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East Africa – Page 3 – Waflay Post
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Security beefed up in the coastal Kenya region

The Coastal region has been very vulnerable to terrorist attacks for some time now something that has negatively interfered with tourism. Being an area that has scores of tourist attraction scenes, foreigners tend to keep off due to security reasons and what’s more they are really discouraged from travelling to terror prone countries like Kenya. Remember we all fear death and as such you can’t go to places that death is almost a surety. Now that we are nearing the year end that comes with a lot of festivities, those concerned with the security systems have assured us that they have put security measures to ensure that all is well and so let’s hope they really mean it.

Those areas that security has been beefed up include the churches, mosques and other areas that are occasioned by the general public like the markets. These heinous attacks have in the past targeted churches injuring many and even killing others. If they are prepared for such attacks, then I its okay to beware because they always strike when no one has any expectations of any impending attacks now that the majority of the people will be saturated with lots of partying.

Then something else let the police and the public be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals and this means a hotline telephone number ought to be in place foe easier communication. Then let the police act on any information given as we don’t want a repeat of past mistakes where reports show that police are always given information but no action is taken.

But then other major areas have also been a target and so let those in charge of security follow suite and make viable implementations for the safety of everyone. Nobody ever knows when and where they will strike so being prepared comes in handy.

An Irony in Protecting an Underage Girl

English: Zlaten Dab, a macedonian beer.

En Zlaten Dab, a macedonian beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The law forbids underage children from buying and consuming alcohol. However, for business persons who run alcohol related joints, money comes first and they do not really care about age of their customers.

Now, there is this campaign going on in Kenya targeting owners and operators of alcohol drink joints. The message is simple, Nimeamua, Under 18 Wasipewe (I have decided, under 18 shall not be given) then there is a picture of beer in a glass. Is this working?

It really does not matter. If the law is clear about this issue then I guess law enforcers should be held accountable if an underage person is got drinking alcohol. And persons who sell such drinks to students should be arrested and put behind bars for going against the code of doing business in the country. Anyway, this is not my problem.

Nonetheless, what would you feel when you see a little girl, around 15 years wearing a T-shirt with those words on and in addition she pregnant? Yep! It is ironical that you would think she should not be ‘given beer’ but it is cool to be impregnated anyway— in sheng ‘ Apewe ball (be given a ball’) sounds rather meaningful.

The girl was in the middle of a free for all show where a mother was accusing a middle-aged man of being responsible for her daughter’s pregnancy. In her bitter words, she cursed the man and said she regrets every time she thinks of how much she trusted him with her children.

By the look of things, the guy was guilty that he could not find words to refute those claims. Residents and passers-by were there to witness real life the story of greedy hyena that ate the child of a mother who hid him from an angry mob.

I think it is a sad world out there! With blinded law, children have more freedom to do what they wish. Nevertheless, we have those people who take advantage of children’s naivety for their own gain.

Why Kenyans Have Nowhere To Go, Unless They Come into Their Senses

The most wanted person in Kenya is not a terrorist, a thief or someone who has committed a serous crime as per the law of Kenya, but I guess this person is someone who is sitting comfortably in his or her office making deals to enrich self.

It is a sad situation where someone is squandering national resources while sitting comfortably in his office, paid by the same nation he or she is stealing from and at the end the person walks away smiling because no case is filed against them or if they have something to answer, the same law protects them until they have erased, deleted and nullified everything that can put them in a tight situation.

I have watched corrupt guys make laws that would protect them later; I have seen the evil lot that forms the majority in the Kenya’s national assembly create exits in the constitution just for fun or for better usage in future. They have made sure the law is void against them. So sad that we call them keepers of the national constitution.

In what we have now, the constitution is tainted in such a way that it can’t account for corruption anymore. It is just there to slap small law offenders with a harsh penalty but it can’t hold big fishes who swim in corrupt deals that have left the country bleeding from all government institutions and in private sectors.

I hate to say that we live in a country where corruption is like our second nature. We live with it in all aspects; we appreciate it by giving it a try whenever things run onto rocky pathways. It is as if it is something we just can’t live without.

Who should we put blame on for solace sake?

It is a tight situation that we face everyday. We can’t say our leaders should carry the cross for runaway corruption. I guess people aught to feel the need to elect good leaders. People should carry the corruption lot because they are the one who run into ethnic cocoons whenever change knocks at their doors.

KPLC Just Confirmed That It Works For Real Kenyans First

An aerial of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

An aerial of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having stayed in darkness for three good, but worst weeks, I now think I have lost more and feeling like catching up with the rest of the moving world.

Why was I so unfortunate? Kenya is an east African state which values the welfare of its people. We have good leaders who value the will of the people and each and every person in authority works while thinking of the better good for the whole national. Oops! For Kenyans only.

So, in a while I thought the world was crashing down on me. Just like people in the movie, ‘Under the Dome’ I felt like I am not a real Kenyan.

In what I know, Kenyans have nothing to complain about. Everything to them is just a snap of fingers away. By the time they whisper something, just understand that the situation is beyond normal expectations. Oops! The situation was beyond me. 21 days in darkness were only meant to teach me how to be a better Kenyan.

Well, it happens that the only electricity power supply company is run by the hard working Kenya government. The management of the monopoly parastatal works to fulfill everyone needs. They work tirelessly to see that their work is appreciated, irrespective of economic class and complexity of the situation. In this case, solving the issue of power loss due to blown-up transformer was not an issue at all.

You know what! The place I stay in is not among the respected regions in Kenya. In Nairobi for instance, it is rated according to the area of political influence. Oh no! Kenyans are all equal.

Okay, it took s21 days for KPLC to replace the power transformer in my residential place. I think this is because Kenyans do not stay there at all. If it were in regions where Kenyans are dominant, it could have taken at most four hours.

It appears that, the more you are a Kenyan the better the services from government resources. Anyway, I rest for now because I hope someday I will qualify into pure Kenyans club and I guess things will turn around fine. ‘I Will Reach There.’

A message for African leaders

Late last week,POTUS paid a visit to two countries in Africa,that is Kenya and Ethiopia and it was indeed  the most awaited moment.So as he delivered his speech,it was obvious that he had a message to African leaders concerning their view when it comes power.One thing that came out too well was the fact that he does not see  it cool for anyone who wishes to be a president forever  and especially if he was rich.He went ahead and said that such leaders are only there for their own selfish gains.

But then this is something that most African leaders reckon with since it seems like being the holder of the top most position is like a big time business whereby free to do anything even if its unconstitutional.There a few countries where civil wars have been experienced due to the sitting president wanting to continue clinching in power  even when it’s not anyones wish.

The  leaders should view the message put across with the seriousness it deserves and make it their responsibility to effect positive changes for the good of their respective countries.They should make it now by seeing to it that even when they leave office,they will have a legacy that will make people not forget their regime in power.It is not easy being a  national leader but even with political challenges,one can still deliver and thus make positive accomplishments.

He also felt that there was time for everything with him reminding the opposition that the government  in place ought to  be respected.This is to the fact  that it was duly voted in by the people who gave it the  mandate of being in office.

Change is what African leaders need and at the same time be ready to head their countries with lots of integrity and allow the constitution to be their guide.