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Deserves a SECOND Chance, But NO TRUST

How would you react when a friend of yours does something terrible and pins you in the mess?  There are those who believe in second chances, not everyone deserves this opportunity to make things right.

I happened to have a good friend whom I shared so much information with, and a good percentage of my secrets were invested in him.

I knew we had so many things in common that brought us close, least did I know that he was a loose mouthed one ready to clear his name by dragging me in his problems.

The moment I was called by the authority to explain some dirt that I knew he was involved in,  it was the time I knew that he was a good for nothing guy who would roast his only trusted friend in order to save his own skin.

It was so hurting that I had to explain the mess in my own terms. Giving details and accounts how it went down and who was involved. At the end, the case backfired and he was in so deep.

Believe it not, the guy came to me and accused me of setting him up. He denied having involved me in his dirt and that I cannot be trusted with a secret.

I kept quiet about it because someone had already told me who had set me up, and I was so mad that anything above what I was already feeling could have triggered physical fight in public— something I hate in life.

Anyway, it was a month later that he came asking for forgiveness. Yes, I accepted him back but I do not get carried away in conversations that might result into giving him my secrets or allowing him to share so much with me. I even told him that I am no longer his confidant.

I learned that a secret is for one person, never for two people.

Taking a Friend Along On Your First Date

English: YOKOSUKA, Japan (Dec. 25, 2010) Culin...

first date (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The forum was aired on a morning radio show on whether it’s okay for a lady to take along a friend on her first date with a man for a dinner or lunch.  It’s obvious for the parties involved on a first date to have higher expectations on whatever the outcome would be even after looking forward to enjoy each others company. You can take flowers for your partner on your first date, Enchanted florist in Webster TX deliver flowers in different variety.

The first caller was a man who said that a lady who would come with her friend on her first date is definitely bringing a point home that she is not interested in the guy, leave alone even starting a viable relationship. But he was quick to point out that even if the lady opted not to come alone, then it would be okay to come incognito with a friend but make her sit in another different location but not make her tag along all through. According to him, privacy is a crucial factor for them to be able to know each other very well. The Glass Knife café moving into old italio space in winter park. Are you looking for deals on what you should plan for a hen’s night out? A Hen Night—or a bachelorette party—is a time when you and a group of ladies can get together to celebrate your favorite bride-to-be. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to a hen’s night out, including drinking, dancing, and so on. But one of the best things you can plan for a proper hen’s night out is a trip to a male strip show. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got you covered, from mild to wild, Sex Toys for her, toys for him, gay sex toys, fetish, underwear and games we stock one of the largest range at discounted prices. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night out, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. Magic men have been told that our male strip club and live shows are the hottest in town. We have the best male strippers and they all aim to please.You can check out these male strip clubs Melbourne for a night out on the town here, do visit.

Then a caller lady felt that for her case, it was okay to invite a friend on the first date since you may never know the real impressions of the man. What’s more she pointed out that a guy who would complain about another invitee is due to the fact that he may not be in a position to foot the bills of the two ladies hence the blame game.

During this forum, it all came to be like a gender voicing fight since the men totally disagreed with the ladies supporting it on the other hand. But I think it depends on an individual after being positive about the other party.

You need to ask yourself and getting to know you questions, do you feel secure with him? Then something else, if you feel that you have reservations on what the meeting is all about then notify a friend or two about the upcoming meeting.

Financially Down But With Determination To Survive

economic backlash

economic backlash

I always say that life is ‘unfair.’ Economic swing and joblessness is driving people to do some stuff that we only hear or read on the web. So sad that this person was serious about selling his Kidney for Ksh5000 (less than $60) for easy cash! Here is the story,

He is a young man with a young family to look after and so he decided to leave upcountry to look for greener pastures in town.

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His main area of earning some cash was in the building industry where he started working as a casual laborer. This meant that he was not lucky in getting a job always and so it turned that there were those days that he had to put up with an empty pocket.

The sad part of it that he sometimes had to trek for about 60 kilometers in search of job and end up not even getting one.

Walking became part of his life due to the little cash that he was getting. Nevertheless, thanks to his two friends who understood his financial woos and were always there to help him out. They would sometimes give him some cash to use as bus fare.

Things took a wrong twist when he received a call that his eight-month old baby and his mother were both sick.

First, he did not know his starting point for he had no money or even a job from which he would help his family. He pondered a bit and then saw it fit to sell his kidney in order to start a barbershop business.

Since he was listening to his favorite morning radio show, he decided to call one of the presenters whom he thought would assist him to sell his kidney.

He was given an opportunity to explain why he had opted to sell his kidney. This was on national radio and so many people were listening and two good Samaritans were moved by his story and so offered to assist him.

The good news is that he will be trained on hair cutting in order to get the technical experience. Then he will also be trained on how to retain his customers once in the barber business. They will also purchase the kits required for hair cutting and also cater for his one month rent on the premises that he will operate the business from. The end!

This is just one person out of many who are in need of help. It is so sad that as the country moving from law edge to industrial nation, the situation is forcing some people to do whatever they can for a living.

Have your say!

How to Live a Happy Life

Are you happy with your life?

There are several things that makes happiness be like a dream for many people world wide, unfortunately only a small percentage of people do attain this goal.

People have every reason to be sad… from chronic diseases to death of  loved ones, from economic imbalance to living under poverty line- less than a dollar per day, from physical challenges to emotional strain in life. Actually, there is no escape route for anyone alive, only that some have discovered how to evade such challenges and live a happy life.

How to live a happy life

Oops! Do not even think about having lots of cash as the only way to happiness! Money, as we understand, has its own challenges. And as they say ‘Money is the source of every evil in the society.’ Agree or disagree, someone had a point in that. Here is what Dalai Lama had to say about money and happiness… ‘The ultimate source of happiness is not money and power, but warm-heartedness’.

So lets explore some of ways that may lead to pure happiness

1) Accepting Who You are and being Ready to Forge Forward

-This can be hard to achieve because an unsettled mind is always in motion, trying to get something that seems missing in life. But one can overcome this  by allowing the brain to settle for that thing that is already in hand before moving on to the next target.

2) Thinking Positive

-The wise would see the floating log of wood in water and belief it is an opportunity to survive in a flooded area while a fool would see danger and be consumed by the floods. So, the only way to make it in life is by trying and testing several avenues before settling for an easy one, and believe that, whatever chosen, will help you hit the goal in your life. Never allow a second thought disrupt your good visions.

3) Avoiding Idle Moments in Your Life

-Whoever said, ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ was very right. Keep your mind busy to avoid being driven off the line by negative thoughts

4) Having Happy People In Your Life

-Human brain can be easily cheated by the surrounding. The more you hangout with cheerful faces, the more you will train your body and moods to change -adapting to new lifestyle.

5) Do Not be Driven by Wild Dreams

-This is the most important factor that can either sink your desires in life or uplift your heart into happiness. It is good to be persistent in what you want to achieve in life, but be careful because not all dreams comes true.

Okay, these are just but a few factors that leads into true happiness.

Have happy moments in your life.

How Genuine Street Beggars Get Raw Deal in Nairobi

“Do not pick it, leave it alone.”

the statue of a street beggar

the statue of a street beggar by marmax in pixabay

I finally saw the light and reason why a genuine beggar would stand there on the streets with a cup for collection of money from well-wishers but ends up having nothing at all because someone is so afraid of being a pauper in Nairobi.

It came to me one day when I was walking on the streets of Nairobi. I was in accompany of a friend of mine, smartly dressed and a show of high status in our society. The guy was bragging about his life and how his success in business which elevated him into the life he always dreamt of.

The Value Of A Coin




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“You know what buddy… every coin that comes in your pocket is all that matters when you’re in business like mine…’’ The person was saying to me.

I wondered why he was telling me all that in public place. All I needed was a quick delivery of package and off. His business and his wealth was his secret that no one else should care about, leave alone talking about it on top of his voice and laughing exaggeratedly on simple issues.

Genuine Needy Person

There was a beggar who had disabilities on both legs and his hand too indicated some weaknesses. The friend of mine looked at him and started searching for something in his pockets. After some seconds of fruitless effort, he turned to me and asked, “Do you have some coins, I need to give him something, but it seems I have high value currency notes with me…” Blah blah blah… I saw it fit to give him a twenty shillings coin that he handed it over to the needy man. In his words, he said that his coins end on the streets…not buying from hawkers but giving them away to those who need them the most.

Negative Thought About Street Coin

We reached on a busy street. There was a ten-shilling coin being kicked and stepped on by passersby. I made up my mind to pick it up but he told me not to because it was a shameful act… I reminded him that ‘there are those who need it the most’, but he insisted that it was of no use. I picked it anyway and later gave it away because that was my intention.

Fake Beggar Revealed

We were in public transport vehicle, commonly known as Matatu, when I was surprised to see him give away my twenty-shilling coin as bus fare. I thought he gave it away to the beggar but he tricked me and kept the money for himself…. I understood why he had to say that ‘every coin that comes in his pocket is what matters in his business.’

Oops! It is so hard to deal with fake beggars in Nairobi as genuine needy persons stuck with nothing but time to wait.