Is digital Era in This world Encoaraging Laziness In Class?

Advances inĀ  technology has brought about amazing features that we utilize with a lot of ease,The education sector is one system that has greatly enjoyed numerous advantages with both the lecturers and their students being the beneficiaries.

But there has been an upcoming trend whereby both parties seem to take advantage of the computers ability in place.I have this friend of mine who has specialized in the field of computers business such that he has access to the internet and this has so far earned him a lot of customers.

So this is what happens,a lecturer will come to him give him the work of research concerning a certain subject topis and get a print out of the research notes.This is done for a fee and I think as much as the internet has eased things for the lecturers,one should try to do thorough research on learning materials but not dwell so much on the internet.

It’s obvious that such research is not given considerable attention since only one source is used.I remember when I was in college and that is when the internet was yet to be embraced with a lot relevance as it is today,my lecturers used to have hand written notes for our learning.

At the same time,once the students are given any assignments,they still require the services of this friend of mine.And this includes doing research for the given assignment and then emailing the same to the concerned lecturer’s email and all this is done at a fee.From the students point of view,they think that it’s the easiest way of doing things but one wonders how this will affect their life tomorrow as employees in companies.

This explains why there has been complains from prospective employers how graduates are failing to deliver in their places of work. This is not good for the leaders of tomorrow, and doubtful in the future that needs highly qualified inventors



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