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God – Waflay Post
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You Have A Goal, Then Work Hard To Achieve It!

stevepb / Pixabay goal and targets in life…

Being a wonderful day that God has made for us, lets learn something that might turn helpful in your life and career in future. Things about life keeps happening on and on. We only need to understand it, learn to live it and be there when the need arises.

The only way someone will ever reach there is by having a goal— a target for your future life. What do you want in life? How can you achieve it? What is your time frame between the goal and you by now? What is your strength? What is your weakness? And how much are you willing to sacrifice in order to get there?

Today, I have this quote…

Whatever your goal, you can get there is you’re willing to work.”

In life, if you want something then you have to work for it. Oops! We have lucky individuals who have others to work for them, but it all goes back to wages and salaries and lastly favors.

Reality of life revolves around hard work. There are several ways to make things happen for you… however, your willingness to sacrifice something for your goals is what matters.

For example, f you what to be a blogger the chances are that you have already decided to live your life writing posts that might be interested to someone out there.

The niche of choice might be the determinant factor for your success— this can either drown your ambition or give rise to prosperity. Nonetheless, your willingness to make it is what matters. Remember, before you hit the target, you have to make sure that all loose end are met and strengthened for that one final goal. Just never lose hope!

People sometimes quit when they are almost there. The wise would say,

Winners are losers who never quit trying…, and losers are winners who had not time to push for their goals is life.”

Who do you want to become in future? Well, you can be whoever you want to be if you have goal in mind. Nevertheless, you have to work extra harder in order to achieve that goal.


False Prophet Cause Harm On Family Ties

The Bible talks of the rise false prophets in time when Jesus is about to descend from Heavens for his reign on Earth, what it does not say is the year and real time when this will happen.

Recently, a family was evicted from their ancestral home after their relatives accused them of indulging themselves with devil worship.

According to their say, the jealous relatives were mad when the family started running a small shop in the nearby shopping center.

It was then that they enquired for more information from a prophet who spilt venom in the family’s ways of life.

From then, the relatives started hitting on this family for almost everything that was happening in the whole community.

At one time, the man’s brother came into the homestead in readiness to kill because he believed that his brother and his wife were devil worshippers—- the issue of human sacrifice seemed to be the cause of all fear and anger.

According to his story, the father of two said that he almost lost his wife because his people believed that his wife introduced him to  illuminati.

Then he said that one day, the extended families broke into his shop and took the family album as they thought that he and his wife had taken the family pictures to a secret society for sacrificial purposes.

To them, the prophet was right in all aspects. Their brother and his family were villains in the society and they should be eliminated.

Fearing for their life, the family ran for safety in the in-laws place. However, this only made things worse because threats followed them all the way.

The family was forced to relocate to another place, far away from the beastly men and women— their relatives.

They have been living in fear because they still receive threatening messages on their mobile phones.

This is just one story where a false prophet has broken the family bond. These people are there, and in most cases they only say things that you want to hear.

The Bible admonishes Christians to stay away from such people. I hope people will take extra care when in presence of a false prophet of prophet of doom!

Drunk and a believer in witchcraft

When some people take alcohol they tend to usher in a new character of being talkative even if by nature, they are quiet. I have always heard people saying that drunkards mean nothing serious going by what they open their mouths to say since they are manipulated by the liquor. Even anyone who picks a fight with a drunkard is faulted and told that he or she should know that drunkards are very foolish in this state.

So I have known this ice seller for quite some time as a hardworking young man who does his work with a lot of passion. Just a few weeks ago in the evening, the young man who was drunk was shouting at the top of his voice giving a warning to his behind the scenes person if he continues disturbing his peace. He went ahead and said that he comes from an area where witchcraft is custom to bring sanity to evil doers. But then nobody could tell to whom his threats were directed to and so people just watched in silence.

Then just yesterday, the young man again repeated his initial threats of taking someone to a witchdoctor and immediately he said this, two young men appeared and told him to either keep mum or better get about his business and leave that place. It was then to emerge that the two men had been abusing him for quite some time and funny enough the two had been summoned by the area chief who asked them to make peace with this young man.

The crowd was now growing bigger with some teasing this young man that he was adamant of going to a witchdoctor, so let him act in real not only empty talk. Others told him as he was a believer in non-existent powerful people who are out to get money from anyone who trusts them, then he was good to go wasting his hard earned cash.

Being Sorry For Being The Other Woman

Just some few days ago, I was listening to a mid-day radio show that relays conversation on marriage problems and in particularly hoping to look for solutions.

In this case there was this lady who was dating a married man and they have been together for quite some time until this man’s wife found out.

According to this lady, they got to know one another with this man as he served him in the mobile money transfer business that she was working in since he was a regular customer.

She further said a relationship developed between them two though she claimed that she was not aware that he was a married man.

This woman found a romantic text that this lady had sent to her husband and so she furiously followed up this issue by looking for audience live in the show. This man’s wife was angry and vowed never this lady for having taken her property this case, her husband.

This man’s wife maintained that this lady deserved no forgiveness for the problems that she has caused in her family.

She lamented that since her husband got into another relationship he only paid the house rent but no school fees for the children and other basic needs for the family including food, so this meant his wife was left to struggle alone to make ends meet.

He was also an absentee father where his children are concerned since preferred spending his free time with this lady

So this lady was asked to leave the family man alone to avoid causing more trouble in the upbringing of his two children.

Then she was also asked to vacate the room that this man was paying for its monthly rent. But this woman had one request that this lady should not leave before they talk things out in person.

This is the year of mercy…

Just a few days ago, I was listening to the pastor preaching with the theme of this year being the year of mercy. He started by saying that as Christians we ought to examine our conscience as a way of knowing our stand in faith.

He further said that having healthy family relationships in one way or the other is a great influencer to our faith in church and the way we carry ourselves in the society.

But then the pastor had this question, are you as a Christian worthy before the eyes of the Lord? He went on and said you might be in the midst of the congregation yet you are maybe responsible for your neighbor’s marriage problems.

He for example said that you may be having an affair with someone else’s husband or wife but because it’s your dark secret, you are good to go with all the assumptions that you have kept to yourself. He further said that as long as it was wrong then let anyone ask for God’s mercy for mistakes done and accept change by allowing your faith to lead you.

Then he also said that problems in families determine the atmosphere that we are to experience in the country. By this he meant that if domestic violence is the order of the day in most families, then we expect the impact to be reflected in our society. This is so because people who come from homes where no one is ready to listen to them will tend to demand avenues where there voice is heard. So what happens in such a scenario can easily lead to conflicts if such people are denied chances to lay out their feelings.

So the pastor said as Christians, we should start by ensuring that we mend our relationships for the good of the church and the country as a whole.