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Happiness – Waflay Post
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The Gift Of Happiness

what makes you happy?

At what moment do you feel the true meaning of the gift of life?  There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

There are several reasons why someone would feel so happy in life.

While we seek for these reasons, first we ought to understand what the gift is and what it does in human life in order to have a title, gift of life and happiness.

It is obvious that people only feel gifted when they are able to do something and be proud of the outcome.

This means it is hard to hear anyone say something positive in their life if nothing worth is part of the outcome.

This gift can be anything; something that brings happiness.

There are those who feel so happy when they have received something from someone or through an act of fortune.

On the other hand, we have those who feel great when they lend out something to those who need it the most… in fact, they would give it away and never look back.

Being a philanthropist is a journey that starts at birth and ends at never. No other way!

Those who like giving things away were born to be that way, and extending a hand to a needy is the only thing that makes them happy.

Such people are not rare; in fact, we have those who would give out their personal possessions until they have nothing else to give away.

Those gifted to make the world a happy place,

The funny guys!

The gift of happiness may lack at a certain place; blame the sorrowful nature of our world.

However, in that gloomy environment, we never miss someone who would leave us laughing into stitches by simple words, simple acts or both.

These people find happiness when they make other people smile, if not laugh.

We can say they are gifted to bring liveliness in a quiet environment.

Now, what makes you happy… what gifted world do you stay in?



How To Stay Happy In Life

Human life is never complete if a strain of happiness is not in the mix. This is for sure the defining moment for most people on earth. Happiness is a state in mind where someone feels at peace, with nothing much to worry about other than to create more happiness in future.

Well, it is great to feel that warmth in heart but remember happiness and sadness are two opposite things that like walking almost hand in hand. Why?

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them..” by Steve Maraboli

The fact that you are alive means that anything can cause sadness in your life. There are so many things that make one unhappy in life. Oops! Not the time to go in details how sadness is spread in someone’s life, I do know that you are already aware of some external forces that messes up with someone’s inner peace and creates a vacuum that sadness likes to occupy from there on.

While you are still pondering on factors that might result into unhappiness, let’s focus our mind in human life, especially on the positive side of life. What defines happiness in your life?

I happened to be in a certain function where the speaker asked this question. The first two people who gave their answers based their thoughts on money and riches. Well, they were accepted as the best answers that most people go for. However, he highlighted reasons why people are easily driven by these two, and finally said that for one to have total happiness, he or she must accept who they are and built the base from there.

Happiness itself is a process that needs constant positive approaches to problems that comes along and ways of handling them successfully. Just be honest with yourself and never postpone anything that comes your way. Life itself is complete as is, why postpone a problem till the future that you do not know?

Does happiness mean that you are successful?


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Success can be defined as an achievement or an accomplishment to becoming a better person may be in terms of wealth or career. What brings about happiness in your life? Some people tend to base their happiness on what they have but for others material things mean nothing but rather their happiness is brought out too well by their feelings inside them. So one thing is for sure you don’t have to be successful to know the real meaning of happiness. Paper Crane Creative is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based group of video and photo production specialists, dedicated and passionate about the stories we’ve told. We love to try new things, see new sights, and most importantly, tell new stories. That’s the reason we’ve spent over 10 years exploring all the stories that Vancouver has to tell and the reason we can’t wait to see what comes next. Starting with humble beginning ourselves, we know that it can be difficult to find someone out there that provides the quality you’re looking for and harder still to find someone that you can trust. You can learn more about Paper Crane here, do visit. That’s why collaboration is so important to us when creating your media, whether that’s a company vignette, a commercial, or even just a snippet for your next social media story. We work with your company to figure out your values and how we can bring those to the photo and film world. Our experience working with businesses of all sizes means that we can tailor a fit through the creative process even if you have no idea where to start.

But in our present society, a lot of people think that they will be happier by being wealthier and wealthier. This means that to them happiness is being an owner to a luxurious home or even driving the latest model of a car in town or even climbing the ladder to being a corporate executive.

The question that arises here is why have we allowed earthly things to determine the extent of our happiness? I think we ought to change this mentality that when we acquire all the wealth that we can have, this gives an outright license to being happy.

The something else, when you talk of success and happiness it depends on how an individual feels. First if you are in a career of your choice, then I think you have all the reasons to be happy. At times there comes a time when you can say that your happiness is inward or outward. By this I mean you may be experiencing some stressing situations but you still look happy even when you are feeling troubled.

So let’s not allow wealth to determine our happiness but we ought to realize that there are other factors that can still make us happy. We all start from somewhere before we can stand up high and declare we are finally successful.

The Plight of A Teenage-Looking Old Man

A 40-year-old man was left with so many unanswered questions when a man in early twenties asked him about his life as a teenager and even advised him why he should not rush for relationships and marriage in the near future.

The father of one was left wondering why the unknown young man saw in him that drove those hurting and demeaning words from his mouth.

This is not the first time that such like incident happened to him. According to his story, he was at one time traveling in a public bus when one youthful man asked him to stand in a moving bus, to offer his seat to a grown up. It was sad that the people in the bus backed up the other guy because he looked older and deserving for the seat.

He lives his life regretting the fact that he looks younger than his real age and people usually mistake him for teenagers in the society.

He said that sometimes he is so intimidated to a point of proving his age through a national identity card. Something he hates to do but he has no choice since his face is a cheat.

Does this happen to youthful looking old men out there too?

Living a happy life is all about being contended with who you are. But if some forces act against your inner peace then the world turns the living hell.

Being a victim myself the situation has forced me to accept my way of life and appearance and this has kept me going, even much strong given the fact that I can dine and wine with youths then stay cool and reserved amongst my age mates.

However, sometimes you have to put up whatever the society brings against you if happiness is what you seek in life.



Valentine’s day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is about one week to Valentine’s day and it is a special day for lovers that is treated with a lot of significance.The color red uniquely signifies this day and the dressing code for this day is always red.Natural rose flowers are the special species  that exchange hands between lovers and this includes even married couples.

I remember  when I was in  high school,this day did not go unnoticed and it was fun as students opted to exchange any form of flowers to just feel the specialty associated with this day.So I guess Valentine’s day has been outstanding for quite a long time.

Nowadays nothing that has changed since lovers still exchange flowers,gifts and even valentines cards among other things.There is the issue of couples going out and having lots of fun because there are lots of entertainment joints ready to make this day really special.

I have always noted that two days before the D-day,you will find hawkers selling some ready  made ,attractive flowers which are a bit cheaper.Creativity matters at this point with the  most unique ones carrying the day.Fresh rose flowers are sold on the very day of Valentine’s day and even though they are expensive,the demand is high as lovers want to give their loved ones a special treat.

Then this day comes with special offers associated with it and by this I mean you may find companies giving out discounts on their products.This is a marketing tool as a way of wooing more prospective customers.In the past,Ive also heard in radio stations whereby questions are posed to the listeners and the first caller to give the answer is offered free Valentine prize of a dinner night in a prestigious hotel with his/her lover.

But all in all the specialty of this day depends on an individual because for some the day comes and goes with no serious preparations to mark it’s significance.