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The Hard Disc Drive

sata HDD for laptop computers blickpixel / Pixabay

Where was I yesterday? What really happened that kept me outer virtual world? How was the problem solved?

In one of social media sites, I received a message from a great man, a friend of mine, asking why I had just dissolved into nothingness for about two days. In his words, he used words like ‘hidden undersea’ and ‘forgotten like an extinct beast.’

Well, today I here to have a say and by the time I finish up my story, you would understand much better why I chose to go underground and how I managed to emerge from it all. The sodapdf offers advanced security and collaboration features, is easy to adopt, and increases productivity. Best part is, you can access all Soda PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through Soda PDF.

Okay, it all started a day I go when my laptop decided to refuse to boot up. I performed some maintenance on it but it remained down. That was the moment I was forced to format the whole thing.

Well, that did a trick— oops! For a day or two.

The laptop was up and running as usual. In my mind I thought the problem has been solved, only to crash again. This time for real… It could not even repair itself. I did everything I could to ignite live into its components but all efforts did a dead-end. Computers and laptops are prone to breaking. Whether it concerns physical damage or non-working hardware, small problems both physically and virtually can later migrate to larger problems. PC Revive offer unrivalled knowledge and have all the tools to repair your computer problems quickly and efficiently. You can also visit website link for getting best repairing knowledge.

Diagnostics showed that something was brewing on its Hard Disc Drive (HDD). The thing could not even accept new software—-

The Search for New HDD,

Seeing no chance of survival, I had to make the final decision, to go look for a new HDD. In Nairobi, the desperate you are the more the damage you would incur.

It appealed to me that whatever I was looking for was almost impossible to get. The pricing was beyond what I thought and it was just ridiculous. The Nairobians and love for money is something that we have to live with. It was sad that these people wanted to make a newbie out of me in electronics world. However, being a know it all guy made it possible to get the HDD with capacity that I wanted.

Anyway, I am back and running. My virtual world is smiling once again now. It is great to be right back, blogging and doing other stuff on the internet.

Let This Fight Against Freedom of Expression Be Equal

The building blocks of greatness are simple things tolerable by the government towards its people. A good futuristic government should ensure that people who criticize it are not harmed by the authority, instead be given a chance to express themselves in a manner that could encourage change and development.

The government that targets its criticizers is not ready for change. So far, Kenyans bloggers walk on a tight rope, most hiding from the authority because of fear of arrest. This is not being taken well by the people of Kenya who currently depend mostly on bloggers for effective information and news.

Although the government denies involvement into blogger arrests, effort is being done on ground to ensure that freedom of expression is not infringed upon and that someone’s stand is appreciated.

We live in a free country, but it seems every word you write on Facebook, Twitter, Blog or in any social media platform in Kenya might land you into deep trouble. This is not freedom at all! This is government intolerance to criticism and a bridge way to failure.

Double stands being displayed by the government of Kenya of to its citizens is like a bulldog, which only target little kids with its big mouth, but runs away when a big boy comes in. The fact that when politicians use hateful language in a public gathering, no one goes for them there and then unless the public outcry forces them to act.

Big fishes have a way to go clean even when everyone knows that they are in the wrong. I wonder why the government is tolerant to such kind of people while junior citizens suffer a big deal when a facebook post is deemed malicious and there to create public unrest.

If the government is tough tough to deal with issues of public incitements, then everyone who uses freedom of speech for wrong reasons is brought to justice, irrespective of his or her status in the society.

Young Girls Falling Into Traps Unknowingly

This young teenage girl had the opportunity to pour her heart out to her ex-boyfriend who she claimed accused her wrongly for something she had not done.

According to this girl they had just been lovers for a month and during this period, she conceived. He at first accepted responsibility but when her parents threatened legal action against him for having intimate relationship with a minor, he denied everything and even went underground into hiding.

But when the pregnancy was three months, the young girl suffered a miscarriage. Then her ex-boyfriend resurfaced and accused her of procuring an abortion. Efforts to have him belief that she underwent miscarriage have been futile because he thinks that she went about looking for a way to get rid of the pregnancy.

She said that she was not willing to get back to him but she wanted him to hear her out her true self concerning the baby that she lost.

But the case of this young girl represents many others out there and the dilemma that they are faced with in matters of love. The truth is one month is a very short time for anyone to fully feel that you can confide to another to the extent of getting intimate. What’s more she is an underage t get married lave alone having the feeling of what love is all about.

Let young girls know that it pays nothing to anyone who waits up to that optimum age when one is old enough to know what love really is. Let them also know that there is time for everything and so anyone in school should take learning seriously for it’s the foundations of one’s future in the after days.

This young girl represents many others out there who are trapped into love deals gone sour yet this is not the time to allow men to play with their emotions.

Teenagers Worst Hit By Economic Challenges,

Flashy teens are a pure indication that the country’s economy is not bad. Broke teens speaks louder that an angry mosquito that something is not right in the country’s economy.

Of late, it is not easy to see many youths lining up for a paid concert; you will only see them pushing for a position in free ones, why? Their once deep pockets are torn and can’t hold a cent for more than two hours.

Teenagers who mostly rely on their parents’ income have been worst hit by Kenya’s economic challenges, forcing then to adapt new means of partying and for enjoyment reasons.

The hustle for money has never been this rampant. And majority are ready to do anything for an extra coin.

The internet is a close friend for these youths. Even though they still use most of their time chatting with friends on Whatsapp, Facebook and on other social sites, Google search records indicates that most youths, especially teenagers, are searching for earning opportunities.

Recently, I have noted that most youths are looking for ways to let go of their gadgets for money or downgrade in order to gain something from their personal belongings. Others are looking for means to trade in their phones for laptops.

In recent years, Google released a report that indicated that many youths are shifting from common social media sites to those that are least known. According to that report, teenagers now prefer blogging sites more and others are already working online in freelancing sites for easy money.

Whether this is due to overspending in December or not, the system that leaves the minors with no hope for money other that to hustle for it in all means, is a let down that should be rectified for easy running of the whole nations.

Desperate teens are like a loaded gun, safety off, and ready to fire. No wonder the reports that teenagers are involving themselves in criminal activities country-wide.

How ‘Digital Government’ is Playing Analog Games….

When the current government came into power, it had a unique slogan of being a digital government and it was obvious to hear people saying that this government will transform Kenyans’s way of life from analogs to digital.

As usual people are always looking forward to having a better government than the previous one in terms of governance.

Things have not been running well for this country because the positive changes that everyone was expecting are not forthcoming. But one thing is for sure that the citizens of this country can start by molding to get changes in the current political arena and also in future.

Leaders have now been accusing one another of spreading propaganda as far as the current government is concerned. And then we have the digital crowd that focuses on spreading propaganda too this time even when they know that they are spreading blatant lies.

In particular I’ve heard claims that the government has a number of bloggers in Twitter social media to give credit to the ruling regime even when it’s not due or even to counter the only known too well mistakes in government.

The same applies to the opposing side of the alternative government. But then the question is how will we even know change and feel its impact if we allow the leaders to influence what it means to be patriotic for the good of our country?

So how does this online government differ from any other. A main difference is that it will be more online aware than the previous have been. Online can just about feel like the wild west in its lawlessness at this point. It doesn’t have to be. It can be regulated and made legal and safe. That doesn’t mean that online gambling sites like QQ Poker need to disappear, but only that they will need to provide perhaps some information on how they run in order to provide further understanding. Online gambling site like idn poker is great, and there is not reason it should go away. Regulation for it and other services online sound equally reasonable as well.

The leaders are greedy for power, something which we are well aware of and still we take sides to show support for the agenda less motives. I have always heard people saying that they want leaders with change but we are still twisted with unique and very attractive manifestos that are never fulfilled.

So Kenyans look for that real change as you vote otherwise we will never move forward. That’s why we have the saying that when the deal is too good ,think twice and in this case it means that sometimes politicians only make promises to woo us into voting them in.