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Success or Failure Touches Some of Your Friends

There is a saying that goes “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. We may this is a written proverb but to some extent, it really means something to us in real life.

But if several people are asked randomly who a friend is to them, they will definitely have different answers. Some will say a friend is that whom they occasionally talk with even if they are getting nothing from them.

Others will say a friend is that who is there for them in times of problems by assisting them financially or even materially. Anyway this all depends on how an individual thinks of who a friend is to him or her.

But the truth is your success or failures determine who remains to be your friend or who crosses to other side to being your enemy.

In your success you will have many friends but the majority are just pretenders. These pretenders will always make sure to being around you to enjoy your company faking happiness for you but when things take a wrong twist and you become broke, they are the first lot to gossip about you.

This is the time that you realize who your true friends are and whether they were there genuinely or only for convenience.

Some friends contribute to our downfall in one way or the other like borrowing from you and blatantly refuse to pay back. They already know how to make you weak and will behind your back start mocking you and even laughing at you for failures that they are part of. Having such people around you can be the worst nightmare that you can have to deal with.

But then whether in successes or in failures, we need friends to be there for us in our good and bad times. If you chose to be happy with me as I count my successful blessings, then I expect you to be there with me when am suffering in sorrows.

Why You Should Know Your Friends Much Better

Last Friends

Last Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the saying goes that ‘idle minds are devils workshop’ the reality of this this is there in  life. Do you know that there are people out there who are happy when others are experiencing problems? Funny enough they have all through been pretending to be your friends.

It  happens that, anyone who encounters a problem will share out to his/her close friends because he/she expects them to willingly help. But nope! This is not the case because you might hear your present predicament is already known by two or three other people,yet they are not in your inner circle of friends.

What’s more you will hear this in a very negative manner like them commenting that your pretence is out in the open. So you first wonder if your close friends can really turn your problem into a sweet melody to spread to others.

Then there are friends who will run away from you in case of problems. May be you may be experiencing some illness in your family that may require a huge amount of funds. What happens these friends cannot even pick your calls because they think that you are borrowing money from them. It’s hurting to lose your friends because of illness yet you very much need their support.

In life not everyone will be happy with your prosperity. Many people would want you to just remain there and if possible not be a proud owner of any sort of wealth. That’s why they will brand you a devil worshiper and yet you have genuinely worked hard to acquire your wealth.

But any way having good/bad friends is part of life and what is left is for you to know who it is that you associate with. Remember everyone is part of God’s creation and that’s why we have to experience them and pray that we pass any test that they put across to us.

Measures Of Love, To What Extent?

Do you feel threatened by your husband’s or wife’s friends? In the society we live in, we have to beware of people around us. We might be new in the region or in that area but the people who associate with that loved one should be taken into consideration, especially when you realize that your lover—husband or wife can’t do well without them.

It is normal for people in the relationship to worry about the affairs of their family. The outsiders can make or break a family. This is a known fact and no one can doubt this. Love can grow into something else or be broken, disintegrated and separation be the only option if someone doesn’t value love in the family but opts for what the friends say of do.

Now, do you feel your partner is having good time out there than how he or she is in a the family? Do you think your lover is being negatively influenced while with friends? These questions pops up very often when love is at the rocky path. But the good news is, not all people can do bad just because friends suggests so.

Come to think of it—- you met him or her when friends were already there. She or he chose you, accepted you as you are irrespective of class or society you came from. Now why get mad if he or she continue being happy with friends?

Love is not a game that is decided over the number of players in the field, but rather it is a game that is played by how much love one has for you.

Feel it burn in your heart, that is love! Train it the way it should behave when his or her friends are around and accept the fact that humans sometimes do better when they are around those who matter somehow. At the long run, it is you yourself and your love who should decide what to do and what to expect in friends. Remember, you should all set a limit on influence should have over you.

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The night of spoken voices

English: Bournemouth : Heron Court Road Heron ...

Heron Court Road Heron Court Road in the middle of the night and so not much is happening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dull, dark Saturday night came to me with a message clear from its dearest spot. The message was short and precise— never gonna be the same again.

But before that, the day was calm like water in a deep-sea. Just small waving ripples were evident the whole day long. Nothing really showed the signs of big changes in my life even though I had this funny premonition of an unknown happening.

Well, being a guy who has lots in small and thick brain, I shut it down and stayed put on what I was doing by then. I wish I saw it coming, or should I say my negligence let it happen?

Okay, big changes in life comes when you least expect them. However, human brain like mine can predict it but is a choice that one has to make to accept or to let it go and lose that great moment.

Like me, I knew that big changes were about to happen in my family life, but my predictions were far from reality. My mind was set for the coming month and my goals were obviously marked for May. So, I had to adjust everything into that Saturday night.

As the clock closed on me, I knew I was in for a big surprise. Everything was happening so fast than how I thought it could be. And damn! The darkest hour of the night provided a challenge that I had to involve other people into my mess. Oops! It is also called waking you best friends at the middle of the night to get involved in hour.

Great! They accepted to walk with me. Weather turned so violent on our heads. The rains gave us a run for the catch and yes! The blessing was born in the middle of us. The next in my family’s generation came to earth to stay with us, drink with us and happiness in our life time.

What a night!

Learning Through Pain and Regrets

English: city hospital eranakulam മലയാളം: സിറ്...

city hospital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The two friends who split up because of a love triangle reunited after they both learned the hard-way. They were so close once when the first girl was having an unstable relationship. Because of thinking that the girlfriend was the problem, the friend jumped in to make things right for the guy (boyfriend).

With his handsomeness and hidden true-self, the other girl thought that it was easy to manipulate her ways through because she thought it was not worth it to loose such a man to someone else.

Upon realizing what was happening, the girlfriend (now an ex) tried to warn her friend not to fall into his trap. But all landed on deaf ears, with a notion that she will make things right.

It was not easy to convince her friend to dump the useless guy because she was already in love. So, they split up in an embarrassing way, cut off all communications and stayed like enemies forever.

Three months later, the ex received a text message, ’There is something I want to tell you. Pliz, don’t get mad at me… lets meet.’

Of course, she already knew what was happening and the reason why her former friend chose to communicate through text. A friend in need is a friend indeed. That was the only thing that made her accept to meet with her buddy.

At their meeting point, she waited for her friend to come but her long wait did not materialize. She called the number back only to be informed that her friend was admitted in the city hospital due to domestic violence.

She rushed there only to see her friend lying there helplessly with bruises all over her, once, beautiful face. The held her tear from having the way.

The friend turned painfully to face her and said, “You were right all along, I should have listened to you. Please forgive me.”

It was an emotional encounter that left everyone in the hospital ward amazed. The friends reconciled and promised each other never to go against one another again.