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evil – Waflay Post
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A Parasite As a Friend

Better to have an enemy who respect you than having a friend who despise you in public! The recent incident that happened between close friends made me wonder why some people choose a violent approach if they are not in a position to pay back what they owe their friends.

You can be a good friend to someone but this other person sees you as a source of riches. This person would do anything to be a close friend but when he gains more that expected; he creates enmity to make you stand alone when in need of help.

To such like people, there is nothing like true friendship. They only think about themselves and how they would be the beneficiary in that closeness.

Like ticks, they take but they never give back. They behave like parasites in animal kingdom— feeding on the host as it suffers a loss and sometimes weakened to death.

The reality happens here on earth. Like on this friend of mine, she had a person who seemed to be her close friend for many years. According to her story, she trusted the girlfriend so much that she invested a lot time and resources in her. But one day, the friend refused to help her out and that from then she terminated that friendship and went about spreading lies about this friend of mine.

For those who knew the reality, they refused to believe in those lies but it was obvious that she wanted to destroy my friend’s happiness just to stay away from pay back time.

Such evil minds thrive in people who do not feel anything good from anyone. By such actions they show the world what they are really made of. Sad news is that, if you owe them something, they would rather kill you than see you around in happiness. They just don’t forgive their debtors.

Ever had such a friend? Have your say!

Violence and Graphic Images On Social Media

“The world is already evil, so what if evil takes over?” By Wendy Wu – Homecoming Warrior . With all happenings around the world, it is easy to surrender our mentality towards evils and say, “All is normal.” But no! We are mistaking our responsibilities for Earth to whatever evil minds are creating for us. We have good brains to see evil and say, “this is not good for others to see.” Unfortunately, we have trained our minds to accept something bad and even share with friends and family about the same. With our think hearts, we can not even feel that such materials can be sensitive to someone else.

This is tech-age and social media is the first hand channel for information and happenings around the world. We get first hand news from users before the mainstream news media houses picks it from there for an extended coverage and detailed information about how, when, where  and why kind of info. In case of terrorism, the graphics part is what keeps us divided into those who would be fine having them circulate freely on social media and those who would rather read, listen to and watch for censored images from mainstream media channels than see graphic images from users– the ugly side of the reality.

Then we have other social media users who would make it clear that they support evil! These are people who keeps on reminding other users that something ugly happened some place and the results. That is why we are used to seeing horrifying images popping up day to day. And worse if some is out to post such materials over and over again as a hobby.

Evil can not win if we make up our minds to reject its impact in our lives. We have to make decisions based on what is good for the whole world. Just like in a Hollywood movie named above, she had to make a decision to fight evil on her Homecoming day— and yes! The evil was defeated.


Are We Doing The Right Thing In Search For World Peace?

Visit any news sites like BBC, CNN, Yahoo News and others and see what is left of hot news and stories all round the globe. The world is now limited to reading, hearing and watching about terrible happenings in our world. News of nowadays is like horror movies acted and performed in real life. In other words, we are experiencing more violence than before.

What really happened to humanity? I fail to understand why the world is full of hatred, ethnicity, and religious cleansing. Does it mean we have lost the value as human beings and that we are doing much only to benefit our curiosity of our deadly inventions and powers?

I wish the world were peaceful enough for humans to be ready in dealing with naturals calamities only. I wish the world was like the universal family where I could travel to any region on any corner of the globe and enjoy being alive. Now, we are facing our own extinction. Nations spending a lot of money in defense mechanisms other than what they do for other important factors for betterment of human life.

I hate to say that someday, our expectations will come to roost and the world will remain a hot zone for any kind of life, be it a tree, animals or anything that can breathe and enjoy the sun.

Who to blame if this actually happens?

As humans, we have too much amount of brains that mostly cannot help us. In fact, we are using just a small portion to think about evil that awaits us… not aliens that comes from mars or from any other planets, but amongst us –self-destruction.

It is sad to say that we have allowed evil to control what we are and allowed out minds to develop mechanisms to defend ourselves. It has come a point where we use terror to fight terror. One of the most effective way to deal with a bad person, but is it really materializing to world peace? Nope, we are creating more hatred than before, we are killing innocent people than before, and we are maiming the next generations’ mind than before. As a result, we are breeding more evil in our society and the problems will be much greater in the future.

We cannot win this war against evil if we continue using evil means in fighting it. We better start thinking more like humans and deal with other humans as so. There is a reason for everything and only dialogue can solve much of this bloodshed being reported by the media.

Have your say!

Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence-This is violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender.It brings about the breach of fundamental right to life.It also reinforces inequality between men and women.

Gender-based violence include:

-Domestic violence-This can be against one’s wife or even molesting a small girl or a boy sexually.

-Sexual violence-This can be due to cultural beliefs like making young girls undergo Female Genital Cutting (FGC)

Examples of sexual violence are:

-Forcing someone to have sex or even threatening to cause physical harm for not giving in to sexual demands.

-Making sexual comments or advances especially when someone is passing by.

-Acts of traffic importation of women for sexual exploitation.

-Coercing until someone gives in to ones sexual demands.

-Sexual harassment especially in the work place or in a vehicle.

-Rape and defilement.

When one is raped this is what one should do:

-Go to the nearest hospital for treatment and make sure that you don’t back or change your clothes that you had at the time of the incident as this will help in the investigation.

In the hospital one gets counseling due to the trauma that one underwent,getting tested for infections and be given drugs.

Survivors of sexual violence always feel:

-That they are to blame for whatever happened to them.

-Are shameful due to their nakedness and that is after imagining the turn of things.

-Are in denial of whatever happened to them.

-Minor depression.

-They grief since they feel like they are loosing part of themselves.

-They develop fear of even going to the shops to buy a commodity.

-Doing things to get attention.

-Develop hatred of oneself which can lead to committing suicide.

-In case of pregnancy resulting from rape,they opt for an abortion since they may not be willing to keep that child.

-Helplessness or low self esteem.

-Have no hope for the future.

-Flashback of the incident.


-Crying after one remembers the incident.

-Lack of concentration.

-Easily upset by small things.

-Being very alert and watchful especially when one is around the area where the incident occurred.

-Fear of sex and even loosing interest of getting marriage or having a partner in love.

-Increased bathing because ones conscious tells someone that you are still dirty because of the rape incident.

-One can turn to alcohol drinking.