You Should Not Hate Her Because OF Her Weight

A few weeks ago, it was in the print media how married women were really adding weight after the first few years of their marriage. This made the opening remarks on morning radio show where the listeners aired their take on this issue of the weight gain. The question that arose here was whether the women were responsible for their upward growth in terms of weight.

While listening to what the listeners had to say about this, it became obvious that most men hated their women due to having gained a lot of weight .One caller said that most women go about eating a lot of foods, being lazy and so the end result of this is definitely gaining lots of weight. He also added that they do not take time to even think what this lifestyle may do to them.

But even if most women tend to gain some weight after being married, there are many factors that may lead to this scenario. I remember a response to a blogger concerning fat women who really outlined lots of negativity to such women after she wrote that they are fat and cannot run from this fact. Somebody else responded to this writer that being fat does not mean what someone eating but rather is what is eating them up. By this I mean, there are women out there who will add some weight when they are stressed up.

So I was here thinking that as a man, should you feel alarmed if your wife starts gaining weight? I think that we should all appreciate that a change is something inevitable in us as human beings. By this I mean adding weight is part of a physical appearance that is still subject to change and so in this case, no man should expect the wife to remain slender like when they first moved in as a couple.

So let’s live to the vows that we exchanged before our relatives and friends and not use lame excuses as to why you find your wife no longer attractive. It only happens in the mind when you start thinking your wife has added so much weight yet this is not what really matters for the two of you to be happily married.

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