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An Absentee Father Who Eventually Wanted Recognition In The Success of His Children

It is the hope of every mother for her child or children to have a father for her children. Not just someone who fathered the child and went missing, but someone who would be there for them and always putting his family first before anything else. But in this story, there happened to be an unlucky mother who raised her two sons alone until maturity.

According to her, father of her children left when her first son was six years and the second born was only three. Now, after years of struggle and agony in raising two boys, the man who got lost in the world of forgetfulness just happened to pop up and demanding for his share in the success of her two boys.

In the recent event that was organized by her first-born son, the man who claims to be their father wanted recognition in the opening speech and he wanted his name mentioned in the importance of the event. What amazed people even more was the fact that he pushed for this and eventually, the son who did not have any other option mentioned his absentee father just to make things a little less abnormal.

The fact that he was not there for them when they did need him a lot does not matter to him. Now that his first-born son’s name is trending worldwide, he wants to come in and be part of the success story.

Why abandon your own children and come back later and pretend that nothing happened while you were away? Only a greedy person would push for recognition when he knows he has no rights to. Such people are remorseless and would do anything to be where they do not belong.

A family is not just a name. What matters more in such a relationship is being responsible for those who are under you. Those people you care about for and the desire to make their lives much better. However, if someone is not a family man or woman, then he or she should not even think about coming home at the time they are not needed.

Family Life, When She Gang Up With Children Against The Man

English: A large family having fun by the water.

English: A large family having fun by the water. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is an early morning radio show and it came out too well that women always have a lot of influence when it comes to their relationship of the children and their father.

The first caller being a man said that he concurred with this since he is already a victim of the very odd behavior. He said that when he was a young boy his mother could tell him not to talk to his father if he failed to buy him anything that he wanted.

Funny enough, after so many years since his tender age now that he is married in a family, his children are doing to him exactly the same thing.

Then another caller said that he is close to his children and so he gets to know what kind of things his wife tells to the children. And what’s more his cordial relationship is what makes them open up to him yet he never reaches out for any information from them.

He then added that they always tell them anything though he never bothers to ask them or have never even considered confronting his wife. He then said that what matters in a family is for a man to provide for his family’s needs and to be there for the children which is good for their growth and development.

But I think for those men whose children are easily manipulated is the case of absentee father. If you are those men who think that money is the only need that is required in your family, then blame yourself for losing your children’s attachment.

Children need the presence of their father and for them to embrace you then give them the fathers love and security. Remember that as the children’s father having time with your children is vital, as this simple action makes them feel ‘whole’ in family life.

Feeling Secure In Father’s Hand

father's baby

safe in his arms

This a story about a small little girl and her father who had gone for a walk as a way of passing time.They had walked for about half an hour when they reached a river that they were supposed to cross and it was the only route that they were supposed to use.This is because there was no other way that they could use instead.

But what’s more to cross the river,it was only through a trunk of tree that was put across.So the father asked the little girl to hold his hand so that they could cross safely together.The girl refused and told him that she couldn’t do that.The father insisted that it was the only way to be safe but the little girl was adamant that there was no way that she gonna do that.Her father stood there wondering why the little girl could not heed to his calls.

Then he sought to know the reason why the little girl was deviant about holding his hand but she told him that in this way she was not safe because anything can disrupt her and make her loose grip of his hand and fall into the river.She then told him that he is the one who is supposed to hold her hand because she knows that there is no way that he can loosen his grip no matter what.The girl felt that there was a difference between holding her father’s hand and having her father hold her hand.

This was a sigh of relief to the girl’s father who was running out of options to convince his daughter any further.So she felt more secure with her father’s firm grip and so as he held her hand they both safely crossed the river.

This story teaches us the security that is always associated with the father figure around just like the same way the  little girl trusted her father to secure her safety as they crossed the river.


Single Mothers who Won’t Disclose the Father of their Children

secrets in life

secrets in life

It is the dream of every woman to get her Mr. Right and live happily ever after. But life has many things to offer since some women end up being single and even with kids to bring up on their own. But most of these single women don’t like the idea of discussing the issue of the father figure with anyone not even with their kids. The reason for this secret they feel is to protect their children. They are some women who are single by choice or for others by circumstances.

There are some children for these single who will reach at a certain  age and then demand to know who their biological father are. Like for this scenario where this young girl’s mother was unable to pay her school fees and so demanded to know the father so that he could help them out. The mother could hear none of her demands,beat her up  and even sent her away to stay with her grandmother. That’s when she learnt the bitter truth that her mother was raped at the age of 13. She felt a lot of hatred towards this man and even saw no need of knowing him. She felt very sorry for her mother and could now understand why her mother opted to keep her in the dark.

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Some women felt the children had no right knowing a father who wanted the child aborted on conception.Some men will try to kill such children even after birth regardless of whether the mother is able to take care of the child.They feel that they have a right to live and if the father was taking that away from them,then such men should keep off from the lives of the children.

There are other scenarios where the man will take off on knowing that the woman is pregnant with his child and will not assist in any way.Maybe the woman is not able to take care of the baby and so burdens her family.

Life is so unfair, we only learn to live by choice!