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Hague – Waflay Post
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Did prayers help SIX Kenyans who were facing crimes against humanity at The Hague?

waldryano / Pixabay Prayers in times of need

I believe many of you would say, yes! And equally many of you would say, nope! Now it is time to have a say how prayers did a wonderful things that resulted into the acquittal of all six Kenyans from the chains of an International Criminal Court (ICC).

This is how it went down,

Kenyans knows that their deputy president is a man who loves God so much that his tears are almost in constant motion whenever he feels an angel touching his head. He was the first person to visit the ICC at The Hague, Holland and came back as a hero. If Kenyans can remember that day very well, then they do still remember his words upon touching down from the plane. Mr Ruto said, “God who stays in heaven will never let the innocent person suffer… I believe he will show us the light, and we will follow it until the end.”

That was beautiful and powerful statement that Kenyans never understood then, but as time went by things became much clear.

The first four accused fellows were exonerated from blame since the prosecution failed to produce evidence to confirm that any of them were part of the financial team that funded the killings witnessed in 2007/2008.

That was great because this paved way for the last two to have a say that later confirmed that, them too, did not have a case to answer.

How prayers helped the six….

Although there is no verse in the Bible that says, “God helps those who help themselves.” Majority of us believe that God is there to add a little help to those who are already struggling to be free. Indeed, it happened in Kenya during those days. How?

According to the ICC prosecutor, ICC witnesses faced the worst challenges and never should any witness face such grave challenges in future.

She said that, many witnesses were forced, either by bribe or by death, to change their earlier statements. It also appeared that those who were the key witnesses were either denied a chance to speak out or were killed before the beginning of the trials.

Well, if you think prayers did not work then think again… The six are free, two of them are our leaders (leaders are chosen by God)… what do you think about this?

It was judgement of acquital and no case to answer

Just yesterday,the cases against humanity facing the  Deputy President and former radio presenter took a  new turn after the prosecutor arrived to the decision that there is no case to answer.For quite sometime,the prosecutor had raised the red flag that her case had become  weak after the withdrawal of some witnesses on claims that they were influenced to give false testimonies may be by being offered cash or a good life in a foreign country.

Now with this final decision,this may mean a lot for the country as a whole more so politically.May be we think that this decision is good for everyone but what of the victims who were affected one way or the other?Imagine someone who was leading his or her life normally and was able to cater for the family but this life was suddenly changed like the wink of an eye.Others had their properties that were burned down and life has never been the same again since.Others had their loved ones killed and others have scars of injuries on their bodies.So  one thing is for sure,compensation cannot be a viable solution to those whose relatives lost their lives.

Then the victims did nothing wrong to anyone but really suffered the wrath of angry people who conveyed their disappointment on others who had nothing to do with the disputed polls.Now that the cases have been done away with,I would like to ask Kenyans,does it mean they will only act in a sane manner because the ICC is watching.The sollution starts with us;to stop looking into one another in terms of tribe.Then lets show our leaders that if they choose to use abusive words against one another in public,then they are on their own.We should not clap our hands for leaders that are very much responsible for what happened in 2007-2008.If we Kenyans tame our thinking and our actions,I think this way our leaders will have no otherwise but to follow suit.Act peace,preach peace!

The ICC Issue: Critical Decision To The Country Should Not Be Politicized

English: The building of the International Cri...

The building of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the 29th of January,that was on Thursday last week my country’s President left the country to Ethiopia where he was expected to attend a two-day Africa Union(AU) heads of state and government summit.This was a summit bringing together African countries with the main agenda being the ICC(International Criminal Court).

The ICC is an international tribunal located in the Hague,Netherlands and is mandated to prosecute international individuals of crimes against humanity and violence crimes.Such individuals may be referred to this court by their respective countries as suspects of the crimes committed.

In relation to the ICC,my country’s president was accused of financing and fueling violence after the disputed 2007 general elections.What happened thousands of people were killed and scores others left homeless after their homes were burned down.But sometimes last year,his case was withdrawn given the state of evidence in the case.

In regards to this court,Kenya has been calling for it’s thorough examination to establish if it should really be mandated to deal with Africa’s political injustices.In fact there has been calls from MPs affiliated to the ruling coalition supporting Kenya’s withdrawal from the court terming it as  a ‘kangaroo court‘. They have said that they have no trust in the court.

But I think as much as African leaders feel that they should be left alone to solve their own problems,this court is of some significance to African countries.Corruption has been the key hindrance to development these countries and so this is one reason why they cannot be trusted to form their own legal network.

Like for my country Kenya,withdrawal from the ICC court is a very crucial decision to the country as a whole and so I think it should not be one person’s decision.I think as the citizens of this country,we should also be given an opportunity in having a say here.May be we should be allowed to vote just like it happened for the new constitution.