Back To Square Zero!


English: Moses Viewing the Promised Land, illu...

Moses Viewing the Promised Land, illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you do or maybe you do not understand the story behind the story of Moses and the children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land—Canaan. Whether this journey really took place or not, it should not be our main concern, what we should value the most is the ultimate lesson or the vital part of literature in that story is the lesson that we have to live with. Okay, that is only applicable for people who are ready to make changes here are there in their lives, just to create a space for further knowledge. But for some, it is just an old Biblical story for religious purposes.

The one day, a former land owner in Nairobi’s populous suburb had to vacate the property after the new land owner forced him out from the property. At first, the family thought that it was an issue related to land grabbing, but later documents confirmed that the disputed land was sold by one family member who could not be reached over the cell phone.

According to the new land management, the 32 year old spoiled guy approached them with the sweetest deal and they grabbed it without thinking twice because land in Nairobi is like Canaan in those days— the land that flow milk and honey. Of course they knew what they were stepping into, but in Kenya those with big cash always emerges the winners. That is why they came accompanied by the police officers and threw out the man who worked so hard for that property.

The hotter the soil, regrets and hopelessness reminded the family of where they had come from. Leaving that property was like going back to square zero (Egypt), but what else could they have done? The fool drove his family into poverty and into thin air, he got lost.

Tough Go For LGBT Persons in Kenya

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washingto...

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washington, DC, with a LGBT banner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An LGBT lobby group has confirmed that its members will hold a demo to chat a way forward as they seek their acceptance in the society. The group  which can only be termed as ‘controversial society’ has been reeling along the thin line between the African way of life and their sexual orientation which people only say ‘a taboo’ from western culture.

This is set to happen a week after an anti-gay demo in Nairobi.

The Kenya parliament (the national assembly) rejected the LGBT’s proposal to be part of the society. The honorable members voted against the bill and vowed that if the president of the United States, Barrack Obama comes to speaks about gay marriages in his anticipated tour, he will be ejected from the Kenya parliament.

The US president will have a tough goal if he wishes to change minds of Kenyans from their mind set about gayism.

In most African countries,  gay people are not free to express their feeling openly because the society does not yet allow it. In Kenya, LGBT person can form organization but still they are not allowed to speak about in public.

In other countries like Uganda, gay people live in fear and in secrecy because most known members of gay and lesbian community have been targeted and even killed.

Somewhere in Bungoma county,Kenya,  19 students were sent home after they were accused of being gay in a boarding High School. Parents, especially in affected schools, have come out strongly demanding for explanations from the school administrations how long gay sexuality has been going on and some have already transferred their children other schools.

Religious leaders made it clear during the campaign for the new Constitution that gay association is not acceptable in Kenya. And that is the reason why they lobbied their congregations against the constitution because they were adamant that the new law allows homosexual people to be part of the society, an ‘evil act’ as per their point of view.


Islamic State Recruiting Followers in East Africa

The recent arrest of Ugandan nationals suspected of recruiting the willing jihadists for IS in east Africa has raised questions about the future of East Africa. The IS which was formed mainly for the purpose of creating an Islamic State in Syria and Iraq lost its ground and now labelled as a terrorism network with members all over the world. The fist report of its movement in Africa was brought into light in Libya after a series of attacks were reported during the Arab springs.

The arrested brothers are linked to the IS cell operating in East Africa and are accused of targeting Kenyans from North Eastern province who are then trafficked into Somalia for training then shipped to other countries top join the main IS fighting camps.

Nowadays, the IS terror group seems to be so much focused in recruiting new members from volatile regions in Africa because the people are desperate for change and willingness to be part of the doomed system.

In East Africa, the most affected countries are Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia for they are close to Somalia which has not had a functioning stable government for more than two decades.

Terrorists have attacked East African countries in many reported incidents and now that the IS is taking in new recruits from the vulnerable society, the threat against people in affected regions is becoming inevitable.

Why stop this menace,

A few years from now, if the governments in East Africa are not that keen on stopping the recruitment menace, then the whole region  will experience constant threats and worse if the terrorists choose to go for an Islamic State in East Africa.

With al shabaab terrorism wing already active in this region, other Islamic insurgents might join leading to a bigger threat in future. So the only perfect way to stop the evolution of future species of terrorism, the affected countries should join hand and work together for the common goal.

Currently, big secrets running from one country to another in the biggest problem in tackling terror threats. If we stop this, then terrorists will have nowhere to hide.

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Somalia Military To Use Drones Against Al-Shabaab Terrorists

drone operation in Somalia

drone operation in Somalia

It is a positive move that Somalia military is taking to take back regions that are currently controlled by the terror group al-Shabaab. The group has caused many atrocities across East Africa region with Kenya being the second most targeted after Somalia.

The recent announcement that Somalia military is planning to go digital on war on terror, gives people hope that those in charge of Somalia is taking the right direction.

As we all understand, drones are very effective in volatile regions and they provide an easy way of quick infiltration into danger zones and help in identifying targets before launching missiles or deploying troops on the ground.

It is also good that for the first time, Somalia troops are working independently without involving regional troops which are on peace mission in the horn of Africa.

This shows that Somalia is taking shape of an independent nation in Africa and that they are ready to face their problem on their own. This is good because for the first time, the Somalia citizens would realize that their country is stable enough to combat internal threats— from al-shabaab and other clan warlords controlling some regions in the country.

Neighboring countries like Kenya which has in the past years been having difficulty in dealing with terrorism will have a space to breathe if Somalia troops successfully deal with terror menace for the better good of the entire region.

The war on terror is expensive to any country in the world, and for the country that is emerging from about two decades of lawlessness; Drone warfare technology is the best solution so far in dealing with the Islamic insurgents that has been the thorn in the flesh for peace and prosperity in Somalia and other East African countries.

The weakened terror group affiliate to al-Qaeda has changed attacking tactics from direct combat to targeted executions and suicide bombings. This shows how desperate the situation is for the terrorists who still want to have a say in the society.

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