Why She Decided To Marry Her Pet Dog

jools_sh / Pixabay girl and her pet dog

The recent wedding in a certain village, somewhere in Southern part of Africa, hit airwaves in a negative tone.

Apparently, this woman—a thirty something year old— walked down the isle in a church wedding but her husband to be was not a two legged being, but a four legged animal— the dog.

The shocking wedding was officiated by the controversial Man of God who in the past shocked many by doing something silly that left the whole country talking in hush hush tones. The recent wedding will only add a further doubt in his claims to be the chosen one in the village.

Going back to the lady in question, according to her… she has never known the meaning of a family and her dog has always been there for her, she has always made sure to take care of him just the way he deserves

And a man in is nothing but a noun in the English language. She said,

I grew up with a single mother because my biological father was an irresponsible parent. He could not take his responsibilities, forcing my mum to do her duty and his duties too. This is to say, my mum did everything she could to make sure the family was whole… I’m not ready to take the same route in life. That is why I chose my pet over men out there.”  

Well, the reason for going to her dog as her companion is the fact that,

  • The Dog understands her emotional feelings much better.
  • The dog will not pester her with questions about her privacy.
  • She is gonna be more independent on her own.
  • The dog  is the man’s best friend hence it won’t hurt her in anyway…
In her parting shot, she told the nosy lot that,

”You say , all men are dogs, then why bother if I find myself a real dog for a husband…?

Oops! That was so rude…. But we wish her all the best in life.

For Sure, Love Can’t Survive Without Money

English: Love Question

 Love Question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the world of business, everything has a price what matters is how much. However, in what I have heard about love they say money can buy anything but not love. If this is true, then why are women some beautiful women take money and sell their love to someone they do not what?

Someone said that the heart of a woman can be manipulated by money and it is easily to fall for someone with cash than that broke prince charming.

One question that women asks men who are interested to them is, are you financially stable? If yes then the person wins. But if no then the second question will be, who do you expect us to stay together… do you expect us to eat love?

Well, it hurts to face this last question. But it also teaches us that love life can be somehow complicated than how it should be. That love nowadays is nothing but a four letter word in English language. But rarely do you find true love— the tale of Cinderella kind of stories.

While broke hearts are searching for that someone who would love them unconditionally, the wealthy guy somewhere has bought one and everything is as smooth as other businesses.

The lady in such relationships may feel like she got married to a wrong guy, but the reminder in her mind tells her to shut up because she is the one who fell for his money and other riches.

As the song by the boys band, Sauti Sol, goes… ‘Do you love me baby, do you love my money?’… then there is this final touch that say, ‘Benz is not love.’ Oops! Something that our ladies should think about well before committing their hearts to someone!

In the world of money, true love does not exist but in the world of love money should exist. What a terrible situation for those like me?

Life is not that simple! We have to work hard to achieve something in life. Yes! If you want a good life with someone you love then work hard, win her heart and let true love settle for that little thing and forever it will not pass.

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