2015 KCPE Results Released Today

Today being a Wednesday, the Cabinet Secretary of Education, Fred Matiangi is expected to release the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results for the 2015 candidates later in the day.

Even as the Government and teachers are confident that education is a right to the children of this country, there are obviously questions surrounding this year’s K.C.P.E results. Remember this is a very important examination to both parents and the children since it marks the end of primary school education and welcomes the entry into the secondary school education.

When we talk of children rights to education, the question here is if the government has been really up to its task of ensuring all children go to school given that we are still in the era of free primary school education. Then should we expect a better performance than the 2014 results? What will be the difference between the 2014 and 2015 results? Will the grades have moved up or down as we compare the two years? These are still some of the questions that are definitely in the majority of Kenyans.

Then we also remember Garissa County that has been a hot bed of terror with Al-shaabab conduction series of attacks that left a number of teachers from this county dead. So there was a standoff from the remaining teachers who vowed not to report back to work and teach in this county raising security reasons.

It was there in the news that most schools in this county remained closed and for others the students became teachers of their own. So the question here is under which category will this county be put under bearing in mind other counties had peaceful learning?

What of public schools who were not in learning for close to two months when the teachers were on strike yet their private counterparts were in smooth learning all through?

So it’s the hope of everyone that even as the results are released later today. Let’s see fairness in all this. Remember this is a determinant of the life of tomorrow for these children.

Should You Inform a Child That He/She Is Not His Biological Father or Mother?

There is this young man who was in a family of his father, mother and his little brother and though he was born out of wedlock, his step-father raised him as if he were his own son. His mother got married to this man when he was just a few months old, so he grew up knowing that his step-father was his biological father.

He had just completed his primary school education and as he waited for his Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results, he was taken to his grandmother’s home back in the rural areas to stay there for quite some time.

But while he was there, his mother’s brothers revealed to him that the man that he was calling his father was not really his biological father. They went ahead and told him that they knew his real father and would be willing to introduce him to his father if he felt that there was need for him to meet him.

The young-man waited till he went back to his parent’s home and asked them to tell him the truth about his paternity. They tried to explain everything to him but he ended up putting all the blame on his mother for denying him the chance of being brought up by his biological father. He still continued living with the family but the relationship with his mother took a bad turn.

May be his uncles sort of radicalized the young man as far as his paternity is concerned, but who is to blame? I think all parents ought to know that no secret can last forever and especially if a third party is involved. So to avoid any nasty incidents in future, let a child know the truth before anyone with ill motives becomes the informer. But it is only good if the parents wait for the child to be old enough to absorb the information.

The pain of losing attachment with ones child

This woman was out to pour the bitterness of her heart something that has been a pain for the last nine years. According to her, she was taking care of her first-born daughter as it is the norm and pride of every mother. She took her through primary school education and proceeded taking her to a secondary school.

But after the completion of the second term in secondary school things took a new turn after the daughter’s aunt (the sister to her husband) came into the picture. This is due to the fact that the aunt without asking the parents took custody of the child and started taking care of the child’s needs even paying for her school fees.

Things went on well for the family even though their daughter moved on to live with her aunt. She then completed her secondary school education and proceeded on to the college level. Then after completion of the college, she got herself an attachment for the sake of the on job experience. All this while her daughter was okay with the arrangement and her family didn’t take notice any problem for the long that she was residing with the aunt.

Then her daughter approached her parents and told them that she was in the dating zone and as it was a healthy relationship, she was thinking of taking it to the next level and get married to her lover. But as it is the culture as per the community that the family belonged to ,her husband had to pay dowry to their daughter’s mother before they can allow the daughter to proceed on with the plans .This was not taken well by the girl’s aunt and an elder uncle who said that even though they are the girl’s parents, they have no business in her life since they have not been involved in her educating. Now what seemed to be a goodwill gesture on the side if the aunt now turned to be something with other motives.

Now this woman said that they are already pushing on with the wedding scheduled to take place on this coming Saturday yet she feels that she has been sidelined as the biological mother. What’s more hurting her husband’s family has been making comments that her daughter has other parents no wonder she was not invited for dowry negotiations and so she does not know anything about the family where her daughter is getting married.

So she said that she has no problem with the wedding pushing through but hoped that things ought to be done with some light on the issue. What’s more nobody ever approached them as her rightful parents and so they have been treated of people with no say for being poor. Let her husband’s family own up their mistake, and make sure that there are consultations because she is supposed to be happy for her daughter but not sad.

The Rising Number Of Teenage Mothers

In my neighborhood, I have known this teenage girl for quite some time now since she was still in primary school. She lives with her widowed mother since her father died a few years back. But then being a teenager led to constant quarrels with her mother as she was in the age bracket that thinks that they are always right in their decision making. This goes contrary to adult’s experience in life!

Day in day out, the young girl could get punished by her mother especially due to issues related to immorality. But she was able to complete her primary education and joined a secondary school to further her education. But during her second year, she became pregnant and dropped from school.

She eventually gave birth to a baby girl but as it’s the case of many teenage mothers, this is a hectic experience to her. May be this could not have happened had she heeded her mother’s advice. She cannot be able to cater for the needs of the baby and so the mother is burdened with the new responsibilities.

There has been rising cases of teenage pregnancies but the girls bear all the blame with no young men responsible, nowhere to get a share of the consequences. It’s true that there are parents who take their parenting seriously but, children, most of all teenagers are out to experiment with the info that they get from their peers.

It has been known that the teenagers are informed of anything new upcoming in the society by their friends. This gives them a chance to search for that youth fulfillment and in most cases; they wonder off in a life that they never wanted.

The saddest part is, the recent statistics shows that teenagers in Kenya lead in new AIDS infections. This number has risen compared to previous years and the ministry of health is worried that in later years, parents will be tasked to take care of their ailing children.

Kenya, Students Cheating in KCSE Exams

For the past few days, there has been alarmingly increase of cases in exam cheating may be something that is not new only that it’s a practice involving a majority of students. Being the national examination that determines the entry to the few public universities in the country, the scramble is on to ensure that one excels even if it means cheating.

With advances in technology, cheating has become very prevalent which makes exchange of exam leaks with ease. It was all over social media with claims that the exam leaks are there and what’s more even with the answers. But who is to blame for this if the education watchdog is adamant that there is no leakage of exams.

I heard in the news as one of the committee members in the education sector putting to task the police guarding the exams, the invigilators and the parents saying that they are to blame for this practice. She went ahead and said that some parents are texting the exams to their children and so wondered if such parents will appreciate their children’s success yet with cheating will not be a genuine excellence.

But even as the practice seems to be taking toll in this year’s exams, there is more than meets the eye and so maybe there are more gains to the parties involved. Like someone put it that lack of paying salaries to the teachers is directly a great influencer when it comes to cheating in exams. So the bitter truth is so long as money is exchanging hands then you are good to go with getting excellence in return.

Cheating to pass exams is a worrying trend because once a habit, it becomes engrossed in once mind and so can we proud of raising academic giants yet only on papers far from the reality of education.

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