‘Smile Very Often,’ Teacher Told..

When they approached him, they thought that he was carrying illegal contents in his bag. They even demanded that they search into that backpack to confirm that he was not lying. But why? Does it mean that anyone carrying a bag is hiding something from the authority?

Nope! Police officers were only interested in his behaviours before they alerted him for inspection. The scared look in his face was what sold him out to the law enforcement agents.

In the country where it is hard to trust anyone, even the genuine law abiding citizen have dirt in how they walk around while doing there stuff.

Like this known teacher in the community, he had nothing to hide but maybe the officers suspected that he was carrying some controlled substances, leading to that kind of attention.

Oops! Before they went away, they gave him an advice: “Sorry sir, we were only hoping to get something from you bag. Go and do your duty to the community… teach our children well. And try to smile very often.”

They left him somehow confused as to why they said so. However, in years that I have known him, he is a ‘no-nonsense’ kind of a person who prefers minding his own business. His smile is far fetched and he rarely has time to show some happiness.

What I want say is that, there are some professions that requires someone whose smile and laughter are not like a bank loan— paying bitterly—- but comes natural like a waterfall in rainy season. A teacher for instance should be a caring person who understands little minds that are out to get education in a friendly environment.

Now, the choice of any profession means you need to change how to behave, and if it means pretending in order to meet the requirements then do it and emerge the winner.

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