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East Africa – Waflay Post
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Are we hostages of leadership in our mother countries?

I remember the term ’Scramble for Africa’ ,which reminds us of the colonization by the whites. But in the century of own leadership, I think citizens in most African countries are still experiencing the scramble. Am a Kenyan and the truth is as a country we still have not yet reached to the point where we feel and hear our say as Kenyans.

This is not different for most other African countries since most of the leaders are greedy for power and once elected in office, they want to forever remain in power and on exiting they want to leave a leader of their choice, definitely not the people’s choice. So for their own political and personal reasons, most African leaders are out to manipulate everything to work out in their favor like they have a lot to hide.

I know of a few countries that have somehow turned things around by having like-minded people push for constitutional changes though this has also not helped much. The same leaders act like they are above the law and most times will not even honor a court order.

I sometimes tend to think of citizens in countries with such leaders as hostages because they are not getting what they deserve in terms of leadership yet they are just watching as things go wrong. Some leaders have their own way of shutting down any opposition even when they are well aware that their actions are constitutionally illegal.

It’s true that in most African countries, we boast of freedom but when it comes to what our leaders think, they have a right to curtail this freedom. Even the media is not left in a free mode with most leaders not taking negative criticism lightly. For example here in Kenya most journalists have lost their jobs just for telling the government that its wrong somewhere. Is this not being held hostage?

African Leaders Should Arise And Do Better Than Cheap Talks

When I hear of Africa, I still remember that there was once the ‘Scramble for Africa’ due to features that made this continent outstanding with attraction.

But then African countries surely boast of attaining independence and with leaders each with a leadership vision for his or her country. Africa is still dragging its feet in development though the member countries come together in unions and agreements, with the hope of being a better achiever in the future.

Will calls of African leaders threatening to pull out of ICC one wonders if theirs is a reason of outside interference as they claim or is it the obvious greed in order to clinch to power forever. Burundi is burning but no African leader is taking note of what the citizens of that country are undergoing so long as the leader of this country remains to be in force. The ICC should thus remain to maintain sanity in most African countries.

The truth is that Africa as a whole continent may have leaders who think they can be independent but from the look of things, we still have a long way to go as Third world countries. The reason being most African countries economies are registering a slow or no growth.

Let Africa start from somewhere and move forward and this can only be achieved if the leaders are really there with visions for their country.

But then in most African countries we have seen mushrooming of rebellious groups and poor leadership is to blame for this. Then there is still the case of security threats due to terrorists and so as Africa countries, we still need intelligent information from development countries like the USA.

So before African leaders can claim to make their decisions alone, I think they need to pull up their socks only when the world will know that they really can.

Politics of Kenya Going Beyond Its Borders

Whether it is all about mature politics or not, we have seen what Kenya is doing to influence major political decisions in Africa, especially in East Africa.

Kenyan politics is what people in East Africa understand much better, and we have already noticed that some politicians in this country are crossing the border to join other leaders in neighboring countries as they blow the horn for an elective post.

Kenya runs parallel governments, the one that heads the country as whole and the one that people trust the most. The fact that the opposition is equally stronger as the ruling government makes Kenya a mature state in democratic world.

When one politician wants to exercise his or her muscles, he crosses over to a neighboring country to spearhead the campaigns for a certain candidate… this usually results into the government doing counter measures for a rival candidate in the same country.

With politics taking the center stage in Kenya, one wonders what kind of ideologies are being relayed in these East African states. Nevertheless, as long as citizens in these nations are happy with choices, Kenya remains a happy nation for a job well done.

The fact that Kenya’s political influence is being felt beyond its borders, the unity of Africa remains attainable.  This is great for the continent that is usually divided during conflict times.

Kenya has been a big brother for the surrounding east African countries. And the call on Kenyan president, his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, to have a say in Burundian politics shows that people in East Africa Community EAC) region knows where to turn to when faced with a threat in life.

By now, Kenya has a very good position to head the formation of one political body in Africa. Create one country out of many, or another formation of United African States.

To Know a Bad Leader, See How He Treats A Known Bad Leader

The Swahili saying, Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe (Let the energetic get through) might mean that we should be cautious when handling matters that are beyond us or when dealing with someone whose power is out of our reach. For example when trying to oppose the dictatorial government while you already know you do not have a chance at all.

But sometimes silence means death! Then what should you do to survive?

Everyone listens when someone cries for help. Oops! Not always because so far the people of Burundi have been crying for help but no one in Africa is ready to listen to them.

It seems that people in Africa, especially those living in EAC region do not value humanity anymore. Even though people suffering are our brothers and sisters, silence from EAC heads of states only confirms that the countries have lots of problems to deal with and they have no room for sympathy anymore.

While the heads of states in the EAC region were pushing for trade deals, nothing came into our mind that they were also colluding amongst themselves to give us a raw deal if political disagreements emerge in a member state.

Recently, the parliamentarians in Bujumburu voted for not peace keeping mission in Burundi. This is just one way of keeping out foreigners into Burundi’s brewing genocide. I do wonder why when people— innocent individuals (men, women, and children) suffer; other men and women who ride in big cars with security details all over would only relax and let the sufferers face the wrath of fate. This goes on until they are actually affected… a time the call for help from the international community.

Why kill your people because of greed for power? And why watch as your friend murder his own people in order to remain in power?

There is one Bukusu saying that when translated goes ‘A good dog can’t walk with a bad dog unless they are both bad dogs.’ Coming in the mix with political stalemate in Burundi, it means that the friends of Burundi president are just like he is… only that nothing has happened yet in their countries.

Was The EAC Community Formed For Business Only?

English: Map of African Countries of EAC Deuts...

 Map of African Countries of EAC  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The long wait… at the end, one more country goes down in Africa; I pity the East Africa Community because it is like a toothless bulldog. So many businesses minded plans, a good future for business ideas but nothing defensive when it comes to solving problem among the member states.

The presidents heading EAC member states are just greedy for power or maybe they do not care about live s of people in the area they have united… Damn! EAC region is just a name on papers but in reality every country is on its own.

I hate to say that citizens of these countries are already united. They work together because of love and humanity they feel about one another. This is why they always demand for other countries to intervene to save the political misunderstanding that has swindled peace and prosperity in Burundi.

The wish of the people of EAC community is to make this region a better place so that other African countries can follow-up into formation of a true African Union. The AU we have is a problem to itself… another organization that African countries needs to review if future is the main aim.

Every working organization should aim to guard the people from all forms misery. Whose interest does EAC serve?  Was it to make this region a play field for power thirsty leaders? By now I do think that the idea of coming up with EAC was to make sure that bad leaders have someone to lean on when things go ugly in their backyards.

I really do not like it how head of states in EAC countries are quiet when citizens of Burundi (a member state country) needs them.  Citizens in this region are calling for their leaders to act but nothing yet because I guess it was meant to be like this. It is like we are on our own… if it burns no one will come for us.