Tough Go For EACC Against Raila

‘You will be prosecuted if you blow a whistle without substantial evidence to back up your claims.’ President Uhuru Kenyatta warned people who say that there is corruption in public offices but fail to come up with evidence for such claims.

This has come when Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) is breathing fire down on the leader of opposition and Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD) flag bearer, Raila Odinga to appear before the commission to give more light about Eurobond saga or face arrest.

In his answer, Raila rubbished those threats by saying that the commission is not doing its work to the best of its ability, instead it is using intimidation and threat against him. He continued to say that as a whistle blower the anti-graft body should protect him. But if they think threats could force him to record a statement, then he dared them by saying that he has been arrested more than 100 times and fear he has non.

The government knows that arresting Raila Odinga is not an option because his supporters are that predictable..

What will Uhuru Kenyatta do, now that Raila has stood his ground?

It is not easy to deal with a person who controls the minds of supporters like a time bomb. Touching him is like pressing the killer button; the country will erupt into chaos. But you still need to follow the law, teach him a lesson that no one is above the law.

Mmm! The situation is tight and the solution is nowhere for anyone’s grabs. The anti-corruption body has invalid powers against Raila Odinga.

According to an influential literature professor, the Kenyan president made that directive without considering the backlash and it is happening right in his eyes.

Already the EACC has confirmed that Raila’s CORD has delivered some information and that he will be available when they need him. I guess this is just a way to get outer hot water. The fire was too much that it was the only way to walk away as the winner.

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The president’s speech on Jamhuri Day

The Coat of arms of Kenya

The Coat of arms of Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During yesterday’s celebrations of this year’s Jamhuri Day, the president touched again on the prevalent corruption that we have been complaining about as the country as a whole. He said that the government has really intensified its fight against corruption and has even joined hands with other countries in trying to fully curb the vice. He added that the success is all there in the fact that stolen cash amounting to 2.24Billion shillings has been recovered and 200 Million shillings frozen in the foreign accounts.

The president said that nobody is above the law when it comes to fighting corruption. He further added that those claiming that their community or religion is under siege ought to know that they should carry their own cross of being corrupt. He said any leader being charged for corruption allegation should stop dragging his/her community or religion because these entities were nowhere involved in his/corruption.

The president also said at the beginning of this year, there were about 337 cases of which were related to corruption. He said that 68 of these cases involved senior government officials, Members of Parliament, governors and Cabinet Secretaries (CSs).So he tasked the judicial service to do the necessary and hasten the hearing of these cases. He also said that there should not be due or undue procedural delay of such cases.

The president also urged the media to cease being a target for politicians looking for cheap publicity to just talk loud and as we all know empty talk solves nothing at all instead it only sends investors away. Looking at what the president said, it was really a good speech and so we can only hope as Kenyans that it will bear something positively.

Let’s hope this will be the last time that the government is laying out what it will do to this corruption. Ask any Kenyan and he/she will tell you that they are really tired with a government that is doing nothing to curb corruption.

What Uhuru Kenyatta Is Capable Of

When you listen to his speech you may think he is man just landed from mars or from other planets surrounding earth. Who is this man? The Kenyan president, and the commander in chief of the armed forces, Uhuru Kenyatta is a person who has the most sweetest tongue that could leave you with nothing to say but to nod in approval for every word spoken. That is how he won against his rivals during the presidential debates and later won the elections.

In his short time in office, he used his first three months in power to make majority of African leaders dance to his tune. The ICC issue was the hot topic in Africa and this helped him win bid against his accusers, including the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

His influence has so far  been rewarded as the man who can unite Africa. Uhuru won an award for being the best president in Africa, an award that left the opposition laughing but there was nothing they could do about.

Being the travelling president, he has made headline across the globe as the president who would do anything possible for his country. He has made many allies all over the world. Something that has earned Kenya many investors and this has created many employment opportunities in the country.

Uhuru Kenyatta may be an ambitious man, but guessing based on his will and talks to the public, something is not right with his choice he has ever made as the president.

Well, from security point of view he was weak at the beginning but he rectified something and now Kenyans feel more safer than before.

Another thing that he has been battling with for ages is corruption, or the beast within the government. Yes! He has talked about this from his first speech as the president of Kenya till today, that Kenya is 52 years old. He has blamed so many people for this vice but still he has a long way to go.

Okay, I think he is afraid that if he fights corruption with power vested in him by the constitution of the republic of Kenya, he will lose many political allies and a lose in the coming general elections. But given another term in office, he will talk tough and do stuff.

Today is 52th Jamhuri (Independance) day for Kenya

independence kenya

Google Honors Kenya’s Independence day

Today is an important day for my country Kenya branded’ Jamhuri Day’ ,a day when there are cerebrations to commemorate when it had its independence. This means on this day,12th December 1963,Kenya ceased to be under the colonial rule.

But as it may look as a mere coincidence, our present president, Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of the first Kenyan president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.So as it is the norm, the president is expected to lead the country in marking this year’s Jamhuri day in Nyayo Stadium.

But then as a country can we say that after all those years we have really made a positive milestone as far as being independent is concerned? This question if posed to the common man will definitely give a true picture of what it means being a Kenyan citizen.

What comes out is that as a country we are enjoying advances of technologies and I have heard people jokingly saying that if the first President were to rise from the dead, he would prefer not to live again. The simple reason being he may find gadgets like phones, things that may be hard to quickly connect with being present in a very long ago past. But put jokes aside for now, corruption has really become embedded in our public institutions and the truth is no serious action is being taken to stop it. So on this Jamhuri Day, Kenyans cannot really say that they are positive about how institutions are being run.

It is true those who fought for independence including Kenya’s first president had great plans for this country but the problem is the lack of a leader who can achieve the dreams of the initiator. For all those years, we have been listening to very sweet speeches but as a country, not much has been achieved since independence. But the solution is still in our hands, let’s fight to be achievers by voting in leaders to show the way and make us feel the true taste of being independent. Remember we are the bosses when it comes to voting in ballot boxes.

Why Kenyans are Still Vulnerable to Terrorism

First targets on Kenyans by the al –shabaab sympathizers were real. I believe those assailants were answering to their master’s call for real war on Kenya’s soil. But with arrests and prosecution of some of them, the fear became so real that they went back into their terror cocoons.

It also happened that the country was heading towards general elections. Kenyans by then needed someone who could tame the threat of terrorist on the streets. The man or woman whose positive intentions for Kenya stood out —ready to take on terrorist from in and outside the country. And that is why several presidential candidates had one thing in common. To make Kenya peaceful again.

Several months with the new president in the office, a major terrorism attack on Westgate Shopping Mall left Kenyans doubting the effectiveness of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s as the commander-in-chief of Kenya. It was a test that confirmed that something was seriously wrong with our security system and Kenyans on social media called for the sacking of the interior ministry CS but all fell on deaf ears.

Months after that incident, terrorists attacked a village in coastal Kenya. The government and Kenyans started walking on parallel ways of life. With the opposition being in the fore-front in accusing the government of sleeping on job while innocent Kenyans were being killed.

However, the situation was very tricky for the ruling political alliance. The president and his deputy were being haunted by the ICC cases. The two were accused of being the masterminds in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence that claimed over 1000 lives and over a half a million people displaced.

The circumstances under which Kenyans were paying for their own blood was so tricky! At one point, innocent Kenyans thought the country was being attacked because of KDF involvement in Somalia. At another angle, politics was playing its nasty game on Kenyans— sad that this channel was mostly ignored. And thirdly, someone was looking for an easy way from ICC and terrorism happened to be the perfect way-out.

In conclusion, Kenyans have suffered in the hands of terrorism because of several reasons. We have the genuine security lapse that enabled terrorist to access places where they had no right to. Another reason can be because someone influential in Kenyan politics was helping, paying and offering transportation to terrorists within the country, just to make Kenyans think of a quick solution for the menace. And thirdly, terrorism was a tool to call for international community to act— maybe to force change and sympathy from ICC.

All in all, innocent people always suffer when leadership is in trouble.

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