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Education – Waflay Post
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Shocking that bullying is still in some schools

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

 Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, it was there in the news of a young man who underwent some form of brutal bullying that saw him being injured in the process. According to this young man, they were about fifteen students who were paraded by the seniors with claims that they were not respectful. He went on and said that they started beating them up but for his case the beating was so lethal that he lost a tooth and another was left hanging loosely.

Though it was hard to establish whether the school management was aware of any bullying incidents in their school, it was obvious that nobody was willing to seriously take up the matter. First, this student was sent away to seek medical attention on his own to at a rather distant health centre away from the school where he was forced to trek for kilometer. Then this student’s mother had issues with the school’s management for failing to notify her of the son’s misfortunes. She claimed to have been called by another concerned parent who found her son in a sad situation.

So the media people got wind of this incident and accompanied the student and his mother to the school but were restrained from getting into the school compound. His mother called out to be let in but the gate man declined to do so citing strict instructions from above. When the gate was finally opened the teachers locked themselves up in the office and the police were called in, in the name of restoring peace. This parent was mad that nobody bothered to tell her that her son had been beaten by other students and on top of that they were still mum even when she came personally came to school. But all in all, she said that they have at least done the sane action of giving her son a transfer letter because from the experience of her son, there was no conducive environment of learning in the school.

It’s so sad that some students in schools like this one still think that they are in school to be seen and heard in their actions yet they ought to know what you leave with after finishing the studies is what really matters.

Love and Education Pact, A Mistake That People Make…

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...

English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have heard real life or read about love stories, mostly of negative ending, of a once firm relationships. The issue of paying for lover’s schooling bills is not new in this era where love defines almost everything in the society.

But now, I have come to realize that not all people who seems genuine in loveeducation and future family are never that serious with that relationship pact. In many occasions,  someone has to pay for his/her stupidity.

In one story  that I heard, a man in my community catered for his lovers education expenses until she graduated with a university degree. But things changed between them after she got a nursing job and eventually got married to her co-worker, a doctor. She even said she was ready to pay back every penny that he spent on her. And to make matter worse, she said there was no love relationship between the two of them and that he was just helping a needy.

In another story, this lady narrated how she met her dream lover. Educated him and later found him with his new girlfriend. The fact that she was a little older than him was the main reason the boyfriend went for a side-chick. She lost just like that!

With many stories suffocating the airwaves, I wonder if there is a positive story about true love that starts with education and ends in a happy marriage relationship.

The opportunists, like taking almost everything for granted, not caring how people would feel when they unleash their true colors. These people only wait for an opportunity and eventually move on with their lives, forgetting everything they have left behind.

In conclusion, people should be very careful in rushing for a deal that has no good future.  It is good to know the person real good before offering to uplift his or hr life. But if love drives you beyond chances to learn a thing or two about your new catch, you might end up loosing your time, money and your lover for good.

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Oops! It Was A Wrong Number

Just a few days ago, I came back from my evening walk only to find a missed call from a number unknown to me. But then going by the fact that a lot of other things follow after calls from anonymous persons, I did not bother to call back. So after sometime I actually got a call from the same number and on picking it up, the unknown caller on the other end mumbled something I could not comprehend.

So the caller was a man and I used the ‘Kiswahili’ language telling him that we are not communicating because he is using a language that I did not understand. The caller thus switched to ‘Swahili’ and asked me if I was ‘Edward’ and according to him, he had business with the owner of the number which in this case was mine. I told him that I was not Edward but he quickly asked me if the number was really mine since he was given the number by the’ Edward’ for contacting him later so that they could furnish the business idea together. But I told him that maybe he had my number due to an error of one digit but he read my number aloud to confirm that he was really having my number as that of the aspiring business partner.

He still could not believe that he was talking to the wrong recipient and confirmed my number for three more times until he realized that he may have been dubbed by the other guy. I didn’t get to know what the two had discussed in order to attract for later follow ups but I could notice the uneasiness in his voice as he apologized and then hang up.

Advances in technology have its ups and downs but we ought to be careful when dealing with strangers since the society has all sorts of gangs and you never know what it in store for getting involved in doubtful deals.

Good News From The Government

A play…. It is about 4P.M in the evening and this lady and her father are seated relaxing in the sitting room. Then her father breaks the silence and asks her when she plans to go check her K.C.P.E results now that the Education Cabinet Secretary had released them earlier in the day. But with fee balance she tells her father that this alone would make the head teacher deny giving her the results slip.

As they are conversing about this issue, there   is a knock on the door and the father asks his daughter to go and usher in their supposed visitor. She opens the door and is surprised to see her mother at such a time different from her normal routine that she is used to coming home at night.

English: Father and daughter.

 Father and daughter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They both chat happily at which instance her father calls to ask who it is that she is talking to with all the excitement. She tells him that it’s her mother and he also wonders why the unique early home coming for they are used to her arriving very late. The mother and the daughter then moves in to the sitting room and her husband tells her that he has an important issue urgent to discuss with her but first he asks his daughter to bring him a some water.

As their daughter leaves the room, he tells his wife that he is still in a dilemma how they will be able to educate their daughter given that it was still a burden for them to cater for her primary school education. He went on and said with the results out, he knows that she will not be a disappointment since she has always been a bright girl. They both agree that the economy has been so unfair to them in terms of finances but they are still hoping to give the best to their daughter.

Then there is a knock on the door and his wife goes ahead to open the door and a neighbor comes in. After he greets them, he breaks the good news that the government has waived all fees arrears of all candidates in the last year’s examination and has directed the head teachers to release the results of those with fee balances. What a joyous moment for this couple since their prayers have been answered for such news has come in handy for their current problem. Their daughter then comes in an enquires why they are all excited, her father tell her the good news suggesting that she could now go for her results.

The play shows a government that is committed to ensuring smooth learning of children and especially for the less fortunate.

Young Girls Falling Into Traps Unknowingly

This young teenage girl had the opportunity to pour her heart out to her ex-boyfriend who she claimed accused her wrongly for something she had not done.

According to this girl they had just been lovers for a month and during this period, she conceived. He at first accepted responsibility but when her parents threatened legal action against him for having intimate relationship with a minor, he denied everything and even went underground into hiding.

But when the pregnancy was three months, the young girl suffered a miscarriage. Then her ex-boyfriend resurfaced and accused her of procuring an abortion. Efforts to have him belief that she underwent miscarriage have been futile because he thinks that she went about looking for a way to get rid of the pregnancy.

She said that she was not willing to get back to him but she wanted him to hear her out her true self concerning the baby that she lost.

But the case of this young girl represents many others out there and the dilemma that they are faced with in matters of love. The truth is one month is a very short time for anyone to fully feel that you can confide to another to the extent of getting intimate. What’s more she is an underage t get married lave alone having the feeling of what love is all about.

Let young girls know that it pays nothing to anyone who waits up to that optimum age when one is old enough to know what love really is. Let them also know that there is time for everything and so anyone in school should take learning seriously for it’s the foundations of one’s future in the after days.

This young girl represents many others out there who are trapped into love deals gone sour yet this is not the time to allow men to play with their emotions.