What Defines Success In Life?

What defines a great day? For some, the beauty of a day is measured by how successful the day has been. This is usually in terms of gains and other things that might be termed as ‘positive’ in life. And some would say, as long as someone is alive and fine then it automatically translate to a great day.

But if you wanna know how a day or life has been, just have a peek at the quite by anonymous below,

It’s better to look back on life and say, “I can’t believe I did that.” than to look back and say: “I wish I did that.”

Some people who have no focus in life think that by having a good time, mainly drinking and merry-making, defines a successful day. Like yesterday, I met with someone— a youthful  guy— who was somewhat drunk but knew exactly what was happening around him. I asked him how the day has been. Oops! He said that he will live to remember the day because it was his first time ‘Kupewa.’ This literally translates to being entertained with alcoholic drinks by the best friend.

Okay, fine! To him, being given beer and such stuff made him think that he was having a great time— a successful day. Really? What about other stuffs that needed his sober mind to be taken care of?

In the story of my life,

I was in waiting for someone and the venue of our meeting was in a restaurant in Nairobi CBD. Being late morning hours, I asked for a beer to calm my mind before the meeting. The man I was waiting for arrived some minutes later and asked for a Fanta soda, soft drink.

Once we were seated, the man asked me what I had accomplished that morning to make a beer worth for my time. He later said that, for him he could only afford a soda because his success by then was only valued to that soft drink.

Then he said that whatever you do in terms of money and riches, make sure you have accomplished something worth it.

Lesson in life,

Don’t be afraid to look back. See how you have been doing, and be amazed at your own hard work and effort. But if your history is full of regrets, then you have to do something in your life.

Why don’t people ever learn?

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The slogan ‘Don’t drink and drive’ has been in existence for quite some time but the truth is most people just ignore it or think it has no impact on whatever it is that they do even if they drink and drive. We have laws meant to control our drinking but it may seem like this is no longer working for us. I remember an incident where a driver jumped out of a moving Public Service Vehicle (PSV) in a bid to escape the alcohol-blow test meant to nab drunk drivers. Go through mirandarightslawfirm.com to know more about the best DUI attorney.

One wonders why most people find it appealing to drink the entire night till morning because I think it’s good for anyone to adopt responsible drinking. But then how many accidents have been caused by drunken driving individuals? They are so many of them but it’s so sad that no one is ready to learn from this and just decide to change the general perception that you have to always drink in order to get very drunk. Drinking with even some prescription drugs in you system should be avoided. Check this link https://www.duila.com/prescription-drug-dui/ for more info.

We are in a society where even our young people are not spared in this self adopted culture that everyone seems to have as far as drinking is concerned. How many children have dropped out of school all due to drinking alcohol? I think it’s the high time that we change this drinking in our society to avoid our children studies from being negatively affected or there will be many lawsuits. Lawyers (see it here) are always there to assist with accident claims. No one is supposed to sell liquor to a minor but it’s disgusting that no one cares who buys so long as money exchanges hands.

It’s obvious to hear cases of people dying after consuming some alcohol but even with friends who have such a testimony, they still are not ready to change. Let’s stop being adamant in doing things our own way even when we know that it’s wrong.

So I think things need to change because drinking has been taken to a level which may bring about crazy effects.


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