A Friend With One Mysterious Dirty Secret

In those days, I was in High School, a mixed school in Nairobi county where I had time with a few great people who still linger in my mind. I remember one time when I asked one girl, a student, what that one thing she wishes never happened in her life. In my amazement, she took my note-book and wrote the following short poetic story:

My heart cries him,

My tears have not yet dried down,

I can feel him in my heart,

But I can’t hold him,

Touch his hands,

Say I love you in whispers…

Long gone,

Gone from my life,

But still there in my heart..

So vivid is his image..

My true lost love.

I was touched by this piece that I remember a drop of fresh tear running down my scared cheek. Well, I did not have courage enough to  ask who he was, how important he was and why she just could not let go.

Yep! I chose to inquire more about her love life, her family and everything that might bring out the reality in her life. He close friend told me that she is a reserved person who hardly share something personal with her friends. That was something! Then why me?

Another person who happened to be her neighbor said that he does not know much about her because they moved in from an unknown place and that the family is not that close to neighbors. Okay, that was a dead-end!

I happened to know her brother from a neighboring school. So, I just made a move for friendship before digging further into their life. There I found out that their father died some years ago but his death hit his sister more than anyone else. That was when I was face with the last ‘why’ that only her could give me the right answer.

It was then that I decided to go and start a conversation that lead me to posing that one big question. I was already ready for the consequences.

Her only answers was like,

You already know why, and I don’t have to explain things that are so obvious’

Well, I understood her perfectly well. But I could not connect the dots to see how that was possible…


Staying well with a gossiper


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Gossip is something that brings enmity between people who are close. This thing is like betrayal of trust and my result into nasty ends if not curbed at the right time.

People who like gossiping should not be given much to talk about when they are free.  If you know that your friend is someone who does not have brakes with words, then you have to limit on what you give out to him or her. This way, you create a barrier between the hurting experience and happiness that you share with this person.

It is not good to tell someone much about you. A secret is only safe when not shared out. However, if you trust someone very much then you are free to make that move.

In what I have known so far, nothing is safe as long as we are alive. If something happens between friends then the second party would seek for means to hurt you. And if you have shared deep secrets with this person then you have to prepare for the worst.

To a gossiper, he or she would do anything possible to stay close to a certain individual. The main objective may be friendship but the second nature can’t allow this person to keep quiet about something.

In revealing one’s secrets, a gossiper does not either know that it is bad or not aware that it will hurt the person in the mix.

While we know that we can’t stay alone in this world, however, we have to understand that not everyone can be a good buddy.

In most cases, we fail to understand our best friends, and this leads to making mistakes that might end with a regrets.

Remember, if you like gossiping with your friend, then the same goes to him or her to his/her friends and the chain goes on and on.

One thing is for sure; the end result of any gossip is enmity…. No doubt about that.

A Parasite As a Friend

Better to have an enemy who respect you than having a friend who despise you in public! The recent incident that happened between close friends made me wonder why some people choose a violent approach if they are not in a position to pay back what they owe their friends.

You can be a good friend to someone but this other person sees you as a source of riches. This person would do anything to be a close friend but when he gains more that expected; he creates enmity to make you stand alone when in need of help.

To such like people, there is nothing like true friendship. They only think about themselves and how they would be the beneficiary in that closeness.

Like ticks, they take but they never give back. They behave like parasites in animal kingdom— feeding on the host as it suffers a loss and sometimes weakened to death.

The reality happens here on earth. Like on this friend of mine, she had a person who seemed to be her close friend for many years. According to her story, she trusted the girlfriend so much that she invested a lot time and resources in her. But one day, the friend refused to help her out and that from then she terminated that friendship and went about spreading lies about this friend of mine.

For those who knew the reality, they refused to believe in those lies but it was obvious that she wanted to destroy my friend’s happiness just to stay away from pay back time.

Such evil minds thrive in people who do not feel anything good from anyone. By such actions they show the world what they are really made of. Sad news is that, if you owe them something, they would rather kill you than see you around in happiness. They just don’t forgive their debtors.

Ever had such a friend? Have your say!

That Special Feeling To The Wrong Person!

Love is being stupid together

Love is being stupid together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The feeling of love is undeniably the most precious thing to happen to anyone. However, we have to understand that love is two-way traffic as someone else must be involved to make it work. It is only through mutual understanding that love grows to the new level and bloom out affection.

Now here is my story,

Not long ago, I met someone who happens to be so close to me. As a lovely girl, she was my best friend. As someone whom I knew very well, she was special to me. But we knew each other too much to stay as lovers, so we made it be ‘just friends.’ Or maybe, I was the one who made that decision out of my love miserliness.

We used to meet and chat about life and anything that worthy to talk about as close friends. But one day, she just stopped seeing me for no reason at all. I guess she was busy or something did happen that she did not want to involve me. By time, I forgot all about her.

So recently we met again after a year or so. She had not changed that much but she was cute than before. Obviously, we had a lot to talk about as time that had passed between us meant a lot for both of us. It was then that she asked me about my love life and how it had been without her.

Bad for me, I was not sure where to start or where to begin with. In fact, my naivety did not allow me to see through her eyes for the truth that she had been hiding all along. And the reason she cut short our friendship with no prior message remained a mystery.

Oops! I came to understand it all. I was not her friend by her lover. She moved out because she could not bear it anymore hoping that when the right time comes, I would feel the same.

“Do you understand what it means by loving someone?” Is a question that she asked me before walking away into the evening darkness!

When A Friend Takes Your Lover

"Ung publik tar in sol och musik", K...

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Could you be fine or okay with it if your best friend takes your lover? This is not a new experience in people’s life. The friend you trust can turn the pain or a reason why you are heartbroken. But the question is, will you understand the situation and move on as if nothing happened?

Love is something one cannot just control easily when it comes. This is something that even lovers themselves cannot tell how and why they became an item. They heart that feel the connection can make someone turn into the person that is not easy to handle. Nonetheless, love has many initial signs that must be looked into before allowing it happen. So a friend who comes in the middle of lovers has no good reason why he or she did it; blame it on greed, disrespect and disloyalty.

Love betrayal is something that can happen to anyone. Marriage partners being the most affected because some marital vulnerabilities can just turn negative if third party comes in the mix.

Friends can be good people who care much about one’s welfare and love life. However, some friends are fiends in nature. They do not care about anyone else but them, and might become the stumbling block if you have problems in your relationship. Such like friends are never in good terms with love, their evil nature cannot allow them to understand it when they see you happy, if fact they create problems when the notice tension between lovers and they magnify a small misunderstanding to irreconcilable outcome.

We have bad friends out there. I wonder why they do it but I guess it has something to do with a feeling that they are better that you in everything. To them you do not deserve what you have, giving them confidence in taking advantage of your weaknesses. Oops! They would expect you to understand why they did it. Not me!

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