Housing A Homeless Man Turns Into a Bad Idea To The Host

English: A homeless man in New York with the A...

 A homeless man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The guy was like ‘how dare he!’ He was repeating this in an interval less than a minute. I knew there was a story behind it and I tried to dig shallowly to know the context of it all. Of course, whenever there is a cloud of smoke, fire is always within the mix.

The man was in his mid thirties, an age where love is a common mistake that befell the innocent negative hearts. And a repeated blame on ‘him’ meant something closely related to the lost love. I was almost guessing right!

It was then that he said a rather odd statement, “I housed the homeless, only to realize that all he wanted was to take my wife along into his miseries …” then he concluded this with a regretful ending, “I wish I knew…”

Well, I was left wordless. I my life I have never felt that touched by someone’s trouble in life. I wished his trouble was something else but not related to love. In fact an issue of a homeless friend eloping with his wife was something I did not expect to hear.

The guy was devastated! He seemed to have lost the jewel or something irreplaceable in his life. The tears of love had only one message, “Go babe, if that is what I deserve.”

Yes! I learned something new, something that existed in those days but the current generation has ignored like forever. True love still exists and those people who find it would do anything to live happily ever after with the love of their life. I could not understand a homeless man running away with jobless wife because of love. But if it really happened, then I guess we still have some hope about true love.

I recent years, I have been hearing a lot about broken relationships because of money and riches being the center stage in everything. They made me believe that nowadays, love is just a misused word to mean stable relationship. The stability part might be associated closely with the return in investment but the feelings within could be lacking. All in all, people have survived for many years in such relationships.

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