Let the Children Learn to Behave Responsibly

Even as we parents say that the children of today are difficult to deal with, we need to be cautious with our style of parenting. I have known this family for quite some time now since the daughter and my son are classmates. So on a certain day, the head teacher was moving around the school compound and on reaching my son’s class, the children were in chaos running all over. So the head teacher jokingly pinched all the children in the class but this particular girl told her father that she had been sad the entire day for being beaten by the teacher.

So the following day, her father accompanied her to school to question the teacher as to why she had beaten up his daughter. The head teacher calmly explained everything to the parent and it turned up that the girl had just overreacted since they were not really painfully pinched but it was only to scare them into being silent.

But one thing is for sure that parents should let children know that any wrong done has to always attract some consequences. Let the children know that there are school rules that no one has the mandate to break not even their parents. The question here is how will any parent their child to be respectful if they are not a good example at all?

Parents are their children’s first teacher and so most of the times; they will do what they have seen their guardians do. Let children be children as they are in the stage of growth and development because today they may seem innocent but nobody knows about tomorrow as they may grow to even question you as the parent. So if you show your child that their way is always the right things to do then you have to blame yourself if they ever disobey you in any way.

Leave Hiked School Fees, There Is More Than Meets The Eye!

For the past few days, head teachers have been on the spotlight for taking advantage of parents by charging high school fees. Like one parent said that education is the backbone to development and as such the head teachers are doomed to fail with their ills.

But then something else came, that in some schools parents are forced to make other contributions to meet other miscellaneous costs. In particular one parent said that his son’s school so far has two buses and they have been asked to contribute cash for purchasing a third bus. As a parent, he could not understand what more functionality the third bus will give to the school that the other two have not.

Then another parent said that he has really contributed for a water tank for quite a number of years, but he continued to say that the tank has never appeared in school. Then he said the head teachers have held the parents hostage due to the fact that no one is supposed to ask any question concerning the issue.

He added that any parent who dares question why they are being asked to contribute any money opens gates for his or her child to be victimized. And some head teachers will go to an extent of manipulating the children by telling them that if their parents do not pay up, they will be punished by thorough beating. And to their expectations, some children will even refuse to go to school so long as their parents have not paid the cash.

Now that the issue of hiked school fees and some others fees parents are forced to pay, it is the hope of parents that the government will take a move and do something. And even as the government says that parents should report such irregular payments, then serious action should be taken immediately.

Parents Sue The Government Over Runaway School Fees In High Schools

With school head teachers holding Kenya‘s education system for ransom, parents —who have known for a long time how the government has abandoned them– have decided to seek for justice from the judiciary over payment of ‘overly’ hiked school fees charges in public High Schools.

Since the government is the overall body manning the running of all public schools, it has been the hope of parents that it ought to come in and bring sanity to the education sector.

I remember sometimes last year, the Deputy President was adamant that school heads charging high fees will face the full force of the law but so far nothing has been done.

But just yesterday, parents made up their mind to sue the government due to a repeat of the same issue of hiked school fees. The government maintains the education is free but I think there is something that parents are not being told.

More questions arise from the issue of smooth learning of schools. It’s true the government reimburses funds meant for schools but whether they are enough or not, it remains a secret and it’s not known what the funds really cover.

May be the government is hiding behind the ‘free education’ yet parents are still expected to part with something.

Looking at high cost of living, it may mean that the school head teachers are left with no option but to charge school fees in line with what is demand. But then even school heads have been in the past in the receiving end when the funds are released very late and yet they are expected to ensure smooth learning of schools.

I think the best thing to be done is to establish if the government fully funds everything that is required for smooth learning of schools. Parents want a situation where they are sure what happens but not relying on ‘maybe’. Let them know whether they are supposed to like buy textbooks for their children as the government covers everything that is required for smooth learning.

Public Schools Performing Poorly Because…

As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education was released early yesterday, it was evident that children from the public schools had performed poorer that their private school counterparts. According to the Education Cabinet Secretary (C.S), Professor Fred Matiangi, teachers were to largely blame for the decline in mean grade since they had abandoned the children as far as their learning needs are concerned. The C.S also said that it was sad that some counties registered 70% absenteeism and so this could only reflect what students in such schools were losing in terms of learning.

But then there were other reports that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) being the teacher’s employer was also to blame for the bad results reflected in public schools. The reason given here was that the TSC had demotivated the teachers for failing to grant pay increase bearing in mind that their current salary is not enough.

In other reports another speaker, an official in the Ministry of Education said that head teachers were also to blame since they are responsible for quality assurance and so it was clear that they were not doing their work. She went ahead and said the head teachers should not be popular with the teachers under them anymore but should rather look for performance from the teaching staff.

But then it’s the hope of every parent that the government will embark on a serious mission to establish why public schools are lagging behind in the national examinations. The poor performance is something of concern since it becomes the best option for those who cannot be able to access quality education in private schools. Let’s see more in terms of resources distribution because empty talk will not bring real improvement not unless something is done to rectify the current situation. Once corrective measures are put in place, and then we can expect to get better results in future.

How To End Tribalism and Ethnicity in Kenya

Kenya has about 42 communities, that in other words, would say tribes or ethnic settings. This is the strength that the country should be proud of because every community is known for its uniqueness— not about skin color or anything physical but inner strength of mental capabilities—that usually comes out when people are working together towards national building. However, this rarely happen because Kenyans are on constant motion seeking for means to hurt one another because of ethnic backgrounds. This can be either physical assault or an emotional hurting. Either way, this division is widening and there is a lot to be done to end this menace.

Enact a Law Banning political party merger,

The political elites have this tendency to use their influence on their tribal affiliations to drive masses on their back. After which they call other elites from different tribes to merge up people for a common goal. This is a bad mistake that the country has been tolerating for years. A good leader should stand alone and move the masses to his or her side. This common accord will bring people together and there will be no ethnic affiliations to blame when something happens.

Ban of Ethnic Names,

For better Kenya, there should be no ethnic names because they are there to identify someone’s background. There is a Swahili saying that says ‘Mkosa Mila Ni Mtumwa (He who does value his tradition is a slave).’ But what if this tradition is the one causing a major division amongst the people of Kenya? It can be a gradual process that might take over 100 years, but the long run history will charge one for being so brave to end tribalism menace in Kenya.

Embrace economic Class Instead,

In Kenya, we only have two economic classes, the rich and the poor. The poor are the majority in Kenya while the rich are the minority few who like playing tribalism. These few individuals know that if Kenyans wake up and see the reality, they will lose a lot. This is why they like being identified as part of the mighty community. They would speak ethnic language to draw attention of the poor people, even when they know they are from other world.

Amazingly, rich people have no time with ethnic backgrounds. They only do business with people in their class and never quarrel because of foolish tribal affiliations. Only the poor do this… this reason, poor Kenyans ought to realize their common enemy and fight to eliminate it forever.

Foolishness is like a disease that should be annihilated if prosperity is the goal in future. Kenyans needs to see the reality and move in speed to accept it. The political class does not really help us solve issues on ground; in fact they like this tribal division in order to sail through with secret missions.

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