless man in New York with the A...

 A homeless man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The guy was like ‘how dare he!’ He was repeating this in an interval less than a minute. I knew there was a story behind it and I tried to dig shallowly to know the context of it all. Of course, whenever there is a cloud of smoke, fire is always within the mix.

The man was in his mid thirties, an age where love is a common mistake that befell the innocent negative hearts. And a repeated blame on ‘him’ meant something closely related to the lost love. I was almost guessing right!

It was then that he said a rather odd statement, “I housed the homeless, only to realize that all he wanted was to take my wife along into his miseries …” then he concluded this with a regretful ending, “I wish I knew…”

Well, I was left wordless. I my life I have never felt that touched by someone’s trouble in life. I wished his trouble was something else but not related to love. In fact an issue of a homeless friend eloping with his wife was something I did not expect to hear.

The guy was devastated! He seemed to have lost the jewel or something irreplaceable in his life. The tears of love had only one message, “Go babe, if that is what I deserve.”

Yes! I learned something new, something that existed in those days but the current generation has ignored like forever. True love still exists and those people who find it would do anything to live happily ever after with the love of their life. I could not understand a homeless man running away with jobless wife because of love. But if it really happened, then I guess we still have some hope about true love.

I recent years, I have been hearing a lot about broken relationships because of money and riches being the center stage in everything. They made me believe that nowadays, love is just a misused word to mean stable relationship. The stability part might be associated closely with the return in investment but the feelings within could be lacking. All in all, people have survived for many years in such relationships.

Battered Three Weeks After Child-birth

Violence against women is something that is just hard to tame in the society. Even in already developed countries, this vice is still very rampant since most of such cases go unreported.

It is sad that these crimes are increasing as the human population increases in the world. I wonder why this is happening but this might be closely linked to bad economic times hitting most families worldwide.

Recently there was a story originated from somewhere in Western Kenya where a man axed his wife because of a chicken. Apparently, the man bought the said chicken from the nearby trading center for slaughter on the 1st of January, making the beginning of the new year 2015. We just don’t know what really happened but the chicken appeared on the table earlier than expected. That is where the vicious man killed his wife in anger.

Somewhere else, a man battered the mother of his three weeks old daughter because she could not explain how she spent Kshs 100 ( $1.2) in a single day.

This infuriated an angry mob that the man did not wait for bitter ending. He fled the scene after seeing all the possible signs of retaliation from the concerned mob. Everyone was left wondering what kind of a man would beat up a woman who is still suffering from childbirth injuries. Good that she left him afterwards.

With the two incidents above, it is clear that most families are being frustrated by harsh economic times and I guess such like stories will continue emerging from the society unless we do something to curb the root cause behind it.

This cannot be the only cause of gender-based violence against women. Sometimes consumption of alcohol plays a very role, most men are usually under alcoholic influence when committing such like crimes.

I hate evil!

Parenting: Toddlers Needs a Lot of Care

Giving birth to a child is one thing and being able to raise the child is another even more wanting task.

Parenting is a full time responsibility that should be given a lot of attention it deserves. Bringing up small children may be okay for parents who are able to dedicate their time to their children with no other responsibilities elsewhere.

But this may not be the case with career mothers who have other work related commitments and may still not be able to abandon their jobs for the sake of their children’s care.

So for such mothers, they will definitely need the services of a house-help to take care of their child in their absence. But then as a mother it’s good to know what is a good environment for your child’s growth.

Don’t keep changing house-helps for your small baby under the age of five years. Also remember this age bracket forms the basis of your child’s growth.

This is because the child needs time to get used to a new entrant in his/her life so getting only one house-help throughout that age bracket the better. This is a good nurturing environment to your child that will give no room for any confusing element to your child about what is happening in his/her life.

Another thing, don’t leave the entire responsibility of your child to your house-help. Try as much as possible to be there with your child whenever you have your free time.

This is because one is able to know if your child’s growth is headed towards the right direction since it’s determined by some sort of stage.

This will help you as a mother to be able to respond to your child’s sounds and interests. You will also be able to know at what point your child needs play things to handle, bang, and drop.

So as a mother you should always identify any deviation of your child’s growth towards the negative way.

This applies to fathers too..