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Head teacher – Waflay Post
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Failed Parenting: Mom Accompany Son To Cause Havoc At School

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in a sorry parenting state! First, we train our kids to disrespect everyone in the society and then we love accompanying our notorious kids to the scene of their crime to add an insult to an open wound.

In a certain primary school in the beautiful country Kenya, the standard five (5) boy was asked by the teacher why he failed to do his homework. The teacher punished him for that and was forced to do the work before break time.

Unlike usual school stuff, the boy sneaked out of school and came back later accompanied by his two friends.

The teacher realized too late that he was the target. He tried to avoid the trio but it was too late. They boys ascended to him with stones. The teacher was left in agony as the boys were subdued by other pupils.

The mastermind of the crime was later given suspension and went home.

The following morning, the mother to the boy went to that school and caused chaos to the school administration. She accused the teachers for mistreating her son. She claimed that her son has been complaining on daily basis how the teachers victimize him.

The mother even said that his son did whatever he had to do to tell the whole village how he was tired with that school. She later said that she was going to sue the teachers who have had a rough time with her son.

The disrespectful mother insults touched on everyone in that school. She left afterwards.

It was such a sad incident that left the whole village wondering where they went wrong. The parent in question happens to be an important person in the community…. the untouchable person who has deep channels in the community administration.

The boy has already been transferred to another school. Meaning that the assault he carried out against his class teacher has been long forgotten.

Well, that is how we roll nowadays hu!

Good News From The Government

A play…. It is about 4P.M in the evening and this lady and her father are seated relaxing in the sitting room. Then her father breaks the silence and asks her when she plans to go check her K.C.P.E results now that the Education Cabinet Secretary had released them earlier in the day. But with fee balance she tells her father that this alone would make the head teacher deny giving her the results slip.

As they are conversing about this issue, there   is a knock on the door and the father asks his daughter to go and usher in their supposed visitor. She opens the door and is surprised to see her mother at such a time different from her normal routine that she is used to coming home at night.

English: Father and daughter.

 Father and daughter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They both chat happily at which instance her father calls to ask who it is that she is talking to with all the excitement. She tells him that it’s her mother and he also wonders why the unique early home coming for they are used to her arriving very late. The mother and the daughter then moves in to the sitting room and her husband tells her that he has an important issue urgent to discuss with her but first he asks his daughter to bring him a some water.

As their daughter leaves the room, he tells his wife that he is still in a dilemma how they will be able to educate their daughter given that it was still a burden for them to cater for her primary school education. He went on and said with the results out, he knows that she will not be a disappointment since she has always been a bright girl. They both agree that the economy has been so unfair to them in terms of finances but they are still hoping to give the best to their daughter.

Then there is a knock on the door and his wife goes ahead to open the door and a neighbor comes in. After he greets them, he breaks the good news that the government has waived all fees arrears of all candidates in the last year’s examination and has directed the head teachers to release the results of those with fee balances. What a joyous moment for this couple since their prayers have been answered for such news has come in handy for their current problem. Their daughter then comes in an enquires why they are all excited, her father tell her the good news suggesting that she could now go for her results.

The play shows a government that is committed to ensuring smooth learning of children and especially for the less fortunate.

Let the Children Learn to Behave Responsibly

Even as we parents say that the children of today are difficult to deal with, we need to be cautious with our style of parenting. I have known this family for quite some time now since the daughter and my son are classmates. So on a certain day, the head teacher was moving around the school compound and on reaching my son’s class, the children were in chaos running all over. So the head teacher jokingly pinched all the children in the class but this particular girl told her father that she had been sad the entire day for being beaten by the teacher.

So the following day, her father accompanied her to school to question the teacher as to why she had beaten up his daughter. The head teacher calmly explained everything to the parent and it turned up that the girl had just overreacted since they were not really painfully pinched but it was only to scare them into being silent.

But one thing is for sure that parents should let children know that any wrong done has to always attract some consequences. Let the children know that there are school rules that no one has the mandate to break not even their parents. The question here is how will any parent their child to be respectful if they are not a good example at all?

Parents are their children’s first teacher and so most of the times; they will do what they have seen their guardians do. Let children be children as they are in the stage of growth and development because today they may seem innocent but nobody knows about tomorrow as they may grow to even question you as the parent. So if you show your child that their way is always the right things to do then you have to blame yourself if they ever disobey you in any way.

Leave Hiked School Fees, There Is More Than Meets The Eye!

For the past few days, head teachers have been on the spotlight for taking advantage of parents by charging high school fees. Like one parent said that education is the backbone to development and as such the head teachers are doomed to fail with their ills.

But then something else came, that in some schools parents are forced to make other contributions to meet other miscellaneous costs. In particular one parent said that his son’s school so far has two buses and they have been asked to contribute cash for purchasing a third bus. As a parent, he could not understand what more functionality the third bus will give to the school that the other two have not.

Then another parent said that he has really contributed for a water tank for quite a number of years, but he continued to say that the tank has never appeared in school. Then he said the head teachers have held the parents hostage due to the fact that no one is supposed to ask any question concerning the issue.

He added that any parent who dares question why they are being asked to contribute any money opens gates for his or her child to be victimized. And some head teachers will go to an extent of manipulating the children by telling them that if their parents do not pay up, they will be punished by thorough beating. And to their expectations, some children will even refuse to go to school so long as their parents have not paid the cash.

Now that the issue of hiked school fees and some others fees parents are forced to pay, it is the hope of parents that the government will take a move and do something. And even as the government says that parents should report such irregular payments, then serious action should be taken immediately.

Warrior Parents Given Till January 2016 To Apologize to Aggrieved Teachers

English: Photography of a teacher writing on b...

 teacher writing on blackboard at school  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The issue of parents attacking teachers at school is getting out of hand in one Nairobi suburb. In this year alone, seven incidents happened in one school. And a nasty one that left the teacher with the worst experience in life after the parent verbally abused her in presence of children. This resulted into a resignation as the victim could not stand to face children anymore.

During the recent parent and teachers meeting, the head teacher was categorical that she will not tolerate such incidents anymore in her school. She gave a warning to angry parents that next time, the law will take its course and added that those who had already committed this offence should come forward and apologize to any aggrieved teacher. In fact, they were given until January 2016 to make peace with teachers before thing turns nasty.

Speaking during the event, one parent reminded people of the recent face off between the government and teachers. The teachers’ strike ended with the striking civil servants walking empty-handed, the government thought it won the battle but later during the recent examination period, the country experienced rampant exam leakages all over the country. According to those who know better, this was as a result of an angry teacher.

An example was also given to teach parents of the need to respect teachers. In her story, the narrator, also a teacher from a nearby school said that one time they had such an incident. The head teacher in her school sent the pupil home to bring her parent along on her next schooling day. But the warrior mother went to school with war written all over her face. She did what he had to do. Said what she had in her mind and walked away without even knowing why she was called for.

Three months later, her 13-year-old daughter became pregnant. The mother went to school to ask how this was possible. Sad that she was reminded of the day she caused drama at school. It was the sad ending but she learned the hard way.

Teachers also blame the law enforcement agencies for being so lenient of parents who like causing unnecessary drama at school. They said that such reports are never taken serious by the authority. People ought to understand that teachers are humans too.